Certificate of Free Sale of Food: Costs, What it is and MORE

The Certificate of Free Sale of Food It is a document of relevance throughout the Ecuadorian territory. This has the purpose of giving a guarantee to your product since it is established that all the measures provided in the law are fulfilled. If you want to know more in detail about everything that is related to this certificate, keep reading what we offer you later.

This article is intended to provide you with information such as the requirements and procedures related to Certificate of Free Sale of Food. Also, we will touch on points such as the functionality that it has, the cost to pay for its processing, the people who can choose it and more.

Stay with us and learn more about him Certificate of Free Sale of Food!

Requirements for the Certificate of Free Sale of Food

Like any important document, the Certificate of Free Sale of Food It needs the delivery of certain requirements for its due processing and delivery. It is important that you pay attention to this section so that you do not have any doubts and you can make this request without any problems.

First of all, it is important to tell you that before you can collect the requirements you must have received, previously, the Certificate which corresponds to the Sanitary Notification. This for being a user. Next, we are going to present you the rest of the requirements.

Requirements for the Certificate of Free Sale of Food:

  • First, you must make a request that will be signed by the legal representative. You can also be the technical manager of the company.
  • Then you will make a copy, legibly, corresponding to the Health Registry.
  • Subsequently, you must also deliver proof of the deposit of the payment that you will make in an International Bank account to account No. 060014382-7. This deposit will be made in the name of the Ministry of Public Health in Quito.
  • In the case of Guayaquil, the deposit to be made will be made to Banco Pinchincha subline 190499 to account number 3245490404. Likewise, in the name of the Ministry of Public Health.

How to obtain the Certificate of Free Sale of Food?

Now that we know what are the requirements that are requested for the process of processing the Certificate of Free Sale of Food. Once you have compiled them, you must follow a procedure that corresponds to this procedure, you must follow it in detail and without any mistakes so that you do not have any inconvenience in the process.

Steps to obtain the Certificate of Free Sale of Food:

  1. First you must access the internet search engine that is of your preference.
  2. Then you will enter the web portal of the Ecuadorian customs (click here for more information).
  3. There you will see a section in which you are going to attach your application, in the Ecuadorian Single Window, or as it is known by its acronym, the VUE.
  4. If your Sanitary Registration number is not registered in the ARCSA database, you must attach a respective scanned digital document to your application.
  5. Afterwards, you will be given your request for the CLV corresponding to your Sanitary Registry.
  6. A verification of the validity of the aforementioned registration will be carried out. Related to the product for which the CLV is requested through various electronic and documentary files.
  7. The certificate will be prepared on the front, this will be done with the copy of the Sanitary Registry.
  8. Subsequently, the certificate will be legalized with the signature of the Director of Sanitary Control and Improvement that is in force.
  9. Finally, the delivery is made to the person interested in the process. The delivery will be made at Av. República del Salvador Number 950.
  10. The time you must wait for delivery will depend on the number of products, a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours is established. In case of complications with this, you will also have the general telephone numbers at your fingertips: (593) 02 3814400, extension 1210.

Note: for this procedure you must make a payment of forty dollars ($ 40) corresponding to each certification.

Processing Costs and Where to Apply

The procedure for the Certificate of Free Sale of Food it is a process that carries a cost. The payment that you must make will be made through an electronic payment to Banco Pacífico. The account to which you are going to deposit is a checking account and its number is N.- 7770278. You also have the option of doing it at Produbanco and the account will be a checking account corresponding to the number 72005000297. The cost involved in this certificate is about $ 58.34 USD.

The place where you can apply for this at the National Agency for Sanitary Regulation, Control and Validity, or as it is known by its acronym ARCSA. In the Central Plant with address in Ciudadela Samanes, Av. Francisco de Orellana. Also on Av. Paseo Samanes, Block 5, Guayaquil, Ecuador. The corresponding postal code is 090703.

The hours under which this institution works and provides services is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To find out more information about the address you can enter here.

What is the Free Food Sale Certificate for?

As we have been saying the Certificate of Free Sale of Food It is a document whose established function is to give a person the ability to export. This refers to the products and the supplements that are manufactured.

These products include food, cosmetics, normal beverages and alcoholic beverages. Also, products such as hygiene and cleaning articles that are complying with what the legislation establishes respectively at the sanitary level are included. These laws must be those in force at present, and what is manufactured must be used and sold freely to the work of the entire national territory of Ecuador.

Who Should Apply?

The Certificate of Free Sale of Food Processed is a document that can be requested by those who are citizens or foreigners. A company name can also be requested for this procedure. In addition, you must take into account that you must have a Single Taxpayer Registry, or as it is also known by its acronym, the RUC.

This procedure can be carried out as a natural person, that is, a common citizen. Also, you can opt for this process being a person, or a legal citizen. It can be a person of Ecuadorian national origin or a foreigner also has the possibility of applying for this certificate. That person who is a representative of a public institution or can also be a private institution or organization.

What is the Certificate of Free Sale of Food?

To begin to explain what a Certificate of Free Sale of Food we are going to begin to define several concepts in part. Next, we will give you a list of them so that you know them.

  • The first term you have to know is what refers to the entity that issues it, the ARCSA, which is the National Agency for Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance.
  • Additionally we have the concept of Food. This concept corresponds to any product, whether of natural or artificial origin, that can be ingested and is intended to be consumed by human beings.

These provide the body with certain nutrients so that the human or animal body can function properly. They provide the energy that is needed for biological processes to develop properly.

  • We also have the term referring to Processed foods. They are defined as any product, as far as food is concerned, that can be consumed by humans.

These products are subjected to chemical processes that can modify, transform and can be applied for proper conservation. These can be distributed so that they can be marketed in any type of establishment or premises.

Likewise, they can be distributed in labeled containers that are under a brand that is responsible for their manufacture and the rest of the process in a way determined. This also has an extension to the beverage categories, here juices, soft drinks, that is, non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages also enter.

Additionally, there are products related to table waters, seasonings, everything that is spices and also food additives:

  • Finally, and to conclude, we have what refers to the Certificate of Free Sale, which is a document that is properly in charge of validating the health authorities of the country. This is where various products are imported.
  • In addition, this certification has a validity period established for 365 days, that is, its validation time is one (1) year. This according to what is established in the rules.

A guarantee is given that each of the provisions, both technical and related to the legal, that are in force for the moment are being complied with. It allows you to have a type of trade that is free throughout the country. That is, this is a certification that gives the power to market any merchandise freely, easily and safely.

We hope you liked this article and that you are clear about this document of great commercial importance.

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