Certificate of Future: Application, Download and MORE

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Regardless of whether you are self-employed or dependent, it is important to have a pension fund. In this article we talk about the Certificate of Future, which offers various services for the moment of retirement during old age or the termination of the employment contract.

You will also find information about the application and the requirements for the Future Certificate. As well as the steps to follow to download this document, what it is for, when it should be requested and much more information.

Request membership to Porvenir

To request membership in Porvenir or to register, everything that must be done is detailed step by step below. This is done according to the work condition that one has, either as a self-employed or independent or dependent worker:

Dependent worker

Being an employee of a company, you have the possibility of freely choose the pension system to which the person wants to affiliate. To join Porvenir, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step N ° 1: Manage with the company the affiliation format and complete it (each company in the country must have a process that allows carrying out this diligence, in addition to having it available to its workers).
  • Step N ° 2: Present at the company a copy of the identity card.
  • Step 3: The employer or employer will manage the location of the format in front of Porvenir. Here the company or employer is in charge of consign the documentation in the name of the worker and register it in Porvenir.

For Self-Employed or Independent Worker

If you are an independent worker, you can also freely select the fund you want to associate with, and do it with Porvenir if that is what you want. The steps to follow to make this affiliation are the following:

Step N ° 1: Must be go to the Porvenir agency closer.

Step N ° 2: Order and manage the forms that are in the office. These are:

  • Membership form.
  • The source of funds format.

Step 3: Attach the copy of the identity card.

NOTE: Through these simple steps, the affiliation management to Porvenir is specified.

What are the Requirements for the Certificate of Future?

It is essential to take into consideration the requirements set out below, which provide the opportunity to join the Porvenir Pension Fund:

  • Must not be associated with any other fund of pensions.
  • In the case of being associated with another pension fund, a transfer must be requested through a commercial advisor from Porvenir.
  • It cannot be related to Average Premium Regime through Colpensions or other body.
  • If it is related to the Average Premium Scheme, the transfer of the Scheme must be managed with an advisor.

Download the Certificate of Future

If you want to download the Certificate of Future via online it only takes three (3) minutes. Being in the web portal, the steps mentioned below must be followed:

Step N ° 1

Click on one of the alternatives in the upper menu that says «Your certificates, services and documents», then different alternatives will be displayed and press the option on «Affiliation Certificates».

El Paso N ° 2

The type of documentation must be chosen from the alternatives listed below:

  • The citizenship identity card.
  • Foreigner ID.
  • The identity card.
  • The civil registry.

Enter the documentation number and choose the «Continue» option.

Step 3

As soon as the ID number is affiliated with a Porvenir account, where you can verify the Certificate of Future and can also be downloaded. If the person is not associated, you will receive this message: «The person identified with identification number 3xxxxxxx, is not associated in the Compulsory Pension Fund and / or Severance.»

Perhaps the system does not distinguish the identity card, which can be generated because the documentation has not been registered, and the Certificate that is being consulted is in the name of a relative. This procedure can be requested by means of a mobile phone or a PC, since the platform is made to adjust to the requirements of each applicant.

By choosing the «download files» option, the Certificate of Future It will be downloaded in PDF format. This will remain in the download folder and can be verified. Once the Certificate is downloaded, it can be printed or saved in the files in PDF format.

The procedure of downloading or printing the records or certificates can only be done by those people who are associated with the Porvenir fund. It is very easy, you just have to enter the Porvenir web portal. Place the information that is requested and this document is acquired very quickly.

What is the Future Certificate for?

The Certificate of Future, is offered by the pension administrator. This provides information about the weeks contributed, starting from when the worker began his activities or his enrollment in the pension fund.

Through employment history, you have the possibility of control the quotes made, and in this way it is much easier to have access to the subsidies of the pension scheme. Accountants also find it easier to work, in terms of legal issues. Other aspects about the function of this Certificate are the following:

  • In income tax you save considerably.
  • The procedure for obtaining proof, whether digital or fiscal, can be carried out by all the people who are affiliated with a pension fund.
  • This service also offers the alternative of a lifetime pension, which can reach close relatives. This will depend on whether it is a life or temporary service, and the scope with respect to family members.
  • The plan has 180 centers, being a member of Porvenir Preferencial you can enjoy restaurant services, aesthetics and education. Also health, pastry, tourism, warehouses, housing, entertainment, vehicles, boutiques and remodeling.
  • Porvenir takes into account layoffs, which serve as support when a person becomes unemployed. Likewise, it can be used as funds for studies and housing.

What information does the employment history certificate present?

The information found in the Certificate of Future is very specific. Which provides the opportunity to verify everything related to quotes. These data are as follows:

  1. The personal data of the applicant.
  2. The document issue date.
  3. Number of weeks that you have contributed.
  4. Total amount that has been collected.

On the other hand, the Certificate of Future it must also have certain information. When opening the file in PDF format, all the information it contains is required to be verified. In this way, the applicant ensures that all data is correct. The information is mentioned below:

  • The Tax Identification Number (NIT) and name of the administrator.
  • The personal data of the person who is requesting.
  • The result of the association.
  • The date on which the request for the Certificate was made.
  • Customer Manager Rubric.

When to request the Certificate of Future?

The Certificate of Future, It is a procedure that is carried out quickly. Additionally, it is a benefit that the Porvenir web portal is available 24 hours a day. Thanks to this, the applicant can carry out the management whenever he wishes.

What is it?

The Certificate of Future It is a way of guaranteeing a pension and severance fund privately. This in order to provide stability to the person at the time of retirement, and at the same time enjoy services such as this particular social security.

Taking into account that this is a voluntary savings fund, it has an impact on short, medium and long terms. Working through portfolios, with a large number of alternatives, products and services, which belong only to the affiliate and which they must use.

Therefore, it enables carry out different procedures at no cost. The operations are part of a capital, which increases according to the profits that are produced, and which are owned by the affiliate. You have insurance where you quote through this system.

It should be noted that Porvenir is a AFP (Administrator of Pension and Severance Funds). This is associated with the personal savings regime, where each member saves on a compulsory or voluntary basis, and thus be able to contribute for when their retirement arrives in old age or unemployment at the end of the employment contract.

How to communicate with Porvenir?

This administrator has created a system to assist members, and also to perform operations better. Through this system any client can make requests, complaints, claims, where the response will not be late, if you are a member of the special protection regime for financial users.

The following are Porvenir’s contact channels:

  • Telephone numbers
    • In Bogotá: 744 76 78.
    • Medellin: 604 15 55.
    • In Cali: 485 72 72.
    • Barranquilla: 385 51 51.
    • Other cities: 01 8000 510 800.
    • Other cities from a cell phone: # 857.
  • By Social Networks
    • On Youtube: PorvenirOficial.
    • Twitter: @Porveniroficial.
    • On Instagram: @porveniroficial.
    • Facebook: / PorvenirPensionesyCesantias.

The Porvenir Pension and Severance Administrator, offers full guarantee in pension funds of all its affiliates. It has excellent professionals, trained and ethical, who will protect savings and provide peace of mind for a future retirement.

Get the Certificate of Future guarantees the necessary savings with the future in mind. In addition to this, it also provides the opportunity to enjoy other services, which will be very useful once the employment relationship has ended.

It is important to anticipate, since when you reach old age a fund is required to serve as support and sustenance to cover any eventuality that may arise.


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