Certificate of Legal Representation: Functions, CCB Service and MORE

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The Certificate of Legal Representation It is a data issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. Likewise, this complies with essential objectives of accreditations regarding registrations in the commercial system. In this way, it is inclined to a company of a commercial nature, including the contract clauses, validity, among others.

In addition, this document can be requested by any natural and legal person. As long as they are of Colombian nationality or have a stable residence. With which, it handles certain community reforms and jurisdictions. We will immediately explain detailed information about its functions, demonstration of this information in lawsuits and more.

Functions of the Certificate of Legal Representation

To begin, we will begin by indicating that the Certificate of Legal Representation It fulfills, in general terms, social and commercial functions. In addition, this reflects a series of significant aspects in this regard, in order to establish controls in small and large companies. Some of its functional characteristics are:

  • Age and expiration date of the respective company
  • Object or social purpose
  • Identification number and full name of the business partners
  • Specific home address
  • Complementary data of the legal representative of the entity
  • Demonstrates the powers or necessary components that this person possesses to commit society to obligations
  • Reflects the exact amount of cash capital available
  • It has the Unique Tax Registry number
  • Identify the tasks in the tax area of ​​the person in charge

Enforceability of the Certificate of Legal Representation in a Lawsuit

Thus, to reflect how the enforceability of the Certificate of Legal Representation in a lawsuit, it is necessary to abide by the legal system. Therefore, the General Code of the process, from article 85, takes into account the instance of this document within criminal procedures. With which, it is based on the following:

Legal and natural person

  • This certificate will only be required if you are a legal person and perform work in this area. That is why, if the database of the respective entity does not contain enough information, it will proceed to request the same.
  • However, if this information is presented properly, the certificate will not be necessary.
  • In the event that you are not a legal individual, you must present your Certificate of Legal Representation being sued or plaintiff, alike.
  • Likewise, regarding the position in which you are within a lawsuit, you must present an administration and constitution data. Thus, this applies in the event that the context is broken down by autonomous assets.
  • Finally, in the event that this claim is for hereditary purposes or the cure of assets, you must determine which position you will intervene in this procedure.

Other cases

In the first place, when the above processes cannot be carried out, the claim process will proceed as follows:

  • By specifying the office address where your information is located, the judge will proceed to accept the free trade. With which, you will obtain the certification
  • You must present (1) copy of the data corresponding to the procedure within a period of (5) days
  • Then, upon approval of said documents, the resolution regarding the admission of the claim will be issued.
  • As soon as the full name of the defendant’s legal representative is known, the judge will require each of the necessary evidence. That is, to demonstrate the specific constancy that it does comply with this position
  • However, if you do not comply with the regulations already indicated, a fine between 10 and 20 minimum wages will be granted each month in a determined validity. Also, this applies only if you are the defendant.
  • To conclude, this claim process will be canceled in the event that you cannot prove who corresponds to the legal entity of the defendant. As well as, the legal manager of the autonomous patrimony

CCB Service to Obtain the Certificate of Legal Representation

First of all, it should be noted that CCB corresponds to the abbreviation of Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. Thus, this body is the one specifically in charge of carrying out legal procedures and certifications of this type. With which, it provides a service virtual so that you have the availability to request the Certificate of Legal Representation electronically.

In the same way, this acquisition of Legal Representation documents is part of secure processes by the entity’s system. At the same time, they have full legal validity and are governed by the specific and original order of Law 527 of 1999.

On the other hand, essentially, you should know that there is no differentiation between obtaining this data from a headquarters or virtually. Therefore, electronically issued certificates can be printed on any type of paper. Subsequently, its validity will be granted through the verification code located at the top of it.


  • It allows you to save on travel capital, acquisitions and requests for other certificates at the time you want
  • You can have more than 100 virtual certificates and proceed to cancel them through debit cards
  • This legal document has full jurisdiction validity according to the approaches established in Law 527 of 1999
  • Likewise, to validate the legalization of your certificate, you can have the specific code located at the top of this before an entity
  • Finally, this informative data provides security at the time of download. The file executes a process as PDF format and has a digital signature that gives it authenticity. Thus, it is supported by the authorized institution Certicámara SA


  • Type and number of your identification document
  • Registration Number
  • Legal reason

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Certificate of Legal Representation has a maximum download period of 2 days. However, if this period of time is met and you have not made the printing, you must contact the customer service at (1) 3830330. Also, you must take into account that once the process is completed, your money will not be returned.

Finally, take into consideration that in order to fully view this certificate, you must have the Acrobat Reader 10.1 program on your computer. So, if you don’t have it, you should download it instantly. In the same way, if you request more than 1 legal or certified document, you must have WinZip downloaded in your programmer.

Who Issues the Certificate of Legal Representation?

First of all, the Certificate of Legal Representation It is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. Thus, this institution was founded on October 6, 1878 with the purpose of being the entity corresponding to the actions of entrepreneurs. In the same way, it is given the responsibility of being the government advisory and consultative body.

At the same time, this private Colombian organization presents as its initial objective to promote the evolution of the success and economic prosperity of citizens. That is why it allows you to access support services for your business businesses. As well as, provide improvements in the general scope of procedures inclined towards politics.

On the other hand, some of the certificates issued by pate from the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce are:

  • Certificate of existence and legal representation
  • Bidder Registration
  • Specials: historical and verbatim copies
  • Certifications for natural persons
  • Correction and verification

Finally, this entity has received multiple awards for its correct and efficient work within the corresponding field. Furthermore, some of these are international in nature. Also, its recognized work is directed by large and important associations worldwide. Therefore, it is necessary to say that some of these awards are the following:

  • Example of boost to business entrepreneurship in Bogotá, delivered in 2016
  • Employability, delivered in 2016
  • Work & Life Balance Certification, delivered in 2015
  • Icontec certification, delivered in 2015

What is it?

The Certificate of Legal Representation It is a document that validates the registration of the legal contract and the appointment of representatives and administrators before its regular body. The latter corresponds to the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, whose purpose is based on supporting these legalizations and supervising their proper compliance.

Likewise, the main function of this certificate, in particular, is to prove the existence and representation of those legal entities. Also, this can be requested at the time of going to the CCB headquarters or virtually, if you are outside the country. Therefore, with respect to the last case, you must meet these requirements:

  • Present the current identification data of the legal representative of the corresponding entity
  • Show a document of Constitution of the company that reflects the name of the associations, contributions and validity of the institution
  • Prove the Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation of the association issued by the corresponding body

To conclude, we can mention each of the aspects that you will find within this certificate:

  • Date, number and name of the notary’s office corresponding to the deed of the contract
  • Identification of each legal representative
  • Aspects related to the statutes and limitations of all the powers governed by the specific company

Validate your company and obtain the Certificate of Legal Representation!


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