Certificate of Life and Status: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Life and Status Certificate It is an endorsement that most of them request when they carry out a procedure such as requesting a pension, getting married abroad or even demanding a Spanish identity. Through this registry, the requesting entity validates that an individual is still alive and acquires data on their marital status.

Currently, many Spanish residents choose to process the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate, this document is requested by different legal entities. Next, we will inform you of the steps to follow to obtain this document.

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Requirements for the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate

Citizens who need to obtain the certificate must comply with the following indications:

  • They must appear at the Civil Registry to request the certificate.
  • Show the legitimate Spanish passport.
  • Cancel the amount so that the document reaches your residence.
  • Present the current medical certificate, which must be valid for less than 15 days.
  • Provide the family book if they have it.

Citizens who cannot attend by their own means must do so through a legal representative, and must record the following:

  • Present Original of the Applicant’s Identity Document
  • Original and copy of the Identity Document of the Represented
  • Present the current medical certificate, which must be valid for less than 15 days.
  • Likewise, any other document such as a medical report that justifies the impediment of the applicant.

To guarantee marital status:

  • The citizen must present Marriage Certificates or certificates proving their marital status, Death of the spouse, or letter of single status.

To carry out the procedure before the consulate, the citizen must go to the closest one, and deliver the documents they request, among them we have:

  • Be registered with the consular agency.
  • Present the Identity Document or the legitimate Spanish passport that identifies it.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate

The procedures to follow to carry out the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate are as follows:

  • The person must appear at the Civil registration closest to home.
  • You must show all the documents required by the entity.
  • Tell the employee what the procedure will be done, and request the form to fill out.
  • Go to the scheduled date and time to avoid delays.
  • Also, present the DNI.

  • Provide the Medical Certificate, which must have the stamp and signature of the treating physician.
  • You must justify the marital status you currently have.
  • Every time the documents are presented, they will go through a verification phase to start the application for the certificate.

It is important to note that if all the documents are in order there will be no delays in the process.

Exceptional Situations

Below we will inform you of the exceptions to carry out the procedure:

People who cannot help themselves

Individuals who live within the country, and have no possibility of making a trip to the Civil Registry:

  • They must appear before the Honorary Consul.
  • Consign the identity document, such as DNI and valid Spanish passport, original and copy.
  • Present recent photo of the applicant.
  • Present the envelope that must be canceled, to send the certificate to your address.

People with absolute inability to move

This would be the situation of individuals who do not have the physical capacity to move by any means, therefore, the process will be carried out by the person authorized to do so:

  • It must be presented in person, before the Civil Registry.
  • Show the Document that identifies you as the legal representative of the applicant (Guardianship, lawyer or public Legal Officer) to formally request the certificate of life certificate.
  • Present the passport or legitimate Spanish identification of the Spanish resident.
  • Original and copy of the DNI of the applicant and Representative.
  • Clinical report delivered in the last fifteen (15) days that reflects the conditions of the applicant.
  • Subsequently, deliver the recent and printed photo of the candidate.
  • Finally, cancel the equivalent amount of the envelope that will send the information to your residence.

Who Issues the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate?

The strategy to obtain the Certificate of Life and State Certificate in Spain is extremely simple. You only have to present all the precautions that are requested to acquire the document. The acquisition may take a maximum of twenty-four hours.

It is important to note that, on some occasions, users have complained that the process takes longer than it should. This happens because the demand in other offices is higher. Therefore, keep these tips in mind so that you request the procedure in time.

Among the organizations where the applicant can go to carry out the process, we have:

  • Locate the Civil Registry office that is the most comfortable and closest to your home.
  • Local Justice of the Peace
  • Ministry of Justice of Spain, is the entity in charge of verifying the certificates.

What is it?

The endorsement of existence is a record to show that an individual is genuinely alive, it also confirms the marital status that the person in question has, regardless of whether he is married, separated, single, deprived or isolated.

In the case of requesting an annuity or collecting it, it is required that it shows that the retiree is the one who is obtaining and taking advantage of the resources. The impossibility of introducing it could cause the suspension of the benefit.

Among the most significant elements of this registry are:

  • Provide the data to the officials who request it.
  • Know the reality of a resident’s marital status.
  • Prove the status of life, if the citizen is single, in mourning or separated.
  • Give evidence of the presence of an individual within the nation.

What is it for?

The main reason for this tool is to verify that the person who is receiving financial aid from the state is really the owner and not another relative. Currently, there are cases of people receiving the pension of a deceased relative.

Therefore, the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate to corroborate the information. It is important to note that cases of inappropriate collection have decreased, but there are still irregularities in the process.

Where and how is the procedure carried out?

Citizens who need to carry out this procedure should go to the Civil Registry closest to their residence, since the document must be collected there. Also, you should wait a reasonable time to purchase it, you may receive it immediately.

What happens if you cannot go to the Civil Registry?

At present, many people have great inconveniences to attend the Civil Registry, such is the case of the elderly, people who are hospitalized or who suffer from an ailment that hinders or prevents their presence before the entity.

The problem may decisively lie in the lack of mobility, which may be absolutely compromised. It is a circumstance that occurs moderately often and in which it is possible for an individual to demand the Trust of Life from another.

To acquire it, you must also present yourself at the corresponding Entity, giving a duplicate of your ID and another of the ID of the candidate who cannot go to the Civil Registry. It is important to note that the representative must provide all the requested documents.

Validity of the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate

The moment you go to order the Certificate of Life and Status CertificateIt is significant that you have the date on which you will complete the process available. In general, the birth certificate, the marriage certificate and the death certificate are valid for three months.

However the Certificate of Life and Status Certificate It has a restricted legitimacy and, in general, the various elements or organizations issue such a document with a validity of approximately 15 days. The applicant must submit the document without delay.

Main civil registries

Among the main registers, we have:

  • On A Coruña, we will find the one in A Coruña, located in the Plaza de Vigo with Emilia Pardo Bazán, No.24, Tlf. 981185149, also Ferrol, located in Rúa de La Coruña, No. 55, Tel. 981337355.
  • On Santiago de Compostela at the address Rúa de Viena, s / n, Tel. 981540370.
  • On Lugo, in Armando Durán, Tel. 982294761, you can also find the one of Chantada located in the Plaza de Galicia, Tel. 982889332; Monforte de Lemos, in Avenida de Galicia, No. 48, Tel. 982889382.
  • In the province of Ourense, located in Velázquez, Tel. 988687009, we will also locate Celanova in the Plaza de Cervantes, No. 4, Tel. 988687544.
  • In Pontevedra, in the Avenue. Francisco Tomás y Valiente, Tel. 986805767, also Sanxenxo , located in Emilia Pardo Bazán, No. 3, Phone 88620608; on Vigo, address Calle de Lalín, # 4, Tel. 986817505 and 986817504.
  • On Asturias, we will find the one of Gijon in the Plaza del Decano Eduardo Ibaseta, Tel. 985175512, in You see, located in the Plaza Jardines del Ayuntamiento, Tel. 985466869, in Oviedo, at Comandante Caballero, # 4, Tel. 985968783.
  • Between the Civil Registries of Basque Country, we will locate in Alava, in Victoria Gasteiz, located on Avenida Gasteiz, No.18, Tlf. 945004879.
  • On Catalonia, specifically in Barcelona, we will find Badalona, Santa Bárbara, No.64, Phone 934648610; on Barcelona located in Plaza Duc de Medinaceli, No.2, Phone 934120474.
  • The one of Sabadell, at Avenida Francesc Macià, 34-36, Torre 1 Eix Macià, Tel. 937454218, at Terrassa at Rambleta Pare Alegre, No.112, Tel. 93693291.

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