Certificate of Military Service for Retirement: Steps, Model and MORE

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To process the Certificate of Military Service for Retirement you must stay to read this article. Today we will explain the steps to obtain this document, in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way possible.

Likewise, we will be telling you about the requirements to carry out the process, what the certificate model is like, where you should process it, and we will also answer the most frequently asked questions directly related to it. Military Service for Retirement. Do not go!

Requirements for the Certificate of Military Service for Retirement

Let’s start with the Requirements for the Certificate of Military Service for Retirement, so that you know what you need to carry out the procedure, since without these you will not be able to obtain this document.

Obviously, after having served for certain years and already at a certain age, what is sought is to resolve the issue of retirement, counting the time you served. For this reason, these procedures have been streamlined in Spain, for the benefit of all those who request it year after year.

Next we will be explaining what you must gather to be able to explain what you should do. Let’s go!

  • First of all, you will need the Certificate Request Form. This follows a specific model issued by the Ministry of Defense that you can download by clicking here. You must print it and fill it with the corresponding data, in black pen.
  • National identity document (original and photocopy). The copy must be of good quality, with all data legible. In color or black and white.
  • Military Service Card (original and photocopy). Likewise, the copy must be legible and of good quality. In color or black and white.

If you do not have the latter, then you must go to the barracks where you provided service and request a duplicate. If this is no longer there, then to the unit that replaced it.

Finally, it only remains to say that the validation of the photocopies that you need to present is done at the post office or at the military office itself where you will deliver the application.

With all this in mind, you can proceed to follow the relevant steps to complete the process of obtaining the Certificate of Military Service that you will use to process your retirement.


The provision of military service is only taken into account when applying for early retirement, for which up to one more year can be added by presenting this certificate.

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Military Service for Retirement

Now that you know what you need for management, let’s proceed to explain the Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Military Service and so you can use it to increase the necessary contributions for retirement in Spain.

Remember that this procedure has been facilitated over the years, until it is a completely simple and quick procedure to carry out. Although it is not yet online, and as you will see below, you can choose from where to process it.

  • To start you need gather all the background that we mentioned in the previous section. The most important is the application, which you must fill out correctly. You have the option to print and fill it out or pick it up at the same office.
  • Subsequently, You must visit one of the offices of the Provincial Delegations and Sub-delegations of the Ministry of Defense, which can be consulted by clicking here. Otherwise, you can send it to any of these from the postal mail, with a letter requesting the certificate.
  • If you do it from the office, you must indicate that you want to process the Certificate of Military Service.
  • Proceed to deliver the necessary documents.
  • That is all! They will tell you when you can pick it up. If you do it by post, then it will be sent to the address you provided on the application.


Now you can verify that it is an extremely simple procedure to carry out. It will not take you more than a few minutes a day and you can choose to do it from the mail or from a direct office. The procedure should not take more than five business days, and if you do it through an office, they will probably deliver it to you immediately.


Do not forget to attach the application letter, in addition to the Application itself, if you decide to do the procedure by portal mail.

Where is the Certificate of Military Service for Retirement requested?

The Certificate of Military Service is issued by the Provincial Delegations and Sub-delegations, which are at the hand of the Ministry of Defense. Before, the process was much more decentralized, since people had to approach the unit they served to process it.

However, now this procedure is done in different provincial offices, for the benefit of the applicant. Military units no longer keep a record, instead there is a unique system where those in charge can consult and issue the relevant document for those who require it.

If you think about it, it’s even better. You no longer need to do it in the delegations, but you can also do it in the sub-delegations. Soon you will be able to do the procedure online, which is even better.

Remember that there is a delegation in each autonomous community of Spain, and sub-delegations located in each provincial capital. Its administration and everything related to the inspection is done in the General Sub-Directorate of Peripheral Administration, specifically in the Technical General Secretary of the Defense Sub-secretariat.

It is responsible for issuing the certificate or sending it by post, as appropriate.

Certificate Request Model

To Application for the Certificate of Military Service it is also known as an instance. This is the most important document that you must present to complete the procedure, for which we will dedicate a whole section to talk about it, what it contains and how you should fill it out.

Let’s see!

  • First of all, you need to place the delegation name in which you are doing the management.
  • Then he proceeds to write in which army you served, whether in the air, land or sea.
  • The following section is intended to capture the basic data of the applicant:
    • Full name.
    • DNI or passport number.
    • Telephone contact.
    • Date of birth.
    • Postal Code.
    • Address.
    • Population / Province / Nation.
  • Once you finish the previous section, you must place the service time.
  • Place your signature, the recipient and fill in the blanks.

This is simply what you should do. Preferably in black ballpoint pen, and no studs or similar modifications in the text are allowed. Try to write the data correctly.

Remember that copies are validated at the corresponding office of the delegation, sub-delegation or at the postal office. The format of the additional letter that you must send if you do it by post is also very simple.

You just have to put your full name, identification number, address, recipient and indicate that you are requesting the Certificate of Military Service.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Military Service for Retirement

Almost done, we bring you some of the Frequently asked questions that people do when they learn to manage this process. We hope they can help you as much as possible.

What happens if I am already in possession of the Military Service Card?
Do not worry! You will only have to add an additional procedure. You have to go to the unit or barracks you served and indicate that you need a duplicate. They will guide you to obtain the document.
What is the delivery time of the procedure?
It depends. It is almost never delivered immediately. It can be delivered between the next five business days and a maximum period of one month. Likewise, this will be indicated to you when you deliver the documents.
And what if the unit I served in no longer is?
Then you should go to the one who replaced her. There is a record that is kept for years, where they can find you.
Do I have to have all the documents in original?
Yes! You will not be able to process the certificate if it is not like that. The only exception is by post, as you are attaching an affidavit.
Can a third party apply for me?
In theory you can do it if you issue a Simple Power of Attorney and the person is identified. However, we do not recommend doing so. The process can be hampered and require double work.
Can you get the Certificate of Military Service online?
No, not yet. It is a purely face-to-face procedure or by post. These are the only management channels you currently have.

What is it?

The Military Service Certificate It allows the holder to prove that he served in the country’s army for a certain time and that therefore he can enjoy up to one year of contributions when requesting retirement.

Something that many people are not aware of is that this benefit is only available to those who request the early retirement. Ordinary retirement does not include time in the military, so they are not used to add and access the 52-year-old subsidy.

This procedure is carried out only through the delegations and sub-delegations of the provinces of Spain, or by postal mail, although it is intended for some of them. You only need the Application form and other basic and easy-to-consign documents.

We hope we have helped you learn more about it Certificate of Military Service for Early Spanish Retirement And if you have any questions, don’t forget to leave it right here.

Until next time!


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