Certificate of Non-Expropriation: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Non-Expropriation, it is necessary for all those people who want to buy a new property or sell the one they have.

If you are determined to take this big step, you can continue reading to learn about this process. It is time to take note of the steps to follow and the requirements that are necessary. Sure you can do it on your own and get it.

Requirements for the Certificate of No Expropriation

If you are finding a way to get the Certificate of No Expropriation about a property, then here you can find the way to do it. You can know the Requirements and the steps to follow to request said document.

This easy, fast procedure can be done on your own, requesting the Certifying of No Expropriation, are the following:

  • Certificate of Property Endorsement. Remember that it is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (SII)
  • The copy of the Registration or Domain Registration or Public Property Deed.
  • Plans or Sketches of the location and property in question. Indicating the distance associated with the most important or detectable reference points in the sector. Also the distance in kilometers in references of the main access routes.
  • Certificates or Reports previous issued by the Municipal Works Directorate (DOM) corresponding to the area. This requirement is likewise not essential.

Meet these requirements and you are practically ready to request the process. It only remains to know the steps to follow to request it.

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Non-Expropriation at the Office

By collecting all the requirements or necessary documents, when choosing which procedure you want to apply for. Either through the Offices or Online. In fact, right below it counts both options.

To request a Certificate of No Expropriation, you can easily go to the regional offices of the Directorate of Roads attached to the Ministry of Public Works (MOP)

In this link you can choose the official address. You just have to choose the closest one and the one that suits you best.

Come to the chosen office and contact an available advisor. Explain the situation and what is needed in a certificate of non-expropriation. This person indicates the steps to follow, and asks for the required background information. This person also indicates when the processing process begins

Once the beginning is given, there are 10 business days, where you can receive the answers as indicated at the time of request

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Non-Expropriation Online

Making the request for the Certificate of Non-Expropriation on the web is also very easy for all users. You need a computer and an Internet connection to follow these steps:

  • Access the website of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and choose the MOP Citizen Service option. You can enter using this link
  • In this Request Form to appear on the screen, choose the Consultation option, fill in the rest of the form. Click on «Following»
  • In this way, a new form will appear to include the contact information. Complete and click «Next»
  • In the next form You must include the details regarding the application, attach the background will be mentioned above and you must click Next.
  • Check the total and information provided and click OK.

This procedure is free, so you do not have to pay a cost to carry out this procedure. It is only to give the option of To accept and the request will be sent safely. With a term of 10 working days, the certificate can be received by email.

Information Included in the Certificate of Non-Expropriation

It contains a series of information that is essential to prove the property in question. This includes information on: Street, Passage, Town, Commune, and Role number.

If the certificate or report is to be delivered to an institution or person for further processing, the detail will also appear. For this reason, the name of the owner or current owner of the said property and its RUT number. It also includes the name and RUT number of the applicant.

Finally and clearly, it is specified that in Ministry of Public Works (MOP) It certifies that the aforementioned property is not expropriated. That is, it does not give interest to the public administration, it is not expropriated, and it can be freely alienated.

What is it for?

The Certificate of No Expropriation, is a document that is required mainly at the time of buying or selling a property. Since, it is proven that the public administration has no interest in the property, and it will be expropriated. Therefore, this can then be transferred of ownership.

For the same reason, banks, financial intuitions, buyers and sellers can request the evidentiary certificate. Since, it is a natural or legal person, in any season of the year. It can also be a housing, a building, land or any real estate.

That said, it is hoped that you can actually get your Certificate of No Expropriation. Having it can help you in different procedures for buying and selling properties. Just keep in mind the information that is separate and comply with the procedure.

Also, when approaching the office of the Directorate of Roads assigned the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) and closest to the home. They are indicated to advise you on even helping you start the process at once.

What is it?

The Certificate of No Expropriation, accredits a property of real estate that is not of public interest in order to be freely disposed of. This means that the area is not transferred to the public administration for projects of roads and urbanization, so you can buy or sell this property.

There are several organizations that are capable of providing this information, through the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), it is much easier. It is done through a web page or consult the road administration that is assigned to the MOP. Just as mentioned above.

One of the main reasons for the expropriation for public utility or national interest. When a state thinks of expropriation, the reason must be established by law.

To declare a property as a public utility, it has to be a decision by the competent authority and that is materialized through various instruments of territorial planning. This means that, according to the portion of a land is now destined to future streets, avenues, squares or parks, according to the need of the community.

This public utility differs from private utility because it does not seek the benefit of a small group of people. This public utility tries to benefit a wide group of individuals. The definition of public utility is formalized in several cases whereby they are:

  • Principles guide of the state
  • For infrastructure constructions which can be used by most of the people
  • I know carry out expropriation of land for the purpose of use by the person in general.
  • Organizations must be created or entities that promote the welfare of all people.

There is something called Housing and Urbanization Service (SERVIU)This is an autonomous institution of the Chilean state. He finds a link in the government by the Ministry of housing and urbanism

This legal person of public law, has a heritage other than the Treasury and is an indefinite duration. Depending on the Ministry of Housing, the budget that is managed and the staff.

On 1976 is to create the SERVIU, the mission of contributing to the quality of life of the enablers in each region. Creating housing, equipment, community programs, pavements, subsidies, urban roads and urban parks.

The implementation of the New Housing Policy seeks to reverse the city’s social segregation by improving the stock of houses and existing neighborhoods.


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