Certificate of Non-Naturalization: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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In past decades, Italian people sought to emigrate to Latin America because of the horrible war. However, in current times Italy and European countries are much better than Latin, therefore, many Europeans in Latin America wish to transfer nationality to their descendants. For that you need the Certificate of Non-Naturalization.

It is very common for Latino people whose parents are Italian or European, have the desire to acquire the nationality of their parents. Because a passport or nationality of that country opens many paths to the future of people.

Acquire the nationals of your ancestors and get the opportunities that this offers you.

Requirements for the Certificate of Non-Naturalization

Despite being a very important document, the acquisition process is very simple. You just have to have the requirements in their entirety and you will not have any problems. In case you are missing any of these, the situation becomes very complicated, because they are essential.

If you are of Italian descent, we recommend that you read this section. Next, we present a list of requirements that you must consign to the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina, in order to acquire the Certificate of Non-Naturalization

  • Present the original birth certificate of our ancestor in digital format, that the seals and other indicators of authenticity are observed.
  • Original birth certificate of our ancestor, issued by the European authorities.
  • Copy of all documents that show any relationship or kinship between the ancestor and us.
  • You must fill out form No. 003, which can be downloaded from the official website of the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina.
  • You must make the payment related to the process, the payment consists of buying a judicial seal. Judicial stamps are sold at the city bank.

It is important that the documents are truly authentic and that they speak for themselves. In other words, the originality of the documents will be a key factor in order to obtain the Certificate of Non-Naturalization, therefore, also to obtain Italian nationality.

Read on, and learn a little more about the process and about the document itself.

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Non-Naturalization

The first thing to keep in mind is that the document is issued by the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina. Therefore, the process that you are going to observe below must be carried out before this institution. The process is very simple.

In order to acquire the certificate in person, we present a list of steps that you must follow in order to obtain it without any inconvenience.

  • The first step is to present yourself to the institution and notify that you want the Certificate of Non-Naturalization.
  • Then, the person who attends you will review the copies of the required documents.
  • Once the person verifies that we have all the requirements, they will send us with an official who will take our case.
  • When the official attends us, he will verify the authenticity of the documents and if there is an incorrect requirement, the request will be denied.
  • If everything is correct, the official will indicate the day that we must withdraw the Certificate of Non-Naturalization.

Online process

  • The first thing you should do is go to the official website of the CNE and go to the «Online application section»
  • Select the option «Certificate of Non-Argentine Citizen«
  • There you must provide the information of the applicant, your relationship with that person and the number of copies you want.
  • Depending on the quantity of copies, the cost of the process varies.
  • Follow the instructions that are reflected on the screen, it is very simple.

Given the current health conditions caused by the pandemic, the process will only be taking place virtually. For this reason, we recommend that you carry out the process online and thus obtain the certificate as soon as possible.

As you could see, it is a very simple and fast process, the only relevant waiting time will be the course of days that you must wait to withdraw the certificate. In the following sections you will learn about the data that is reflected in the document and more.

Where to get the Certificate of Non-Naturalization?

The only entity authorized to issue this certificate is the National Electoral Chamber of Argentina. Therefore, you must go to the following address to request the certificate: Av. Leandro N. Alem 232 of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in the Argentine Republic.

You can also get it virtually, through the official website of the CNE, the process was described in the previous section. The only difference with respect to the presence form is that all the documents must be fully digitized and the verification of the documents may take a little longer.

Both processes are very simple, but due to the current pandemic, requests are only being processed or made virtually.

Information Included in the Certificate of Non-Naturalization

The primary data that must be reflected is the certification of not being an Argentine citizen or that he was not naturalized at the time of emigration. Then, the personal data of the person, the address of where he currently resides, marital status and among others must be shown.

But without a doubt, the most important thing is that all the variants of the names that the person has in their legal documentation are reflected in the document. Because many of the Italian people who entered Argentina in previous years adapted their names to Spanish.

Therefore, in the Italian birth certificate it may have its original name, but it may have its name adapted to Spanish in the marriage certificate or some other. In that sense, the Certificate of Non-Naturalization must reflect all the names that at some point identified them.

This is because the Italian records have the name in its original form, and if this document is presented with a modified name. The certificate may not be significant, therefore, all the variations of the name that the person has had throughout his life are presented.

Common Disadvantages

One of the main problems is precisely the name of the Italian, because thanks to his arrival and the translation or modification of his name, it becomes very difficult to prove a real kinship with the person of European origin.

Therefore, it is important to always have at hand all the minutes where all the variations of the person’s names are presented. Thus, you can keep track of and record the changes that were made to the person’s identity over time.

This will make the proof of family relationships much easier. These problems always derive from the translation made to the original birth certificates when entering the country.

Another very important problem is that the birth certificates for their old age are usually in poor condition. Therefore, on many occasions the original documents are very damaged, in those cases it is important to acquire a copy that is certified by the Italian authorities.

Even the translated birth certificate can work, the only detail is that the original name of the person who immigrated to the country in previous years would not appear. This would cause the certificate to lose great validity before the Italian authorities, because the original name is very important for its identification.

What is it?

Many years ago, trade relations between countries were more rigid. Therefore, people were not allowed to have dual citizenship, so if a person emigrated from one country to another they had to renounce their old nationality in order to acquire the new one.

The dynamics of emigration is in constant change, that is, before emigrating from European countries to Argentina due to the war that took place in those countries. However, as the years went by, European nations managed to grow and advance rapidly, while Latin countries like Argentina not so much.

For that reason, many of the people who initially quit to their old nationality, they wanted to return to their countries of origin. But for that there is not so much problem, the problem begins when they want to transfer their nationality to their descendants.

Because it must be evaluated, if the person had the child before or after naturalizing Argentine. If the person of European origin naturalized Argentine before having his child, the child does not have the right to obtain European nationality. On the contrary, if the person had their child before becoming Argentine, they must prove what happened in order to acquire European nationality.

And to prove what happened, you need the birth certificates and the Certificate of Non-Naturalization. Through them the dates are evaluated and a verdict is reached. So, request your certificate!

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