Certificate of Not Being Handicapped: Steps, Consultation and MORE

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The Certificate of No Impairment It is an endorsement granted by the Ministry of Labor in Ecuador. Therefore, said accreditation allows to demonstrate whether or not a citizen can assume a position in any State institution.

If you are in Ecuador and you aspire to exercise a public function, simply access the official page of the country’s labor authority and follow the steps indicated there. Therefore, in this article you will learn about the entire process about this certificate!stay with us!

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of No Impediment

Next, now it is easier to get your Certificate of No Impairment. In this regard, with the advantages of electronic government, the procedures are done from your home or office and in a simpler way.

If you are interested in knowing the procedure to obtain this accreditation, do not get away from here, we will indicate you step by step:

  • Find a computer or smartphone mobile device.
  • Check if you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Enter in the browser of your preference the digital link of the Unified Labor System (SUT).
  • Remember that this platform includes the online system of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Labor.
  • Look for the link «consultations, certificates and calculators».
  • Then, select the «certificates» option.
  • Locate the section «impediment to exercise public office.»
  • Enter this route and fill in the details of your identification card.

  • If you are not an Ecuadorian citizen and you do not have an ID, you must go to the headquarters of the Labor Organ.
  • Then, click to verify the impediment.
  • If everything is correct, the system will validate your identification number and display the fields of «work modality» and «date of birth».
  • Subsequently, choose in the work modality the registry that fits the position you aspire to in the Public Administration.
  • Enter the date of birth mm / dd / yyyy.
  • Press the check impediment button again.
  • A digital page will be activated that indicates if you have an impediment / registration, with a dichotomous data (YES or NO).
  • Then press «generate certificate».
  • Choose to download the document in digital PDF format.
  • Thus, you will be able to view the electronic certificate with the digital signature of the Director of Public Service Control.
  • If you need it physically, press the printer icon and follow the procedure to print it.
  • Remember that this accreditation has a validity period of no more than 3 days. That is why you must print it quickly and deliver it as soon as possible to the body that requires it.

Consultation of the Certificate of No Impairment

In view of the above, consult your Certificate of No Impairment, it is now easier, if you take advantage of digital technology. Therefore, if you have followed the steps outlined above to the letter, you will see that when you send to generate this accreditation, you will receive the option to download the document. Then:

  • Remember that the certificate can be viewed if you have installed Adobe Acrobat or another program for reading PDF.
  • If so, run your PDF download and wait to view the electronic certificate.
  • Open the download so you can see the document.
  • Check the registered data such as the applicant’s name and surname, document number, whether or not it registers an impediment, subscription of the Public Service Control holder.
  • If everything is fine, proceed to print it and keep in mind that the document expires after 3 days.
  • It is recommended that you print it at the time of generating it.
  • To print it, open the file with the document in your preferred folder.
  • You look for the file option and then print.
  • Adjust the printing criteria and click «accept».
  • You can print the document at home, office, or if you prefer, save the certificate file on a mobile device and have it printed at a digital service center.

Other data of interest

If you are a foreigner without an Ecuadorian citizenship card, it is best to go to the Ministry of Labor and ask for guidance in this regard. On the other hand, if in the consultation of the Certificate of No Impairment If you have a problem at the system level, you can use the contact option of the Ministry of Labor to advise you correctly:

  • You can access the social networks of the Ministry of Labor such as you tube, twitter or facebook.
  • Citizen service via WhatsApp at the number 1800266822.
  • Also go to the headquarters of Edf. Torre azul in Av. República de El Salvador No. 34-183 and Suiza in Quito, or in Edf. Géminis. Clemente Ponce 15-59. Piedrahita, also in Quito.
  • By calling 593-2 381-4000 ext. 10000 and 593-2 394-7440 ext. 40021.

Where to do the procedure and what are the hours of operation?

If you need to personally do the procedure to get your Certificate of No ImpairmentYou must go to the technical offices or territorial units of the Ministry of Labor. In any case, there will always be a trained staff there to advise you when you require this accreditation if you need to assume a position in the public administration of Ecuador.

Likewise, if you are an Ecuadorian citizen or a non-resident foreigner, the offices of the Ministry of Labor are at your disposal to address your concerns. For that, this unit has the hours: 8 am to 4:45 pm. Keep in mind that this type of procedure has no cost. Therefore, avoid using managers and intermediaries who make illegal and exorbitant charges for these types of services.

If you do not know which offices are available to issue the Certificate of No Impairment in order to hold public office in Ecuador do not worry! here we advance some:

  • Ibarra. Carchi, Esmeralda and Nueva Loja offices.
  • Quito. At the main headquarters and Cayambe.
  • Ambato. Riobamba and El Puyo.
  • Portoviejo. With Manta and El Carmen.
  • Guayaquil. Quevedo, Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal.
  • Basin. Cuenca, Troncal and Azogues headquarters.
  • Loja. Zamora, Machala and Portobelo offices.
  • Among other provincial offices.

If you need the complete addresses and telephone numbers of these citizen service offices, you can connect to official link government for public procedures and voila, in contact you will access said information.

Steps to request the Certificate of No Impediment for a foreigner

If you are not Ecuadorian and you do not have a citizenship card, we insist that you go to any office of the Ministry of Labor as we have indicated before and comply with the following so that you obtain the certificate:

  • Show the passport.
  • Request and fill out the FS-001 form.
  • Present original and copy of the migratory movement duly indexed.
  • If the migratory movement is expired, then you must show your respective visa.
  • In the event of processing the certificate for a third party, the applicant must fill out the aforementioned form and present a copy of the authorization of the procedure, duly signed and consign a copy of the identification document of the interested holder.

What Institutions Request It?

The National Public System of Ecuador comprises a range of national and state agencies, in which a large number of officials work, which is why, in almost all of these agencies, one of the requirements to hold a State position is to have on hand the Certificate of No Impairment Labor.

Some of the institutions that require this accreditation are:

  • State Office for the Regulation and Control of Hydrocarbon Products.
  • National Registry and Identification Directorate.
  • Port of Manta.
  • Ecuadorian Central Bank.
  • National Statistics Center.
  • National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.
  • National Office for the Promotion of Export Activities.
  • All the Ecuadorian cabinet ministries.

  • National Finance Corporation.
  • The Vice Presidency of Ecuador.
  • National Customs Office.
  • Planning and Development Center
  • National Secretariat for University Education, Science and Technology.
  • Ecuador’s National Training Service.
  • National Intelligence Office.
  • Among other organisms.

What is the Certificate of No Impairment?

In general, when an organism of the Ecuadorian state is in search of a person to occupy a public position, it demands a series of requirements, among which is the Certificate of No Impairment.

In effect, with this accreditation, the institution that analyzes the profile of the applicant for public office, can verify if the subject has any legal situation that prevents him from exercising the competence in the position.

On the other hand, this type of certificate is issued by the Ministry of Labor and for that it makes available to Ecuadorian citizens and foreigners, its regional offices in each of the country’s provinces.

However, to expedite the process, the national labor office has the Unified Labor System, a digital platform to facilitate the document electronically.

That is why this article may interest you, since it guides you on the process of obtaining the certificate until it is printed. Likewise, some institutions of the Ecuadorian Public System are mentioned that request this certificate to evaluate the file of applicants to hold public office.

Finally, like many public procedures, remember that obtaining this type of certificate is completely free. You only need to have a computer equipment and a good Internet connection.

In case you decide to go to one of the offices of the Ministry of Labor to do the management in person, you can still consult the official page of procedures and services of the Ecuadorian government to know the addresses of the regional offices.

Collaborate with the transparency of the public function in Ecuador, get your Certificate on time!


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