Certificate of Personality: Validity, What It Contains and MORE

The Disciplinary Background Certificate or Certificate of Personality It can help you to carry out different procedures for registering, opening and entering different entities, organizations and positions, as you will see throughout this article.

So do not go away! Today we will explain everything you need to Obtain the Certificate of Personería in Bogotá.

Documents Necessary for the Certificate of Personality

There are some documents that you must present to obtain the Disciplinary Background Certificate, which are based on your nationality.

These will allow you to do the procedure accordingly, because with these they will be able to see in the system if you have a record or not, in order to issue the certificate.

Let’s see!

  • Colombian citizens:
    • Original and copy of the Citizenship card.
    • Original and copy of the Identity card in the case of minors.
  • Foreign citizens:
    • Original and copy of the Foreigner ID.
    • Passport.

You can choose between showing the passport and the immigration card, it is not necessary to have both. It is only used to show the identity of the applicant and in that case the legality of their residence.


The photocopy must be in black and white or color, but all information must be legible

Generation of the Certificate of Personality

With respect to Generation of the Certificate of Disciplinary Background, We have that this is issued only by the Personería of Bogotá in two ways: online or in person.

You choose how it is most comfortable for you, so that you can do the procedure on your terms. Of course, currently with the country’s health emergency, the procedure is only being done in the first way. We will explain both ways, but take it into account when taking action.


  • To complete the procedure online, the first thing you should do is have your identity document at hand. For the online process, a photocopy is not necessary.
  • Next, go to the page of PersonI was in Bogotá.
  • Click on At the Service of the City > Background Issuance.
  • Confirm the requirements and select the option that says Generate Disciplinary Background.
  • Once there, you will have to fill in the fields that appear on the screen. Basically they ask you for the type and number of the identification document, full name and an email so that you can get the copy of the certificate there.

  • When you finish filling in the fields, you just have to click on Consult and Generate and ready! In a moment, the PDF sign will appear on the screen, which you must press to start downloading the document.

As you can see, the process is extremely simple and you can do it in a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your home, your office or wherever you are.


The data you enter must match those established in the Civic Registry, as for the full name. If not, you must go to this office to update the data.

If the Certificate does not record your data, either whye is a minor or because he or she has an Alien Identification Card or a Special Permit to Stay, then you must scan your document on both sides and send it to acdeaza@personeriabogota.gov.co. The answer will arrive in three (03) days, with the Certificate of Legal Status.


  • To use this route, the first thing you should do is get a photocopy of your identity document.
  • Subsequently, you have to get closer to the Headquarters of the Personería, which manages a schedule of Customer service from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You can also do it at authorized windows.
  • Indicate that you want to get the Disciplinary Background Certificate.

That’s it! The document will be delivered to you right there, so you can use it whenever it suits you.


This procedure has no cost, do not be fooled!

If this is the first time you request this document, you have to do it in person.

What is it for?

The Certificate of Personality It is used for many things, as a fundamental requirement to complete certain procedures. In general, public or private entities request it from people who are going to enter a position for the first time or sign contracts.

Some request it physically, others are in charge of consulting it themselves. They only need, as you have seen by now, the basic data of the person to know if they have a disciplinary record.

Have certain disciplinary sanctions it could end in the disqualification of all public positions such as senator or military. That is why it is so important not to have sanctions that mean an obstacle in your way.


This document will serve you for a maximum of three (03) months. Likewise, you can check its validity on the Bogotá Legal Authority page. You should only:

  • Click on At the Service of the City > Background Issuance.
  • Press option Check validity of Disciplinary Background, which is almost at the bottom of the page and just below the option that allows you to generate the certificate.
  • Finally, you have to enter the Verification code and click on generate, And voila!

In this way, you will be able to see if your document is still valid when you are going to use it. Of course, it only works for certificates issued after July 2017 and the current ones of the month. Those prior to this date have to be processed again. However, as you have already seen, it is not a great job.

Consult the Certificate of Personality in a Module

The Certificate of Personality You can consult it online, following the steps that we explain in the section corresponding to this modality, or you can do it at the headquarters or modules enabled for this task, which are distributed throughout the State.

You can do the procedure at the SuperCADE or CADE closest to you. If not, you can enter the section of Procedures, services, offices and service channels to find out which one is closest to you in terms of Conciliation Centers. Just click on the link to consult them.

You just have to go with your identity document and request the consultation.

Regarding the Care channels basic you can have:

  • Telephony:
    • Line 195
    • 3 82 04 50
    • 3 82 04 80
  • E-mail: institutional@personeriabogota.gov.co

If you have any doubts, don’t think twice before using these channels. You can solve your doubts in a moment.

Finally, as a reminder, to do the online consultation You only have to enter the page of the Personería in Bogotá> At the City Service> Background Issue and select the option to Generate Background once you have filled out the form.

What does the Certificate of Personhood Contain?

About what the Certificate of Personality, we have that, first, the data of the entity, the procedure number and the date appear at the top of the document.

Subsequently, the information you were looking for appears, which is what indicates whether the applicant (indicating identification number, full name and address) has a disciplinary record or not, with these same words:


In the event that it does not have them, and in the event that the fouls and their consequent disqualifications will appear listed.

In this sense, you must take into account than three (03) or more penalties will have as a consequence the disqualification from holding public office. At least, in the case of intentional minor offenses, both serious.

In addition, as indicated by the Personería itself, this certificate must be complemented with the one issued by the Attorney General’s Office, for all purposes.

In conclusion, what this certificate shows are the disciplinary sanctions and disqualifications that they have communicated not only the Personería of Bogotá, but also all the other Districts.

What is it?

The Disciplinary Background Certificate or the Certificate of PersonalityWhatever you like to call it, it is a document that states the sanctions and disabilities that the district in which you reside has reported on you, if you have them.

Ideally, of course, you should have no record at the time of filing this document as part of a requirement to take office or sign a contract. In fact, it is especially important when there are more than three serious penalties, as it entails a limitation when it comes to running for public and even private office.

On the other hand, the important thing is that the Personería of Bogotá has generated channels not only face-to-face, but also virtual for all those citizens and foreigners who want to obtain this document. Of course, under certain conditions that we already discussed and that you must take into account at all times.

The Personería of Bogotá will open its doors from September 8, 2020, so you can go to do this procedure. Check before the authorization of other windows, if you cannot do the procedure there.

We hope we have provided you with the necessary resources to obtain this document and we wish you the best of luck.

Until next time!


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