Certificate of Physical Fitness: Procedure, Validity and MORE

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If you are in Argentina and want to practice a sport, you should know that it is a requirement that you present a Certificate of Physical Fitness on certain sites. Luckily for you, you are in the right place to know all the details pertinent to the subject.

Next, you will find out what the Certificate of Physical Fitness, the procedure to obtain it, what it is for, at what age it is needed and its validity in the country. Do not miss it!

What is the Certificate of Physical Fitness?

The Certificate of Physical Fitness It is a general health examination where the physical state of an athlete or person practicing some intense and recurrent exercise is verified.

It includes what is called Anthropometric Exam which consists of the evaluation of height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and body mass index and an electrocardiogram.

On occasions and, according to the requirements that the entity in which you are requested, more medical examinations are carried out.

It then becomes a step towards the safe practice of any sport and a very valuable opportunity to catch up with the possible pathologies that you may suffer.

It is recommended that the certificate be 100% real, and not to be agreed with a known doctor as it is not a typical health check but the evaluation of the physical condition of an athlete and that allows to know if he is suitable for carrying out physical activities for which you are requesting the procedure.

Procedure to follow

First, you should know that to get the Certificate of Physical Fitness You must have an order where it is verified that really some company, organization or other, is requesting it as a requirement.

Generally, the same company that requests the document is in charge of indicating where you should carry out the procedure; Unless it is not your case, it is best to ask where you can do it. And if they do not offer you a clear answer, go to the medical center closest to you and request information.

For the first time you do this procedure, the requirements are:

  • Blood sugar test
  • Blood count
  • Serum urea
  • Uricemia test
  • Complete urine test
  • Cholesterolemia
  • VDRL
  • Electrocardiogram with medical report
  • Chest x-ray with medical report
  • Electroencephalogram
  • Document that guarantees that you have a valid tetanus vaccine
  • 2 passport photos
  • Copy of DNI
  • Ergometry

To renew the Certificate of Physical Fitness, the requirements are:

For Renewal Type 1:
  • Urine and blood tests every one year.
  • Electrocardiogram with medical report.
  • Ergometry, from the age of 30 every six years. From 45 years old every three years.
  • Chest X-ray with medical report, every four years and, from the age of 45, every one year.
For Type 2 Renewal:
  • Chest X-ray with medical report, every four years and, from the age of 45, every one year.
  • Ergometry, from the age of 30 every six years. From 45 years old every three years.
  • Electrocardiogram with medical report.
  • Urine and blood tests.

Since you are clear about this, it is also important that you know how to get an appointment to carry out the procedure. It can be quite easy and here are the two easiest and fastest options:

  1. Go to a medical center and directly, ask for an appointment.
  2. Go to the web browser of your preference and write »Certificates of Aptitude in Centro Coni». SFollow the instructions on the page to request a virtual appointment.

As there is the possibility that they will ask you for a specific material to obtain the document, you can get the certificate printed with the corresponding company.

What is the Certificate of Physical Fitness Good for?

It is well known that people’s quality of life improves with physical activities. Repeated practice of any activity keeps you in good health and prevents many ailments.

Each human being has a different immune and physiological system and these react to certain types of stimuli in different ways.

This is why it is necessary for people, especially athletes, to have regular control of their health; that they know what type of exercises and diet can be counterproductive in their body, among other things.

  • Did you know that when doing some exercise, so that your muscles maintain the adequate energy level, the heart suffers an overload, which becomes much higher when you perform exercises of greater intensity and can lead to the sudden death of a person?

This makes it extremely important to know your cardiovascular system and to know what level of resistance it has to be able to carry out training activities, safely and in the sport of your choice.

In Argentina, sports institutions and some gyms require as a necessary requirement to start any sport a Certificate of Physical Fitness and it is very important that what is requested is fulfilled due to the risk posed by physical activity in certain people, for example:

When you are on the treadmill or treadmill, depending on how you are told in your country, your breathing is activated much more than normal, the air enters and leaves your lungs uncontrollably and quickly.

Also, your heart rate increases, your heart muscles contract intensely, and your heart receives much more blood.

The more intensity and volume your exercises have, the more effort your cardiovascular system and your respiratory system make.

Cardiovascular Evaluation

For a good cardiovascular evaluation the significant basis is the medical consultation. Therefore, the expert indicates the basic studies to determine if the practice of a high intensity sport is compatible or not with the patient’s health.

One of the most common tests that cannot be missed is the Electrocardiogram, a simple and inexpensive study that makes it possible to determine the presence of any heart disease.

If the specialist finds it necessary, he could also add other types of tests such as:

  • The Echocardiogram
  • Ergometry.

After the exams, the doctor will write a certificate specifying whether or not there is evidence of cardiovascular disease, if there is any cardiac or other risk, when playing sports.

If the patient is suitable for any exercise, that person is considered «suitable» for the activity he wants to perform.

Understanding by «suitable» to the person who in the exploration does not present dangerous alterations to carry out exercises.

Clearly, in these cases, the possibility of a heart attack becomes somewhat minimal, although it could not be fully assured.

Due to the risk posed by physical activities in the cardiovascular system, some experts in pathologies of this type do several studies to get to know the state of the patient’s heart and how it responds to the demands of certain exercises.

Specialists, such as cardiologists or athletes in such cases, are the ones in charge of issuing the certificate that details how the patient is doing and the recommendations.

Now you know the reasons why it is a essential requirement the one you present Certificate of Physical Fitness to practice the sport of your preference if they require it.

Symptoms of heart problems are dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, or loss of consciousness during physical activity.

At What Age Is The Physical Fitness Certificate Needed?

Even though, on a recurring basis, young children play and that game can be taken as an exercise practice, children get involved in sport at a very early age.

In view of the fact that there are some genetic diseases, especially cardiac ones that manifest in adolescence, a high-performance athlete should undergo an echocardiogram (an exam that is included in the Certificate of Physical Fitness along with many others) from the 16 years.

Therefore, from a young age, it is advisable to visit a specialist doctor according to your age, be this pediatrician, internist and / or geriatrician, since he is the one who will be in charge of specifying the existence of any risk when practicing exercises.

And keep those visits, the most recommended, for the rest of your life. Although it may sound funny, it is not a joke. Let’s take our health seriously!


Its validity is one year from the date of issue. Before the age of 35, a person with a normal test result and no alterations in their physical condition, 3 to 5 years after having them performed for the first time, may repeat them.

If you practice a high intensity sport, you should have an annual evaluation. In any case, the intervals depend on the age of the athlete and the results of the tests previously done.

After so much information, it does not hurt to remind you that both physical and mental health are essential to perform our tasks or obligations on a daily basis, so do not hesitate when carrying out this entire process.

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