Certificate of Poverty: How to Apply, Requirements and MORE

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The Poverty Certificate It is a document that can be very helpful for people or groups of people who live under precarious conditions due to lack of resources or low purchasing power.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about this procedure, what it is for, how to obtain it, its requirements and where to process it, do not hesitate to continue reading this article. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about the Poverty Certificate.

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What is the Certificate of Poverty?

It is a document or procedure that can be requested by people who are in a situation of poverty or with limited economic resources. Its function is to record said situation to grant that individual facilities that allow them to satisfy their basic needs. These benefits can be omission of payments or streamlining of procedures.

What is the definition of poverty?

Poverty is a situation in which a person, a group of people and even an entire region can be immersed. It is based on the impossibility of satisfying basic needs due to an unstable economic condition.

These needs range from the primary ones such as: the basic food basket, housing, health, education, to resources and / or services such as electricity, water, cleaning, telephony, internet and entertainment.

Poverty can arise from various social factors, including: unemployment or a low level of economic income. However, it can also occur as a result of cultural factors and social exclusion, such as:

  1. Discrimination based on physical characteristics: skin color, height, weight.
  2. Segregation by cultural characteristics: religion, language, traditions, customs, country of origin, clothing.
  3. Exclusion for health conditions: illness, disability, mental limitations

As a result, the person who suffers this discrimination is affected by the limitation of their opportunities in the labor market or the right to access services / benefits of society.

Did you know? When this situation encompasses a large group of individuals in a country, this nation is said to be underdeveloped.

One of the main reasons for poverty in the countries is the mismanagement of governments. Corruption, redirection of monetary funds for other purposes (which are not for the benefit of the population), high tax rate, low wages, inflation.

All these economic phenomena have a negative impact on the population, affect their style and quality of life.

Therefore, one of the ways that nations have to help citizens who are in a situation of poverty, is to grant certain facilities for the search for employment, which allow them to improve their income and raise their quality of life. For this, the Poverty Certificate It is an important guarantee for this type of process to be streamlined.

What is the Certificate of Poverty for?

The person who obtains this certificate can access the following benefits:

  1. Receive some type of financial aid from the State
  2. Receive welfare benefits [Asignación Universal por Hijo (AUH)]
  3. Streamline the process of obtaining a National Identity Document for the first time
  4. Obtain National Identity Document for minors
  5. Opt for a scholarship to receive an education
  6. Apply for a job in an entity or organization

It should be noted that this type of document can be requested both by a citizen of the nation, as well as by an emigrant who is residing in the country and who needs to prove his situation of poverty to improve such condition.

What are the requirements to apply for the Certificate of Poverty?

If you want to obtain the certificate of poverty in Argentina, it is necessary to have a series of legal documents. Next, we tell you what are the basic requirements for you to proceed with the application:

  • Valid National Identity Document (DNI), if you have Argentine nationality.
Important: If you are an immigrant and you do not have a DNI, you can present your passport or the document that was granted to you by the migration entity (proving your residence in the country).

If you are a minor (-18 years old), you must make the application accompanied by your parents, or one of them. Remember that your representative must have an identity document.

Also, present your updated birth certificate. If you are an immigrant, this must be legalized and translated into Spanish.

  • Two (2) witnesses of legal age, who are not relatives. Both witnesses must have their original valid ID or their Mercosur ID (passport), with their respective photocopy.

As you can see, the request for this procedure is quite simple, since the necessary precautions are few.

Does this procedure have any cost?

No. Because this document is granted to people who have low economic resources to enable procedures free of payment of the corresponding fee, its processing does not have a monetary value.

How to process the Certificate of Poverty?

To manage the poverty certificate It is necessary for the requesting person to make a shift reservation. We recommend you enter this link to go to the Center for Access to Justice. CAJ agencies provide free and virtual attention and advice (when done through the website) about legal procedures in everyday life.

If you are located in the city of Buenos Aires, you can click on this link to obtain all the information you need regarding the availability of places. In this web portal, you can select your shift according to the closest date and the closest place to your location.

Also, you can communicate through this phone number 0800 222 3425 if you want to know more about the opening hours. Once you have preselected your appointment, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Go to the office where you have arranged the appointment and bring all the requirements for the application Poverty Certificate.
  2. Go accompanied by your two (2) witnesses to the appointment. Do not forget that they must bring their original updated identification documents and a copy of them.
  3. Explain the reasons that lead you to request the procedure.
  4. Read carefully the documents that are given to you and sign where appropriate.

In some cases, this certificate may take a few days to be processed and delivered. However, this will depend on the availability of the office where you are being treated. Generally, this document is delivered to the applicant immediately, as long as he has duly consigned all the requirements.

If you are in the Province of Tucumán, you can access more information about this process through this website: click here. In this portal you can make inquiries or suggestions, in the comments box located at the bottom of the page. Or you can also notify about an error observed in your Poverty Certificate.

Where can I get the Certificate of Poverty?

There are several offices that grant this certificate in the Argentine nation, through the following link You can access a virtual guide to the Centers for Access to Justice (CAJ) throughout the country. On this page you can display the list of Provinces and select the one that best suits you, where your home is located.

Enter this list of CAJs from all over the country and access useful information for requesting the Certificate of Poverty, such as:

  • Province or city of the country
  • Name of the office of the Center for Access to Justice
  • Exact location (you can click on the link that says «see on map» to go to the GPS navigator).
  • Telephone contact
  • Email address
  • User service hours
Note: If you wish to obtain additional or detailed information on the process of obtaining the Certificate of Poverty, you can send an email to the email address of the office that is closest to your home, explaining your reasons.

Data Additional information about the Certificate of Poverty:

As we have explained in the article, requesting this procedure is quite simple. However, it is important that you take into account certain considerations, as described below:

The expenses associated with obtaining the Poverty Certificate are those incurred in the movement to the selected office. Therefore, try to choose the one that is closest to your location.

In some cases, especially if it is an applicant from abroad, they can request a criminal record. In this sense, we recommend that you keep this document up to date (updated), in order to avoid delays due to lack of it.

We recommend that you contact one of the agencies mentioned above to clarify any doubts you may have. In this way, you avoid missing any requirement (due to misinformation) that could prevent you from being awarded the certificate. And you avoid the hassles that would imply going to the Center for Access to Justice in vain.

With this information you can start the process to process your Poverty Certificate. Remember that it can be very useful to receive benefits from the Argentine Government or to apply for a job if you are unemployed.

Do not wait any longer, if you need it, request your Poverty Certificate.

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