Certificate of Professional Ethics: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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Do you need to get the Certificate of Professional Ethics? Well, in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this document, the requirements, how to carry out the process to obtain it. It is important that you pay attention to everything that we are going to explain later so that you do not have any doubts.

The Certificate of Professional Ethics it is removed using a totally digital procedure. It is practical and fast, then we are going to present each of the points extensively.Keep reading with us!

Requirements for the Certificate of Professional Ethics

Due to the importance of this document, some requirements are requested for your application. It is important that when submitting the requirements for the Certificate of Professional Ethics , take them in good condition for proper review. Keep in mind that this can influence the process to proceed quickly and with your due approval.

The requirements for the Certificate of Professional Ethics are as follows:

Documents required for the Certificate of Professional Ethics:

  • First of all, you must have the fiscal key (click here to further expand these requirements).
  • Then you must be registered in the Unique Registry of Professionals, or as it is also known by its acronym: RUP (click here for more information). This belongs to the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

It should be noted that the registration being discussed is extremely important, since without it you cannot practice any profession. This guarantees compliance with each of the protocols, regulations and laws in regard to this field.

  • Afterwards, you must have proof of payment, or of cancellation of the due fees that correspond to the request.
  • This requirement is obtained by bank via a transfer. The bank they work with is: Banco de la Nación Argentina, the account to be deposited is: No 0000261980. The branch you are going to address is Plaza de Mayo, under CUIT No. 3054666342.
  • After that, you must present a document, it must be filled out with the following information: the registration or a photocopy of the corresponding professional registration, a certificate of CUIL / CUIT, your identification document DNI and also the evidence of payment of the fee.
  • If it is the case that this procedure is requested through a person other than the professional owner. You must make a power of attorney for the AFIP.

It is important to bear in mind that the registration of the Unique Professional Registry, the RUP, must be current by the time of requesting the Certificate of Professional Ethics.

Steps to Follow for the Certificate of Professional Ethics

Once you have the requirements that are requested to obtain the Certificate of Professional Ethics, you will have to follow some steps to complete the process and be able to have the document you want to process. In this section we are going to tell you what that procedure is so that you are clear when requesting your Certificate of Professional Ethics.

This is a simple and fast process, this because the TAD system, by which these procedures are carried out, is easy to understand. The steps to follow for this document are the following:

Procedure for the Certificate of Professional Ethics:

  1. First you must enter your internet search engine.
  2. You are going to proceed to find the web page where you are going to enter to do the Remote Procedures, or also known as TAD (click here for more information).
  3. Then you are going to put your tax code together with the password.
  4. You are going to select the procedure you want to do.
  5. A series of data will appear, which you will proceed to complete.
  6. What corresponds to the requested documents such as the registration, the identification document (DNI), proof of payment, you are going to attach them.
  7. Proceed to perform a verification and subsequent confirmation of the information provided.
  8. Finally, the system will issue you a file number. This will let you understand that your application has been completed.

You can check in the TAD, once you have done what we have previously told you. You can review both your notifications and tasks to accomplish. If required, you can make a confirmation of each step you do and approve it. This is until the system prompts you that you can download and print your certificate.

This procedure is carried out digitally, as we have already mentioned above. This by entering the web portal of Trámites a Distancia, or also known as TAD. There you will make the request for your professional certificate.

Costs of the Certificate of Professional Ethics

The Certificate of Professional Ethics it has a cost like any important document. In this section we are going to provide you with the information you need to be able to obtain it.

The amount to be paid to process each of the certificates of professional ethics is about $ 70.00. The payment must be done by means of a bank transfer. The bank to which you are going to deposit the aforementioned amount is the Banco de la Nación Argentina, the account number is the following: 0000261980. The branch you are going to go to is the one in the Plaza de Mayo, under the CUIT number 3054666342.

What is the Certificate of Professional Ethics for?

The use of this document can be varied. There are other procedures that need and require as a requirement the Certificate of Professional Ethics. It can also be the beginning of an employment relationship, this in order to expand the studies or specialties that the person has in regard to the professional field.

This certificate also serves to make a request for re-validation of degrees and diplomas in other countries. Additionally, when requesting the processing and requesting a work visa, you must also present this document. It is presented in the public sector body, and others of the same style.

What Information Does It Include?

This is a document that serves to validate that a person made a correct registration in the Unique Registry of Professionals, the RUP. This through the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Nation. This body accredits as a guarantee entity that everything that is required at the legal and academic level to be able to practice as a professional was fulfilled.

Either from a career or activity in the area, especially in the health area. Besides, the professional citizen certainly has to be free from any trial or some sanctions. That is, the laws that relate to professional practice have been complied with.

This according to the regulations of the laws in force, which are linked to the area. Understanding this, this certificate contains the information that relates to the holder in a general way, they are the following:

Data contained in the Certificate of Professional Ethics:

  • The first piece of information contained in this certificate is the full name of the professional.
  • Then there will also be the identity document.
  • Additionally, there will be the registration, of the folio, of the volume
  • And, finally, the reference data on the date of issuance of the same

With all this series of data, it will show that the professional who owns this data is legally registered. Also to have the guarantee of compliance with the requirements that were established by the related laws.

Taking all this into account, there should be no legal, ethical, or disciplinary impediment for you to be able to exercise your profession fully and calmly.

The data provided is those that indicate that this document is presented to an entity, body or authority. Regardless of the purpose for which it is requested. As well as the place and date it was issued.

What is it?

The Certificate of Professional Ethics It is a document that validates and confirms that a citizen has been in charge of making a correct registration in a proper manner. This is carried out in the Sole Ministry of Professionals of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Nation.

The latter is the body that accredits as a guarantee that everything was complied with and that you practice professionally. Also, this one will serve as the basis for some other procedure as one more support.

This is issued by the Ministry of Health through the Directorate of Registration and Border Health. And the validity of this certificate will depend on the authority of the body or entity that is requesting it. The Certificate of Professional Ethics It is required as a requirement of a specific procedure.

As an additional fact, the word ethics is of Greek origin, it has character as its meaning. Converting this characteristic as something moral. As a way of conditioning human behavior in certain areas. It is a motivation for a behavior that you want to obtain.

Now, the word profession is given to the performance of certain activities. This under the purpose of supporting the common welfare of a group of people, in this case, a community. When carrying out the execution of any activity, the person who is going to do it needs to have a specific behavior and previous training in the area.

Request your Certificate of Professional Ethics!

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