Certificate of Professionalism: Advantages, Levels and MORE

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The Certificate of Professionalism, is an official document of great importance for all those workers and professionals in the country. This is because it gives them identity in the productive system and the labor market.

It is for this reason that, in this article we explain: how to obtain this certificate, the advantages of it, the levels, the function of this type of certificate, how it is carried out, and finally, its definition.

How to get the Certificate of Professionalism?

Normally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions not only require following a series of steps and methods. But also, they require a specific amount of documents.

This certificate is not exempt from these steps or requirements. But, do not worry, because below, we will show you what are the steps you must follow so that you can start the process and obtain this type of certificate.

  • One of the ways to achieve this is by taking a course. This course is especially to obtain this certificate.

It is done online with an accredited center such as Grupo2000. This center is in charge of training all those who are interested in obtaining this certificate. In addition, they offer various courses on their website.

  • Access a training and learning contract.

This form of contract has the advantage of carrying out the training of the certificate of professionalism completely online, free and simultaneous in case you are working. Thus, you can enjoy practical and theoretical knowledge about the profession you want.

  • By making an appearance in calls that certify the competences of the Autonomous Community.

Generally and sporadically, the autonomous communities are dedicated to publishing and holding calls in which any interested person can present and accredit through contracts or academic degrees, their work skills to train in a profession.

When all the required documents are reviewed and verified, the autonomous community will be in charge of granting or denying the complete certificate of professionalism or, failing that, in any module of the profession that the individual wishes.

Advantages of the Certificate of Professionalism

This type of specific certificate has the virtue of having and offering various advantages when making the application and finally obtaining it. Next, we will show you what are those advantages that you will have when you have it:

  1. This certificate is recognized in Spain.
  2. It is a good and new educational option for FP.
  3. It favors and boosts your employability.
  4. It offers absolute training.
  5. There are many facilities for you to take the course.
  6. They also offer various calls over the course of a year.
  7. The duration of it is quite a lot compared to other courses of this style. This usually lasts between 6 months to 12 months.
  8. It is more flexible when it comes to obtaining the degree.

Regarding advantage number three, we must mention that, since having this certificate accredits the aptitudes of the interested party, it also allows you to have a competitive advantage in the labor market. In addition, the demands increase every day in these sectors.

On the other hand, advantage number four refers to the fact that, if you make the decision to opt for this course to obtain the certificate, you will receive both theoretical and practical training. And thus, you can acquire the necessary skills for the position you want.

In the fifth advantage you have the option of taking this course online, from start to finish, and wherever you are. In addition, you can do it from any smart device you have and at the time that suits you best.

Now, for advantage number six, being able to attend different calls offered over the years will benefit you when it comes to having the registration. And also, you will have more ease and skills when it comes to obtaining it.

Levels for the Certificate of Professionalism

This point of the article is very important, since there are many doubts about the concept of each of the levels that exist in this type of specific certificate. For this reason, we have dedicated a part of it to its explanation.

This document or certificate is divided into different types of training, which is the minimum unit that you are allowed to accredit. Now, when you manage to pass each of the corresponding modules, you will obtain the complete certificate of professionalism.

Similarly, there are different levels for this type of specific certificate. Depending on the level of each one, there will be certain requirements which you must meet in order to advance. These requirements are based on prior knowledge.

  • First level: no prior training is required or required in this module.
  • Second level: for this module, Obligatory Secondary Education (ESO) or, failing that, equivalent studies is requested and required.
  • Third level: here, high school studies or equivalent studies are required.

It is important that you take into account the type of modality that suits your lifestyle and your possibilities. That is, if you decide to choose to study online, you must have a stable internet, in addition to certain basic knowledge.

In addition to this, each of the certificates of this type will include internships in companies or companies. Which you have the option to validate, in case you already have professional experience or, in case you are carrying out a training contract.

To conclude, if you want to know more information and details about this type of specific certificate, we invite you to enter and visit the official website of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). Click here.

What is the Certificate of Professionalism for?

It is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate, since in many cases it is not usually given the importance it deserves. That is why, below, we will explain what this type of document is for.

The main objective and purpose of this type of specific certificate is to support the professional recognition of a worker when performing a job with companies, institutions or companies where the interested party wishes to opt.

In addition, this certificate was created in order to professionalize each of the sectors belonging to the labor market. This, through the acquisition and constant updating of professional skills and abilities among active citizens.

In addition to this, and as we have mentioned in previous points, this document allows you to have an official accreditation that confirms, either at national and European level, each of your professional skills and competencies.

Currently, it is considered that having a higher education or, failing that, having this document is important because it will soon be a fundamental requirement to be able to choose and exercise in a job that the interested party wishes.

However, it is required that each individual have a certificate of professionalism so that they can act as a teacher for training courses for employment and also for health care personnel.

How it is performed?

Now, this type of specific certificate is done in two ways. The first is in the form of teletraining, that is, through the internet, online and also in person. However, we will explain each of them below.

First, we must mention that this course is carried out through a specific virtual platform for it. Where you will find all the content you need to move forward, activities that you must perform to evaluate your knowledge and interactive controls, forums, consultation, among others.

In addition, in this virtual platform you will find all the necessary and required tools and instruments so that you can increase your knowledge and, in turn, achieve progress level by level. You must bear in mind that you are going to need internet and a device.

It is very important to note that the training that these courses offer is enjoyable, didactic and educational. And it is aimed at that all students can learn alone, that is, develop and increase self-learning. So the content and activities are simple.

What is it?

To end this article, we are going to introduce you to the meaning of this certificate. Well Well, it is nothing more than an official qualification, which certifies the aptitudes of the workers and, in turn, defines their professional profiles. This, in order to establish an identity in the system and labor market.

Likewise, each of these certificates contains the appropriate professional competencies for the development of a specific work activity in the production system. However, this will not constitute professional practice regulations.

As we have mentioned in previous points, this certificate is obtained through two respective routes, the first route is formal training, and the second is through the recognition of work experience, or, also known as non-formal training route.

  • In formal training, you must pass each of the modules that correspond to the certificate.
  • The recognition of work experience is when you have obtained both the recognition and the accreditation of each unit of competence.

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