Certificate of Refusal: Steps, Validity and MORE

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The Negative Certificate It is a fundamental document to validate that an Argentine citizen does not receive other types of different contributions, to situations such as: monotributista, independent workers, pregnancy, unemployment, among others.

Fortunately, this institution gives you the mechanisms to obtain this certificate and start receiving the social support of the country. For this reason, in this article you will be able to know all the documents, steps, rights, contributions and others offered by this document.

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What is Needed to Obtain the Certificate of Refusal?

The Negative Certificate ands issued by the institution of the National Administration of Social Security, known as BEFORE. The latter is in charge of administering social benefits, unemployment benefits and family allowance pensions.

In addition, it guarantees the issuance of the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) to obtain all the information about all workers in Argentina. As well as, this document certifies all the details about the social presentations of each ANSES user.

Additionally, it focuses on all the contributions made by the State to the country’s retirees and pensioners. Therefore, this process is essential to carry out banking, credit, housing, vehicle or other registration processes.

However, this type of document will depend on the origin of the applicant. So, read here everything you need to know about him Negative Certificate:

  • Argentine citizen: It is assigned automatically and definitively.
  • Foreign: Corresponding immigration procedures and provisional CUIL (This will be final when you have the Identification Document).

Also, it is crucial that you know the main functions of the body that is responsible for issuing the Negative Certificate. Still don’t know what they are? Therefore, we want to tell you everything here!

  • Create and plan strategies for social security.
  • It ensures stability and efficiently manages the funds dedicated to pensions and retirements.
  • In addition, it is responsible for the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Argentine Provisional Integrated System (SIPA).
  • It guarantees the payment of retirements and pensions of Argentine citizens.
  • Report all the details of the unemployment process.
  • As well as, cooperates in the administration of the universal allowances for each minor.
  • Assign scholarships and credits.
  • It is responsible for increasing the confidence of the Social Security system in the country.
  • Last but not least, it is in charge of stimulating the Argentine economy and mitigating the risks of poverty in the nation.

However, in order to access the Negative Certificate you should have a series of mandatory documents or requirements. Therefore, we recommend that you read each one of them thoroughly and consign them immediately to be successful in the process.

  • Personal identification.
  • Home address.
  • Phone number.
  • Unique Labor Identification Code issued by this body.
  • Employment letter (only if required).
  • Other relevant.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Refusal

Similarly, in order to obtain the Negative Certificate A unique series of steps must be performed in order to be successful during the process. Likewise, ANSES created several communication channels to request this document, allowing each user to carry out this process in a simpler and faster way.

For this reason, we will tell you all the instructions that you must do depending on the methodology you choose. Continue with us here!


  • Get a stable internet connection.
  • Use a trusted browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or other.
  • Enter the official website of «ANSES».
  • Look for the option «Benefits and Services».
  • Next, click on the «Negative Certification» button.
  • Check the option «Make the Consultation».
  • Select the type of document that is registered in the system.
  • Fill in the numbers for the latter.
  • Write the Unique Labor Identification Code or CUIL.
  • Subsequently, you fill in the information requested on the website.
  • Choose the period you want for the issuance of the Negative Certificate (no more than two (2) months).
  • Check the security image.
  • Click on the «Continue» option.
  • Verify that all the information is correct and that there are no errors or omissions in the Social Security system.

As mentioned above, the Negative Certificate It is important for Argentine citizens who wish to validate the payment of contributions by Social Security. For this reason, we suggest you have this document digitally (Download) or physically (Print).

Next, we will tell you all the steps to «Download» and «Print» from the ANSES page:


  • After having issued the application for the Negative Certificate, check that there are no data omissions.
  • Then, check the «Download» option in PDF Format.
  • Create and save the PDF document in a safe and easily accessible folder.

Important! Another option to protect this document is to save the certificate in an electronic folder in a file bank, such as Google Drive.

To print

  • Option 1
    • Change the option from «Download» to «Print» on the ANSES page.
    • Choose all the printing details (size, number of pages and destination).
  • Option 2
    • Access the folder where the Negative Certificate on your computer.
    • Click on «Print» and mark the options for size, number and destination of the pages to be printed.
Remember! The documents issued by the ANSES website must not have a stamp and signature.


  • Locate the main ANSES agencies closest to your home.
  • Request «Customer Service» and expect to be served by a certified operator.
  • Provide all the data associated with the Certificate of Negativity.
  • However, we suggest that you carry out this process of issuance over the internet, as it is faster and more efficient.

Other alternatives: Via Telephone

  • Contact «Customer Service» at 130 by phone.
  • Request «Customer Service» and check the «Certificate of Negativity» option.
  • Finally, follow the instructions given by the telephone operator.

What Contributions or Benefits does the Refusal Certificate refer to?

The Negative Certificate It is that document issued by ANSES, to demonstrate that as an Argentine citizen, you do not receive the following contributions or benefits:

  • Contributions as an employee by the degree of autonomy, monotributista or private job.
  • Retirement or pension.
  • Contributions by the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA).

  • Also, allowances to single mothers who work in private homes.
  • Support for unemployment or social actions.
  • Another type of Social Protection.
  • Allowance for pregnancy.
  • Monotributista by the Ministry of Social Development.

Cost and Validity of the Certificate

Undoubtedly, one of the sections that you should worry about to carry out this type of procedure are the costs associated with it. However, to obtain the Negative Certificate no need to run a projection of associated costs.

So, according to the above, we want you to know that this procedure is totally free. Although, it is always essential to have other associated costs, such as: photocopies, collection of other types of documents, among others.

Important! You should not cancel any type of stamp or signature to obtain the Certificate of Refusal. Likewise, one way to verify that the issuance of this document is original is through the unique security code in each certificate.

Regarding the validity of this document, it is concluded that it is accepted throughout the national territory. However, you should be aware of the expiration date, since the certificate only has (30) days of validity.

Where to get the Certificate of Refusal?

Today, ANSES is one of the main Social Security institutions in the country, therefore, it has a series of official agencies throughout the national territory. For this reason, we invite you to look for the offices closest to your home and with the necessary conditions to issue this document.

Here are all the agencies available:

Do you want more information about all ANSES agencies? Then click here.

On the other hand, you will be able to access this document thanks to other communication channels;

Via telephone

  • Call 130 and request «Customer Service.»
  • Hours: 24 hours a day.


  • Entering the official page of ANSES and locating the option «Certificate of Refusal».


  • Look for the official profile of «ANSES» and write a direct message.

Remember that this document is crucial to confirm that you do not receive certain contributions or contributions. In addition, if you find yourself in these situations you must request your Negative Certificate:

  • Dependent worker.
  • You are not registered in statements or contributions by SIPA.
  • You do not have unemployment payments.
  • You also do not receive contributions for child or pregnancy allowances.
  • For more information, we invite you to read the section on «Rights of the Refusal Certificate»Exposed in this article.
Attention! This document only has a validity period of (30) days, after this date, it will not be valid in the national territory.

Do youWhat is it?

ANSES is a body in charge of distributing and managing all Social Security funds. Therefore, they have different functions that will allow the efficient distribution of the country’s social benefits. As well as, it ensures to increase productivity and maintain the quality of one of the most important organizations in Argentina.

Its main tasks are characterized by being:

  • Social procedures.
  • Informative aspects regarding social contributions.
  • Services and consultations.

Likewise, it focuses on certain conditions that Argentine citizens may have, such as:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Retirees and pensioners.
  • Widowhood.
  • Labor.
  • Companies.
  • Private institutions.
  • Others.

In the same way, part of its operations focus on the process of subsidies, credit validation, housing documents, retirement benefits and all those that are related to the Social Security of the country.

Finally, the ANSES processes the Negative Certificate, which is a document that allows registering whether or not a citizen has certain contributions, especially for retirements and pensions from SIPA. This certificate is completely free and you can get it at the Web platform that ANSES has created for you.

ANSES cares about you and guarantees social security in Argentina!

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