Certificate of Stratification: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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In Colombia there is a socio-economic classification mechanism for people, it is carried out through a Stratification Certificate. In order to evaluate people’s homes and properties, and classify them on a scale or assign a social stratum depending on their characteristics.

This certificate is nothing more than an evaluation or analysis mechanism for municipalities and governments. Which aims to carry out redistribution policies. That is, households whose homes or buildings are of a high stratum overpay their services, to help people in low stratum homes pay a little less for theirs.

Keep reading the article and learn more about this certificate.

Requirements for the Certificate of Stratification

This certificate is very important for the Colombian authorities, therefore, it is an almost mandatory document. Because it is such a highly demanded document, in this article we teach you how to acquire it, from the necessary requirements to the process that you must comply with.

Remember that it is a municipal certificate, therefore, it must be issued by the government of each region of the country. If you do not know where to request it, through the following link you can access and observe the different points of attention.

Here is a very brief list of the requirements you will need to apply for and obtain the certificate.

Basic requirements

  • First, you will need the exact address of the property.
  • The property’s cadastral code.
  • Also the CHIP of it.

Those are the requirements that you will need in case of requesting the Stratification Certificate online, that is, through the portal «SINUPOT«. In case you wish to request it in person, at any of the service points mentioned above, you must download the application SuperCADE.

Download the app SuperCADE It is optional, but it is recommended to do so because this app allows users to see in real time, the number of people in the care centers and therefore an approximate waiting time.

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Stratification

The process (es) to obtain this document are very simple, in either of its two forms. It must be remembered that there is an online modality and another modality that is face-to-face. On this occasion, the online modality will be explained in detail and the face-to-face modality will be explained in detail in future sections.

It is important to note that in order to request the Stratification Certificate In virtual mode, you must have good internet access. Here is the detailed list of steps so that you can successfully obtain the certificate.

Steps for online application

  • The first step is to enter the official website of the «SINUPOT«
  • Then, you must click on the query option located in the upper right.
  • Immediately afterwards a window will be displayed on the left side. There you must select the option «Stratification»
  • Once you are in the stratification query window, you must provide the data and requirements established in the previous section.
  • You just have to click on «Search» and you’re done.

Once you have your certificate reflected on the screen, you will have the option to download and save it digitally, in Pdf or download and print it. The steps to complete the process are very simple, and doing it is very fast. Buy it and find out if you should contribute or receive a subsidy.

There are certain legal aspects about the document and about the process that you should know. For this reason, in the following sections we will tell you a little more about the process, the legal support of the certificate and about how to carry out the process in person. Do not miss it!

Legal Support of the Stratification Certificate

According to the national constitution of Colombia, the mayors or authorities of each region or municipality have the duty to ensure that the certification of socio-economic stratification is applied. Therefore, the certificate is a document that all citizens must have in a mandatory way according to Articles 101, 102 of the Law.

According to the same constitution and Article 732. Rural farms or dwellings must also be classified according to the parameters of the stratification certificate. That is, people who have several homes, some urban and others rural, must request and obtain the certificate for each of them.

The mayors of each municipality must not only ensure that people have said certificate, but they must also make sure that the certificates are up-to-date.

Article 16 of Law 689 establishes different socio-economic strata on a scale from 1 to 6 depending on the qualities of the municipalities and surrounding areas. The strata are described below:

  • 1 socio-economic level low-low.
  • 2 socio-economic level under.
  • 3 socio-economic level medium-low.
  • 4 socio-economic level medium.
  • 5 socio-economic level medium-high.
  • 6 socio-economic level high.

In the last section, we better define what the certificate is. But remember that people with properties rated between 5 and 6, it is their responsibility to be a taxpayer. While, people with properties rated between 1 and 3, would correspond to be beneficiaries of subsidies.

Aspects to Take into Account about the Procedure

There are data and aspects that you must take into account when carrying out the procedure, and here we summarize and present them to prevent you from making any mistakes. In this section we bring you a list with the information that you should know before carrying out the procedure.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the process and issuance of the certificate have no cost. Do not accept that an official charge you, if it happens, report it to the authorities.
  • It is also important that, if you do not have the exact address of the property or property, you can present the cadastral certificate, real estate registration or even the lot code.
  • Through the following link, You will be able to observe the main questions and answers regarding the procedure.
  • If you use the SuperCADE application, you can greatly reduce the waiting time, and therefore also the procedure time.
  • In case of having any problem with the documentation, you can contact the customer service offices in person or write an email to the following address servicealciudadanoGEL@sdp.gov.co.

Remember that this is an article that all citizens must have with a property or property in their name. Buy it and comply with the rules.

Presence Channels to Request the Stratification Certificate

In order to obtain the certificate or request it in person, the first thing to do is bear in mind that it is a municipal document and therefore, the places to request it vary, depending on where you live. Similarly, in the previous sections we leave you a link to the places where you can request it.

In the same way it was recommended, download the app SuerCADE The purpose of which is to find out about the waiting times at the different service points and in real time. So you can choose the one that is closest to you and in which there are fewer people waiting to be attended.

Steps for the face-to-face application

  • The first step is to locate the center of attention of your preference or in which there are fewer people waiting, you can see them through the app SuperCADE.
  • Once you are treated, you must record the requirements named in the previous section.
  • Then you must wait for the data and requirements to be reviewed and wait for your Certificate of Stratification.
  • Ready, you must already have the document that qualifies the stratum of your home or property.

The face-to-face process is very simple and also very fast if you use the app properly SuperCADE. It was created to make life easier for users, because it provides them with a instant overview of each of the customer service agencies.

What is it?

The Stratification Certificate It consists of a document that evaluates or classifies homes or real estate, on a scale from one to six (1-6). The purpose of this is to establish that people from a certain municipality are of high status and, therefore, have the ability to contribute or overpay for certain services.

That overpayment or that contribution becomes a subsidy for people of a low stratum. Therefore, the people with whom they live in qualified low-income properties will pay less to cover their basic services.

In summary, the document serves to carry out a policy that consists of people who have a better quality of life pay a little more than necessary, so that people with a worse quality of life or low stratum can pay a little less for basic services and thus increase equality among the population.

People from stratum between five and six are those who overpay and therefore contribute to those from low strata. Those of stratum between one and three, receive the subsidy and therefore pay a little less than required. Meanwhile, those in stratum four do not overpay, nor do they receive the subsidy.

Meet the requirements and follow the steps outlined above. With that is more than enough to get the Stratification Certificate

Do not wait more!


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