Certificate of Studies: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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The Certificate of studies, It is a document of the utmost importance for all those young Chileans (over 18 years), who, due to circumstances, gave up their studies and currently wish to normalize their academic situation.

For this reason, we have dedicated this article to the explanation of: the steps you must follow for the study certificate, its function, who needs it, equivalency exam, validity of the certificate and, we conclude with its definition.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Studies

Normally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions do not only require a series of specific documents. But also, they require a few steps that all interested must follow.

This certificate is not exempt from these steps or requirements. But, do not worry, because below, we will show you what are the steps you must follow so that you can start the process and obtain this type of certificate.

  • To begin, you must enter the official website of the institution.
  • Then, you need to click on the option: Get Certificate.
  • Later, click on the option: Certificates of Study.
  • A space will appear on the screen where you must enter:

    • Your Unique Tax Registry, or that of the person who wants the certificate.
    • Your date of birth, or the date of the person who requires it.
    • An email.

  • Upon completion, you must complete the captcha code.
  • Click on the option: Look for.
  • Now, you must select the document of interest.
  • Finally, you have the option to download the certificate.
It is important to note that the only way you can obtain and download this certificate is by approving the study equivalency exam, submitted by at least 35 business days. In addition to this, the certificate will be sent to your email for free.

What is the Certificate of Studies for?

It is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate, since in many cases it is not usually given the importance it deserves. That is why, below, we will explain what this type of document is for.

Having this type of certificate is very useful and necessary in the life of any student. Since, it will allow you to choose: educational proposals, internships in a company or, failing that, a workplace. All this having the confidence and assurance that you can demonstrate everything you have studied.

In addition to the above, there are different and numerous aspects for which having this type of specific certificate will be beneficial and very useful for you in the future, pay attention:

  • Enlarge and enrich your curriculum vitae.
  • Stand out and stand out in front of new professionals.
  • Have academic validity endorsed by prestigious institutions.
  • Achieve new knowledge.
  • Adjusting to new discoveries and the constant evolution of technology.
  • Prove that you have and passed a certain course.

On the other hand, applying to obtain this certificate brings as a consequence extra motivation on the part of the members of the institutions that make this type of recognition possible. And, thus continue contributing to the improvement in education.

Finally, the certificate of studies is not only an investment for your work success, but also allows you to prove your interest in adding new knowledge that is validated by certain prestigious institutions.

Who Needs the Certificate of Studies?

This point of the article is quite important. Since, in general, there are usually doubts when requesting this document because they do not know who can do it. However, here we will show you who are those who need this document.

To begin with, we must clarify that this certificate is aimed only at young Chileans over 18 years of age who, previously, have taken the study equivalency exam. Now, there are exceptions that do not allow taking this exam, which are:

  • Young people who have not carried out regular or studies, or failing that they have been interrupted.
  • Those who are not enrolled in some form of education for young people or adults.
  • Those who have studied in educational institutions that are not recognized by the State.
  • Young people who have studied in a country that does not have agreements with Chile.
  • Those who were enrolled in a current year but for justified reasons had to officially withdraw so they do not appear in the SIGE.

Examination of Equivalence of Studies

Currently, there are many reasons why a student does not complete their studies in a timely manner. And, also, many other reasons why you want to go back to school and have a higher degree.

However, for those students who failed to complete their studies and wish to enter university, they have three options: a General Equivalence Diploma, Study Equivalence Exam and Term Assessment Test.

But, in Chile the study equivalency exam is the most common and used. It has a specific duration, as well as different sections that can be: reasoning, mathematics, science, writing, reading, among others.

In addition, for this exam, students must meet certain eligibilities that we mentioned in previous points. And, to be able to pass said evaluation, they must have a score determined by the institution.

However, there is a series of documents required to complete the examination of office studies equivalency in Chile. Which we will explain briefly, pay attention:

  • A photocopy and original of the identity card of the person who wishes to present the evaluation.
  • Simple affidavit of the young adult who is interested. This in order to demonstrate that the information provided is real.
  • Letter from the employer specifying that the person who wants this certificate is working in the company and needs the document to:

    • Move up in grade.
    • Retire.
    • Change roles.

But, if the employer does not have this antecedent, they must submit another type of document where they can accredit and verify their employment status in the company.

Finally, you must bear in mind that, to carry out this procedure, it is not necessary that you cancel any type of tariff. That is, this procedure is totally free and you can do it online or in the office.

Validity of the Certificate of Studies

It is very common that there is not only confusion regarding the concepts of diploma and certificate, but also the issue of their validity is mixed. But, we must clarify that the validity of the certificate is less than the validity of the diploma.

This is because the certificate is considered as proof. While the diploma is considered as a prize or an award which implies a longer duration in terms of its validity or validity.

We must mention that, in general, the certificates do not usually have a long term of validity, so this document is not the exception. However, it offers a validity of 90 days exactly. Now, once the 90 days of validity have been completed and completed, you can reapply.

On the other hand, you must remember that this document has one point in its favor, and that is that despite not having so many requirements, it does not require any cost. In other words, completing this procedure is totally free. If you want more information about this certificate, visit the official website of Chile that we show you below. Click here.

What is it?

To end this article, we are going to introduce you to the meaning of this type of certificate. Well, this certificate is nothing more than an academic document which authenticates the studies that a person has carried out and successfully passed.

However, although this certificate is also known as qualification, We must clarify that the studies carried out by a person cannot always be accredited in it. Therefore, a recurring option is to request the certificate of studies.

As we mentioned earlier, this document is the one that will demonstrate to companies that the person has successfully completed their educational training. And, in this way, having it will allow you to choose charges or offers of your interest.

Likewise, it should be noted that this type of certificate confirms a fact or knowledge, has a shorter duration and, in turn, implies a greater specialty. In short, this certificate is a kind of proof of studies.

It has the particularity of confirming: academic results of a person, their professional or student experience in a certain area, participation or attendance in a course or day, learning foreign languages, among many other things.

In addition to all of the above, this certificate also shows that the person has good training and experience in a certain field. Which is definitely flattering and beneficial for the individual.

Let’s conclude by highlighting that this is a document that can be public character, as is the certificate of good conduct or the marriage certificate. But, it can also be private character, as is the work certificate, even the one of good conduct.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!


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