Certificate of Suitability: Steps, Types and MORE

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The certificate of suitability It is an excellent opportunity for any Argentine citizen because it covers different functions and therefore, there are different types of certificate of suitability. It can even range from adopting children to work environments.

If you are an Argentine resident and you have no idea what this type of certificate is for, we invite you to read this article It may be of your interest!, we intend to inform you about how to obtain the certificate of suitability and what is it for.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Suitability

To begin with, Argentine citizens who wish to obtain this document must meet certain requirements. However, there are different types of certificates and thanks to this, the requested requirements will depend on the type of certificate that is managed.

There is no specific entity that is in charge of issuing these certificates. In fact, the issuing site will depend on the type of certificate it is.

That is, the applicant must be in charge of locating the appropriate institution that sends this legal document, which is why the advice of a lawyer is recommended. However, the organization responsible for legalizing the certificates of suitability in Argentina it is: National Security Administration (ANSES), which is responsible for registering the certificates.

On the contrary, in the case of teaching professionals, the certificate is requested at the educational institution together with the approval of the Ministry of Education from Argentina. For the issuance of the certificates, the applicant must locate the institution in charge of issuing the certificate legally.

Depending on what certificate you are requesting. Likewise, each applicant must provide the respective documents with their personal data. Subsequently, they must be delivered together with an application for the approval of the certificate of suitability.

Finally, the documents will go through an evaluation process as established by the institution.

Types of Certificate of Suitability

First, a certificate is known as an administrative text document used to verify a certain factThere are even many types of certificates, each one is applied for specific cases. For instance: certificate of studies, certificate of divorce, certificate of tax valuation, among others.

While it is true, the list goes on and is very long. However, in this case this article deals with the certificate of suitability. So below we will mention what are the various types of certificate of suitability that exist and we will explain them briefly.

  • Certificate for Name Change: The applicant must submit a letter of reason and state a series of personal requirements that will allow the approval of the certificate.
  • For a certificate of Financial Suitability: Generally, this document is used in bank loan applications.
  • For the adoption of a child or group of children: Certificate requested by those couples who do not have the possibility of having a child through the natural process. In this way, they turn to adoption.
  • Certificate of Psychological or Teaching Suitability: In this case, the professional must record certain requirements that will allow the issuance of the certificate. In addition, each institution for which you decide to work will require, as a requirement, the current certificate of suitability.
  • Certificate of Work Experience: Meets the objective of affirming skills and attitudes with which a worker meets.
  • Certificate of Suitability and Favorable Performance Evaluation: Affirms the professional and healthcare skills of paramedics in nursing, food, pharmacy, radiotherapy, radiology, clinical laboratories and blood banks.

Data included in the Certificate of Suitability

Like all legal procedures, certain personal data corresponding to the applicant is needed. In this case, the data included in the certificate are:

  • Applicant’s full name. (Names and surnames).
  • Applicant’s job title or function.
  • Date corresponding to the moment of collection of personal data for the request. Including, day, month and year.
  • Place the number of the national identity document (DNI).
  • Applicants must reflect and explain the reason why they are requesting the corresponding certificate as the case may be.
  • Also, mention what is the utility or goal of executing the certificate, in order for it to be approved.
  • Finally, the application document must be signed by the applicant.

What is it for?

Generally, a certificate is structured by the first and last name of the person in question and the number of the national identity document. In this way, it is verified that an individual is capable of performing certain positions or functions.

In the case of study certificates, it is attested that the individual possesses the knowledge about the studies he has carried out. Otherwise, the certificate of suitability it is defined by itself, since it is known as the willingness that a person has to carry out a certain task.

In relation to the above, people can request certificates of suitability for different areas. For example, there are certificates of suitability for adoption, for bank loans, among others.

In short, this legal document serves as certified testimony of the abilities, aptitudes, capacities, qualities and attitudes that an individual possesses.

Why do they usually deny the Certificate of Suitability?

Before mentioning the reasons why they usually deny the certificate of suitability, It is important that we know the concept of this word. To begin with, the «suitability» refers to the aptitude or willingness that an individual possesses for a specific purpose.

However, according to studies carried out by lawyers, in 75% of cases the certificates are usually denied. You will surely have the doubt Why does this happen?, for the simple reason that applicants have a poor handling of legal documents. As a consequence, the issuance of the certificate is hindered.

In this way, so that the certificate is not denied, our recommendation is that before starting the process of the procedure you consult a lawyer. Therefore, the idea is to avoid inconveniences with legal documents and you also have the advantage of having advice throughout the process.

On the contrary, if you are independent and you are not convinced by the idea of ​​consulting a lawyer … find out very well about how to obtain the certificate of suitability and what you need to issue it. Remember, due to mishandling of documents, the certificate will be denied, be careful!

Among other reasons, the certificate may be denied for the following:

  1. The requirements provided by the applicant were not adequate.
  2. The process of the procedure began at the last minute and the applicant could not collect the requested requirements.
  3. The applicant did not show up in time for the corresponding socio-economic interviews.
  4. In addition, it is important to mention that the approval or denial of the document will also depend on the legal stability of the applicant.

National Social Security Administration

Now, we have already mentioned that the institutions in charge of remitting the certificate of suitability they may vary depending on the case. However, there is a government entity in charge of legalizing these certificates and it is known as the National Social Security Administration or also recognized by its acronym ANSES.

In this way, we intend to inform you a little about the institution in charge of the legalization of the certificate, You’ll see that it can help you!In this way, ANSES is a decentralized, public and national administration of Argentina.

Likewise, it is a dependent entity of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. Its foundation dates for the date of December 26, 1991 by the Decree No. 2,741.

The National Social Security Administration It fulfills the objective of executing the social security policies established by the National State, ensuring that the Argentine community enjoys the benefits and services regulated by current regulations.

It is also responsible for effectively managing the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA). On the other hand, within its functions it must comply with the granting of retirement and pension payments.

It is also in charge of the management and settlement of the unemployment benefit, in addition to paying family allowances to active workers, the unemployed, retirees and pensioners and guaranteeing the social protection of Argentine citizens.

If you have any questions regarding the National Administration of Social Security of Argentina, we invite you to visit their Web page and check the section where they specify what their mission is and what tasks this body must fulfill.

What is it?

In short, the certificate of suitability It is a legal document that certifies some charge or fact that guarantees its legality within the country, in this case, Argentina. In addition, it is sometimes requested as a main requirement for the issuance of other legal procedures.

Finally, the certificate of suitability It does not have a specific delivery time, since it clearly depends on the institution that sends the document and the type of certificate that is requested.

Also in the case of those who want to adopt, it is no secret that the adoption process is extensive by nature, we recommend that you be patient. Remember that every certificate has different processes.

We hope we have helped you and that you successfully obtain the certificate of suitability! Thank you for reading us.

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