Certificate of Tax Compliance: Requirements, Consultation and MORE

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In Argentina it is an important requirement Certificate of Tax Compliance, if you are residing in this country and you do not know how to do this procedure, or what it is for, where or when to request it … in this article you will be able to find out all these details and more. If you are interested, keep reading!

What is the Certificate of Tax Compliance?

The Certificate of Tax Compliance It is a document that is issued to verify that every person with goods and / or services of the State complies with the tax obligations that correspond to them.

This document confirms that the person pays their taxes, among other obligations so that they can join, record, commemorate or participate in the events or acts that they want with full freedom.

The whole process is relatively easy and all the information you need can be found on the official website of the AFIP.

Although, in a more detailed and thorough way, we will also provide you with all the information you may need in this article.

To begin with, how to request the Certificate of Tax Compliance, detailed below:

  • Login to Remote Procedures (TAD), which is a platform that allows you to carry out procedures from the comfort of your home, only with an electronic device and the internet. All totally free.
  • Seeks »Authorization of the Request for Certificate of Compliance with Relationships» and enter the tax code when asked to be able to carry out the entire process successfully.
  • You must register as the owner of the association or company you represent. And it must be made clear that this attorney would not be legitimate. It is only about the transfer of rights and / or powers granted by the administrator of the tax code relations body to the person who carried out the procedure so that he can act on behalf of.
  • Set which people are going to sign through TAD.
  • Wait for the notification that arrives via TAD to ensure it is valid.
  • Expect to receive another notification when your certificate is authorized and available.
  • And finally, download the certification directly from TAD.

IMPORTANT: This entire process is formally closed with the file number.


To acquire the Certificate of Tax Compliance, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must not be suspended from any import or export registry and you must not have any debt to pay in the General Directorate of Customs.
  2. You must register your registration in the tax on gross income.
  3. Have no legal imputation in your record.
  4. Register your electronic tax address in the General Directorate of Income.
  5. Not having debts of the social security resources and, they must comply with the presentation of the determined sworn statements.
  6. Have at hand the tax code granted by the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue) from its official website.
  7. Have added in AFIP services the income ratio of your province.

Consultation and Printing of the Tax Compliance Certificate

First, you must enter the official page of the AFIP. Once there, scroll the page down. In the section »More Queries», you will be able to read the option «Proof of Registration» below. Directly, the link takes you to a page that will ask you to enter the following data:

Taxpayer CUIT: ______________

Security code displayed on the screen: _____________

Next, you press «Consult». The page will automatically break down the Certificate of Tax Compliance and you can print it.

What is the Tax Compliance Certificate for?

Thanks to this document, it can be ensured that the person who presents it faithfully complies with the payment of necessary taxes that the country requires. These taxes can be payment plans, gross income, among other things. In addition, to that is added the benefit of the freedom of action that it gives you.

When and where to request the Certificate of Tax Compliance?


  • If you are a resident of the country, you are of legal age and you frequently receive an income, you must process this Certificate.

After requesting the procedure from the website of the AFIPAs we explained above and, once the application has been accepted, within the following 10 calendar days, all the observations made must be corrected and the elements indicated must be taken to the corresponding agency.

The delivery of these elements must be presented personally by the applicant with DNI; otherwise, the person making the delivery must also carry a document authorizing said person as the representative and responsible for the request.

If the tax compliance document you have on hand is current but about to expire, you can request it 20 administrative business days before its expiration date is reached.


Additional Information about the Procedure

  • The procedure is carried out through the official website of the AFIP with your tax code at hand.
  • The completion of this procedure takes approximately 48 hours.
  • Any passive person under his or her guardianship has settled the DDJJ (Declared jurisdictions) monthly and annual, that do not have any debt in taxes or similar, you can carry out this procedure.
  • The delivery date will be 20 business days after requesting the Certificate of Tax Compliance.
  • The time allowed to correct the reported breaches is 15 business days.
  • If it is the case, through Web Procedures and with the use of your tax code you can notify when you have ready the correction of the breaches that have been indicated.
  • The recipients will be the taxpayers of the Provincial Treasury that requests it.

Unlike Certificate of Tax Compliance which is the one that concerns us now, just to be aware, the Tax Certificate to Hire It has 120 calendar days counted from its date of issue that make it valid.

They keep him in that state in any selection procedure that is held with agencies of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and its dependencies, national or provincial organisms.

As long as they are generated in contracts for goods, works and / or services for a monetary total equal to or greater than the debts that could be had with this federal administration.

  • If you want to verify that you Certificate is in force, you can enter the website of the AFIP with your CUIT and make the query you want, since it has been created for that purpose.
  • All the process of Certificate of Tax Compliance it is completely FREE.
  • Once the web process has been completed, the system generates the request for the Certificate of Tax Compliance.
  • If you disagree with the observations notified to you in the report, you can choose a Resource from article 144 of the CTP (Postal Treatment Center), which is a procedure that is carried out by the Entrance and Exit Table of the General Directorate of Income.

Be attentive when registering the requested information on the official website because if an error is found, your procedure will not be processed. This document can be received at any body that requests it, be it municipal, national or any other.
In case you ask yourself the following questions:
What are the days of attention to the public?

  • Monday to Friday.

What are the hours of service to the public?

  • From 7:30 to 14:30

Where does the process start?

  • In the General Directorate of Revenues.
  • For inquiries, you can call 0800 – 666-8400 or write to the address ge@ssn.gob.ar.

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