Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate: Requirements, Consultation and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate. This document is essential for all Colombian citizens to carry out their daily activities.

The Cédula identifies the citizen as a person who is, therefore, citizens who are already over 18 years of age should not leave without their identification, because they can be asked anywhere. If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to continue reading as it will highlight everything on this important topic.

Requirements for the Certificate of Citizenship Certificate

If it is your first time to obtain the Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The citizen must contain 18 years of ageYou can apply one day later when you have reached the age of majority.
  • Next, you will have to make an appointment to advance the process or go to the nearest Registry Office. To plan your appointment you can enter the following link.
  • When I have to go to your reserved appointment, you have to carry a Authenticated copy of your birth certificate or, if applicable, your original identity card.
  • Then the citizen must confirm in the following link, which Registrar of the Colombian territory will not ask for photos.
  • It is important to note that in the offices that appear in the link, does not require the person to fill out a photo. However, keep in mind that if the digital system, due to some technical circumstance, does not allow the procedure to be carried out, they may ask you to take the photographs.
  • In this case, if the Registry Office where you will carry out the procedure to obtain your Certificate of the Citizenship Card is not included in the list, You must attach three photographs of 4 × 5 centimeters, with a white background and it is recommended that the costumes be dark.
  • In the photos you can not have any accessories like; caps, earrings, piercing or anything that alters the person’s face.
  • The Citizen must have knowledge of his RH and your blood group.
  • If it is the first time that you will take it out, the issuance of your Certificate of Citizenship Certificate is free.

Document for the First Time

For Colombians by birth, you must attach, as mentioned in the point above, the civil registration of birth with a space for notes (if arrangements have been made) or the original biometric identity card.

Colombians who were born before June 15, 1938, the base document may be the certified baptism certificate .

For the children of foreigners born in Colombian territory, they must present a copy of the birth certificate .

In this case, the record does not include the marginal note «Valid to prove nationality» It must be proven through the domicile of the father or mother in Colombia, on the date of birth.

In order to stipulate the origin of the issuance of the Certificate of Citizenship Certificate for the first time, presenting the visa according to your circumstance.

Colombians who are adopted must Attach a copy of the letter of nature or the Registration Resolution accompanied by the oath certificate. In addition, they must take into account the RH and blood group


This type of procedure is carried out when the citizen the Certificate of Citizenship Certificate has been lost, damaged or stolen, to those over 18 years of age.

Today, there are three ways to request a duplicate of your Certificate of Citizenship Certificate and they are the following:

  1. You can carry out the procedure online, with the web mode with electronic payment (PSE)
  2. Carry out the procedure in person, which is the duplicate modality web assisted in office.
  3. Process presence, data capture mode.


This type of procedure must be carried out by citizens who are over 18 years of age who need a change of your Certificate of the Citizenship Card, white or brown laminated for the current yellow card format with holograms, the only valid document in Colombian territory.

How to obtain the Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate?

To obtain their certificate of the Citizenship Card, the person must carry out the following steps:

  • First the citizen must enter directly in the following link.
  • When you enter that link you will see two options that are: issuance of the certificate and consult the certificate.
  • If you give the option «Certificate issuance» You must complete the information that they ask for, which is the following: put your identification number, add your date of issue of your document (with its day, month and year), put the code that appears in the image and you will continue.
  • The system will confirm the document number for which the certification will be issued, if the information is correct, give it the option «Generate Certificate».
  • The certification will be downloaded to your computer in PDF format.

First time

If it is the first time that a person will obtain the certificate of the Citizenship Card, they must first go toAny Registry Office of your preference or consulate, upon request for an appointment in cases where it is required.

When you have your appointment, you must submit the required documentation. It is important to emphasize that at the moment of carrying out the identification process for the first time, the citizen You must indicate the polling station where your identity document will be, so that it will be included later in the next census.

Once you have completed the procedure, You will receive a password or a receipt for a document in process which is valid for 6 months.. If your procedure is carried out at the New Integrated Service Station, the password is sent by email.

The Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate, will be delivered only to the holder of the document. When the citizen claims his identity card, he must verify if the data that he provides are correct, such as: names, surnames, identification number, date, place of birth, among others.

The term that the citizen has to claim for it is maximum one year.


If you are going to perform the procedure online, you must access the following link. There must put your username and passwordIf you do not have an account, you must «check in».

Next you will have to complete a table with your personal information such as: select the type of document, identification number, their full names, surnames, email, you must accept the policies and will give «Register the data.»

Then it will appear that your account has been confirmed and will give you finish registration. Then, look for your correct email and you should verify that you have an email from the Registrar.

When you open the message from the Registrar, a link will appear to activate your account. And it will accept, then you must enter with the username and password that was sent to you.

When you have entered, you will see what the payment method. Whichever of the two you choose you must cancel it and later on it will appear in which Registrar wants to search for your duplicate.

If you want to get your duplicate in person, you must first request an appointment, the holder must present to the Registrar that requested the appointment with the proof of payment and the document number will start.


Also for renewal you will have to request an appointment, and then assist with the required documentation.

Consult the Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate

If you want to consult your Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate, first the person must access the following link.

You will see two options, the first is request the issuance of the certificate and the second, consult the certificate. The second is the one that will click.

Then, you will have to put your verification code that appears in the upper right corner of the certificate. Also, you have to put the digits that appear in the image. Finally, it will give «Consult» and voila, you can consult as many times as necessary.

What is the Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate for?

The Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate is essential, because it is a document that is the only one of valid id for all civil, political, administrative and judicial acts.

This fundamental document allows the citizen identify yourself in all necessary events within a society.

If you are going to carry out procedures at a notary or administrative procedures, they will ask for your Citizenship Certificate. Regarding Colombian laws, when a person over 18 years of age who already has his or her identity card, it means that you are becoming a person responsible for making your own decisions.
With the Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate, the citizen will be able to exercise their right to vote, having that responsibility to choose the candidate they want is very important.

Who Issues It?

The Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate is issued by the National Registry of Civil Status.

What is it?

The Certificate of the Citizenship Certificate is an identification document for all Colombian citizens, and they must obtain it after reaching the age of 18.

To conclude, the Colombian Citizenship Certificate is essential for each citizen because with that document they can carry out any judicial, administrative, political, etc. procedure.

A cédula identifies the citizen as a person. Therefore, they must take into account in processing it, without it you will not be able to do many things in Colombian territory.


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