Certificate of Title in Process: Requirements, Steps and MORE

Currently, Argentine citizens have the option of consulting the Certificate of Title in Process, Through the official page of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Technology. Which was created at the beginning of the year in order to verify the status of the process.

In this article, you will know several options that will allow you to obtain the document faster and easier, you just have to meet each of the requirements mentioned in order to quickly obtain the Certificate of Title in Process legalized. To do this, continue reading and clarify all the doubts about it.

Don’t wait any longer, process the Certificate!

What are the Requirements for the Certificate of Title in Process?

Citizens to check the status of the title, must comply with the following indications:

  • Possess internet access.
  • They must also have an electronic device.
  • Have the performance number.
  • Finally, the year of performance.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Title in Process

To get the Certificate of Title in Process must follow the steps below:

  • Users must have a connection to the web.
  • After entering, enter the number and year of action
  • Subsequently, press the Consult key
  • Finally, you will quickly and easily obtain the certificate.
  • Print it and verify that all the data is correct

What is it for?

The document is a very valuable instrument that demonstrates the obtaining or termination of a university professional career that will open a job in an organization or institution.

Likewise, it will produce a significant serenity for the employer who is sure of the quality of the person he is hiring, since it affirms that the individual is academically prepared with the vital information for the work to be done.

Finally, it provides citizens with support for any business they want to start. It is important that you be attentive to demonstrate and comply with each of the demands that are presented to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Title in Process

Check if a title or certificate has national validity?

If you have questions regarding a particular instructional offer, you can make the inquiry quickly and effectively through (educational provincial or the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) which belongs to the educational institution.

What is the cost of the procedure?

The cost of this title is totally Free.

Request national validity and homologation of degrees and certificates of higher education?

Having the option to demand the national legitimacy of the medium and tertiary technical degrees and the certificates of personal training studies corresponds to each private and public educational offer that exists in the country.

Revalidate non-university teaching degree obtained abroad?

You are fully qualified to revalidate your non-university degree that was acquired abroad and was awarded by higher teacher training institutes. It focuses on people who need to revalidate the title.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to revalidate their non-university teaching degree obtained abroad.

How to certify a degree to use it abroad?

It is important, for your title abroad to be valid, you must legalize it and / or apostille it, as appropriate to the nation to which you are going to travel. Below we will gradually show you what to do and will clarify the information in more detail:

  • Make sure your title has all related accreditations (stamps, signatures, etc.).
  • Apostille of the first title.
  • Make copies of the title (the ones you have to present).
  • Have duplicates legalized and apostilled.
  • Interpret legalized and apostilled duplicates. In addition, legalize the signature of the translator at the Association of Translators (if applicable).

There are two different ways to legalize or apostille a file for use abroad: in person or electronically. Each person chooses the modality they want to do. However, the process via the web is easier and simpler.

How can you Legalize or Apostille electronically?

At present, the possibility of making legitimations or apostilles of electronic public records is being promoted. Remember, not just any document can be certified this way. The documents that follow these indications are the following:

  • Electronic public files, issued by the Argentine authority (scanned or digitized reports are not recognized), which are in PDF design and electronically signed digitally.

  • The reports delivered by the Argentine consular organization or by foreign Representations certify in the nation that they are electronic in nature and have a digital or electronic signature and in PDF design.
  • These reports are simply legalizable and are excluded from the apostille.

The possibility of apostilling or legalizing university degrees in this way is basically nil, since most of the instructive elements transmit the degree in paper design and not digitally.

How can the title be Legalized or Apostilled in person?

Before specifying the means to follow to have the option of doing this technique in person, we explain that it can very well be done in two different ways depending on the layout of your place of residence.

  • In the event that you live in Buenos Aires, you can do it legitimately at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.
  • In the event that they are in another territory, they can do so in the College of Notaries of their province.

How do you request an appointment?

Citizens who need to request an appointment must make it through the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship located in Buenos Aires, or at the College of Notaries of their province, for people who live in the interior of the nation.

In the case of doing the procedure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, they will have to do it yes or yes with a previous turn, which are requested online on the official website of the page. The Ministry is open from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

What is the documentation to present?

It is important that on the day of the appointment, citizens appear promptly at the agreed time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and present the documentation they need to legalize or apostille there.

It should be noted that they must have the value or cost of the procedure which will be paid that same day. Keep in mind that it may vary according to the document you want to make. More or less the cost is around ARS 300.

It is important to note the following:

  • They can send up to five records for each individual every day.
  • If the holder cannot appear to carry out the procedure, he can send to a third party. The procedure must be in the name of the owner.
  • The user must present the documentation in original form, it must not have an amendment and it must be laminated.
  • The individual who carries out the process must be of legal age (18) and present the DNI
  • Finally, you must pay the agreed amount, in cash or debit card. No receipt for transfer is received.


Applicants must bear in mind that before taking their title to legitimize or apostille, they must ensure that the process has all the stamps, certifications or validations to avoid the return of the document.

It is important that once the title is received, it is verified if the stamped data is correct, and if there is any doubt, the applicant should go to the college or university and make sure that everything is in order.

Is it necessary to translate the title?

This decision will depend on the requirements of each country, as well as the institution where the university degree is to be presented. Currently there are nations that, due to the difference in the language, request that the titles be translated.

When requesting this procedure, you must present photocopies of your titles. It is important that you have all the documents up to date to avoid rework and delays in the process. The document should not have erasures or amendments.

What is the difference between Apostille and Legalize? Which one is convenient?

The two techniques are used to certify and validate the signatures they contain a report. It is important that the title is both legalized and certified since they are the requirements for the document to be valid.

What is it?

The Certificate of Title in Process It is a very valuable instrument, which the university graduate obtains as a guarantee of completion of their higher studies, it is also the assurance that their degree is being prepared.

Currently, the certificate can be obtained in a computerized way, it is the easiest and fastest way. Before trying this method the processes were very cumbersome. However, with the implementation of this instrument, time and resources are saved.

How important it is to have the Title in Process, I hope it has been helpful!

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