Certificate of Valid Endorsements: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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To sell or buy a vehicle you need the Certificate of Valid Endorsements. This article provides detailed information on this procedure, which will facilitate its obtaining.

You will find the requirements to obtain the Certificate, the steps that must be followed. Also its usefulness, cost and many other data, which must be taken into consideration for the management to be successful.

Requirements for the Certificate of Valid Endorsements

The management to acquire the Certificate of Valid EndorsementsIt can be done in 2 ways: By internet or online and also in person. This can be done at one of the Civil Registry Offices, preferably the one closest to the home address.

If it is done online (online), you must enter the website of the Service of civil registration and ID. The Certificate issued has an advanced electronic signature and is equally as valid as if it had been issued by an office.

It can also be downloaded through Google Play or App Store to a cell phone the Civil Digital App. Therefore, complete the diligence.

When it is done in person, you must attend any of the SRCeI Offices (Civil Registry and Identification Service).

Provide the license plate number of the vehicle, and also the personal documents of the applicant. To acquire the Certificate of Valid EndorsementsThese modalities are available all year round.

The requirements that must be presented to obtain this Certificate, whatever the form of requesting it, are the following:

  1. Know the vehicle license plate or license number.
  2. Pay the value of this procedure, according to the form of payment required for each modality.
  3. To obtain this Certificate it is not necessary to consign any type of document.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Valid Endorsements

Through the Internet or Online

There is a new platform for the Online Civil Registry Service. This shows an accessible format, similar to other online shopping portals. There, the Certificate or Certificates that you want to «buy» are loaded into a supermarket cart. The steps to follow to obtain the Certificate of Valid Endorsements, are the following:

  • Enter the web portal of the Civil Registry Service.
  • Choose vehicles.
  • Then extend the alternatives.
  • Choose the Certificate that is required, right there you can see the value of each one:
    • The Certificate Vehicles Valid Annotations for $ 840 pesos.
    • Registration Certificate (Padrón), has a cost of $ 840 pesos.
    • The Certificate of Fines Vehicles, for $ 770 pesos.
    • Driver’s Resume Certificate, has a cost of $ 1050 pesos.
  • Mark the Vehicle Certificate of Valid Annotations, which is the one you want to process. Instantly a screen will appear where you should write the patent number, with the value of this.
  • Check the data that appears on the screen: The price in the shopping cart, and the specifications of the chosen Certificate.
  • Fill in the necessary information: Email address in the two (2) available spaces.
  • Select «Continue».
  • Confirm the data that is presented, the option Treasury.cl is selected.
  • Choose «Continue».
  • Then select the payment method Certificate of Valid Endorsements.
  • Continue with the guidelines given to make the payment of the management.
  • Ready, when you get here, the previous steps for the petition have been completed. The document will be received instantly, through the email address indicated above.

In person (Civil Registry Offices)

  • Go to any of the SRCeI Offices, closest to home address.
  • Ask the employee for the Certificate and point out the patent.
  • Cancel the process.
  • Upon completing those required in the application, the Certificate will be received instantly.

What is the Certificate of Valid Endorsements for?

This certificate is helpful for legal persons and for natural persons. In the event that they want to know or prove the situational information of a vehicle that was purchased or that is to be purchased. For this management you must know the license plate number and the vehicle’s patent.

It is also needed to transfer a vehicle. In addition to being a requirement, it is also used to verify or inspect the legal background of the vehicle. In such a way that there are no legal unforeseen events, so that it can be bought or sold without problems of any kind.

On the other hand, it is used to prove that the person who is selling the vehicle is the real owner. This serves to prevent theft or fraud.

Processing costs

Currently managing the issuance of the Certificate of Valid Annotations, presents a cost of $ 840 pesos as mentioned above. There is a notification from the Civil Registry Directive, which says that from April 1, 2019 this procedure will be free.

Likewise, there will be no extra costs. 15 Certificates managed online, and among these is the Driver’s Resume Certificate. However, there is no reference with respect to Current Annotations.

What is it?

It is a documentation that makes it possible to know the identification information of a vehicle. These data are as follows: The name or names of the previous and current owners. Likewise, the numbers of RUN (Unique National Role) and RUT (Unique Tax Role). Also the restrictions to the current valid domain and other annotations to the registry limit.

With this Certificate, you can also know the history of reports of theft, being requested by a judicial, police or owner entity. The Certificate of Valid Annotations has an advanced electronic signature which gives it the same value, as if it had been issued in an Office.

In conclusion, they are the updated precedents on the use of a vehicle, and it is also known by its acronym CVA.

Information of interest

There are some companies, which are responsible for providing other data in addition to those that appear in the Certificate of Valid Endorsements. In order to have complete information about a used vehicle. What helps to protect the purchase, knowing the following specifications:

  • Finals for Total Loss Accidents: A lot of used vehicles are obtained in some collision auctions. These are arranged to be sold again. With the report provided by a company, it is possible to know if the vehicle was auctioned due to an accident.
  • The Transportation Registry: Data from transport companies is collected to notify if the vehicle belonged to a private or public transport fleet. It refers to transport companies, taxis, school transport, among others.
  • The Projection of Sanctions: They are also capable of delivering the amount of fines, and the projection they have of registering in the Civil Registry, according to different periods of time. (2 weeks, 1 month and 2 months).
  • Sanctions in Exclusive Routes: The data on fines in exclusive roads is only available online in a maximum time of 90 days. However, these companies offer the background of all of them on any date.
  • The Register of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) of Highway Sanctions: With this information it is possible to know about each and every one of the fines, and in the procedure they are in.
  • Owners’ Background: They provide all the data of the previous owners: full name and surname, the RUT, company and activity of this, if it is the case.

Other Considerations on the Certificate of Valid Endorsements

  1. If you want sell a vehicle, this Certificate will make management widely possible. It can be demonstrated to the buyer that the vehicle is in the best condition to be obtained by someone else.
  2. Within the information you will find everything related to the vehicle. In other words, the vehicle type, make, model, chassis number, engine number, Vehicle Identification number (VIN). Also, the type of fuel, the PBV (Gross Vehicle Weight). The name of the insurance company, the insurance policy number, the start and expiration date of this.
  3. Another interesting fact is that the personal information of the owner is shown in a very detailed way. It refers to names and surnames, the Unique National Role number, date of obtaining the vehicle, background and its number).
  4. Likewise, they present the domain restrictions, the modifications made to the vehicle (those that can significantly change its functions). The legal penalties and their cost today.
  5. The opening hours of this Service It is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  6. It is important to have this information on hand. With the aim that there are no difficulties if it has been agreed with a buyer or seller, at the time of carrying out an operation. Also to show before a chosen notary and it is required to have the documentation at hand.

The Certificate of Valid Endorsements, It is essential when negotiating (buying or selling a used vehicle). With it you have all the required information about a vehicle. This in order not to have difficulties when carrying out an operation in this regard.

Whatever your position (seller or buyer), it is important to have this certificate. With it you can demonstrate or be shown that the vehicle is in order, according to everything mentioned in this article. We hope we have helped you with this process.


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