Certificate of Validity: Procedure, DPPJ and MORE

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The Certificate of Validity It is a document that compiles several important papers for any public service entity. This is granted by different registrars or, it may also be the case, on your own. We’ll talk later of this.

In the following article we are going to talk about everything you need to know about the Certificate of Validity which is in charge of the DPPJ (the Provincial Department of Legal Persons). In several sections we will explain the process to obtain it. Also its due follow-up, the performance rate and everything you need so that you can get your Certificate of Validity.

Keep reading and learn more about this important document so that you have no doubts.

Procedure to Obtain the Certificate of Validity

Like any important document, the Certificate of Validity has a procedure to be processed. In this section we are going to tell you what you should do to be able to carry out this process in an easy, fast and very simple way.

It is worth mentioning that the procedures related to certifications usually take a little longer than a normal procedure. In the case of Certificate of Validity It can be done throughout the year, the day you want, and in a practical way. You can do it either in person, at the Real Estate Conservancy office, or online.

In this section we will talk about the process that you have to go through when doing this process in person. This procedure is as follows:

In-person validity certification process:

It is important to say that each person who wants and is interested in carrying out this procedure must follow these steps and in the order indicated.

  1. First, you should go to the Real Estate Registrar’s office. When you go there you must bring with you the number of sheets and the number of the year in which you registered with the company in the conservator.
  2. If you have any questions before going to the Conservator, you can go to the website or you can also go to one of the main offices.
  3. Then you must make a request for a section in which they can and are willing to process the Certificate of Validity.
  4. Next you must access the income related to the request you made. There will be the additional documents that will be received, these must be photocopied. They must also be in a folder that corresponds to the one requested.
  5. To finish with this process, when the document is ready, the person who made the request will have the option to view the status of the process. This can be done from the web portal, you do not have to go to the office.

Online Procedure to Obtain the Certificate of Validity

As mentioned in the previous section, the process to be able to process the Certificate of Validity It can be done both in person and virtually. Once the process has been explained in person, in this section we will explain what corresponds to the procedure virtually.

Next, we will present all the steps to follow so that you can request the procedure to obtain the Certificate of Validity online:

Virtual validity certification process:

  1. You must first enter your internet search engine.
  2. Then you must go to the server’s web portal. You’re going to press the button «Go to the procedure» and there you will begin to fill in the data that is requested.
  3. After having filled out the requested database, you will go on to verify that they are correct and that they are complete. This is to ensure that the registry does not present any errors.
  4. Once this personal record is in the portal, those interested in making the request must go to the section that says «Online procedure». This in order to process the «certificate of validity of the company.»
  5. Once the data is correctly filled in, you will click the button that will say «check».
  6. Then you must go to the section where it says «shopping cart».
  7. Once you have done and completed what we have indicated previously, they will go on to make a detailed review of the documents and you will click the button «Finalize».
  8. Do not forget that you have to make the payment. At the time of making this payment you will go to another web portal, this is known under the name of General Treasury of the Republic, or, as it is known by its acronym, TGR. Can you do click here to enter the aforementioned portal.
  9. Go to your email, there you should receive an email in which it is verified that you made the corresponding payment.
  10. The folder number must also appear, this number must be copied separately.
  11. Finally, it must be remembered that this certificate can be obtained in two (2) days and, on some occasions, this process can last three (3) days.

This is the procedure that must be followed to be able to process and obtain the Certificate of Validity. It must be remembered that these steps may vary a bit, this with respect to the documents that each person must deliver, generally they are usually the same.

In case of presenting any doubt, that legal person can go to the offices, located in the province of Buenos Aires. Also, you have the option of going to the office corresponding to the Provincial Department of Legal Persons.

Follow-up of Records of the DPPJ

It should be mentioned that each person who is interested in obtaining the Certificate of Validity You must go through a follow-up process regarding the documents to be delivered. Subsequently, you must carry out a detailed monitoring of the files corresponding to its processing, this monitoring will be done by entering the main web portal of the DPPJ.

To run this file monitoring you will have to do only one thing, you will have to register with your data, in a complete way. Then you will go to the link tab (to know more you can do click here).

Performance Fee before the DPPJ

Like any procedure related to an important document, this entails a cost that must be paid to obtain it. There are different fees imposed by the DPPJ, or, as its acronym indicates, the Provincial Department of Legal Persons. Keep in mind that these costs may vary depending on the type of certificate you want to obtain.

Next, we are going to present you the fees corresponding to the type of certification you want to process.

  • In the first place, we have as an initial fee, the one that corresponds to the processes of opening branches. This procedure has a cost of $ 445.00.
  • Then we have another cost, this corresponds to the capital increases. This cost is estimated at $ 390.00.
  • We also have the capital increase process, in this case this increase is included in five times. This has a cost of about $ 390.00.
  • Another process that entails a cost is that of changes of jurisdiction, the cost of this is $ 445.00.
  • Following these, we have the change of headquarters, the cost of this corresponds to $ 170.00.
  • The costs involved in changing the administrative or oversight body are about $ 155.00.
  • There are also those that correspond to the certifications of the validity of the commercial companies, the cost is $ 100.00.
  • Civil signature certificates, the cost of these is $ –
  • The validity certifications of associations and foundations have a cost of $ –
  • The payment for procedures such as assignments, attachments and donations of fees is about $ 280.00. This goes to part of the interests and the capital.
  • Finally, we have the fee for calls, doctorates, postgraduates and association assemblies, this fee is $ –

Additional Information on the Certificate of Validity

There are several things you should know about the process of processing the Certificate of Validity, in this section we are going to provide you with some relevant information that you should know when you want to choose to carry out this process and get your certificate.

Here is a list of data that you should know beforehand:

Relevant data:

  • Those legal entities that wish to carry out this process can do so without any problem.
  • You can also have a Certificate of Validity that can be done through two different modalities.
  • This is a procedure that you have the possibility to do on any day of the year that you like and that is more comfortable for you.
  • The web portal works and is intended to make inquiries for any case that arises. As needed for your process.
  • This extremely simple procedure. The duration of this is approximately two (2) days, this to carry out the process.

What is the Certificate of Validity?

The main characteristic corresponding to the certificates is to give a validation of the documents to be processed. You must attest to the date on which it was issued, the content that is reflected in it or by the partial of the inscriptions.

The certificate can be a compilation of several documents, it is granted to you by several registrars. Also, it is validated by a body of the legislation, such as a lawyer, who is the one who authorizes the certification.

The format that corresponds to the certifications are those that are verified by SUNARP. That is, the certifications are made under the conditions established by that body.

Data such as the full name and surname of the applicant must be entered. In addition, you will have to indicate if you are a natural or legal person. All the data must be duly filled in for the registration of these.

The role of Certificate of Validity It is to prove the powers that are granted to a legal person. This person must be previously registered with SUNARP, for the process to be effective.

It has to be related to each of the proxies, under the name of the principal, this authorizes the validation legally. This is processed through the Provincial Department of Legal Persons, or DPPJ.

SUNARP offers, additionally, an issuance of the copies of the certification of each item, they are carried out through Registry Advertising. We hope that the information we have given you has been very helpful, We read another time!

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