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The Certificate of Work Experience It is used when it is important to state that the specialist has a place or had a place in the organization and that he held the position recorded in his resume. In the case that it is for a credit base, it is used to know the payment task.

To put it clearly, what cannot be missing in a labor claim is the time of administration, the work performed, the type of contract and the compensation that is earned. In the event that the organization cannot prove it, the candidate must go to the work room.

Read on to learn everything about him! Certificate of Work Experience!

What Information Does the Certificate of Work Experience Contain?

A consistently interesting point is that this record must show both the information identified with the worker and the organization. To have a top view, we should see:

Employee data

  • Names and surnames of the candidate.
  • Character report (usually the identity card or visa).
  • Date of transition to the substance.
  • Organization take-off date.
  • Occupation performed.
  • Class of agreement, that is, in the remote possibility that it is unmistakable or uncertain.
  • Net measure of compensation obtained.

Data granted by the company

Regarding the information that must be seen in the authentication of the work that is compared with the organization, they are:

  • Logo.
  • Name of the organization or association.
  • Names, surnames and title of the specialist mentioned in the statement.
  • Character report number (DNI or visa). In case you don’t have them, the worker code will help you.
  • Telephone number where you can contact.
  • Organization address.
  • Email.
  • Site (if submitted).

Drafting of the Certificate of Work Experience

Today, many organizations have certain designs that simplify file organization. One tip is that when you are setting up your working will, keep each of the safeguards mentioned above close by so that you can avoid certain errors. It is important that if you do not have knowledge of how to do this process, request help from the competent body in order to clarify your doubts.

What is the Work Experience Certificate for?

In the event that you have been working in an organization for a long time, it is significant that you have all the work statements that it issues, since through them you will have an accreditation or assurance in case there is a verbal error or, in its mix of educational program.

Another capacity of this registry is that they give you certainty and guarantee your employment involvement with the position you have held. One highlight is that in case you need to deal with a cycle, for example bank credit applications, some money-related establishments request a working will as a prerequisite, so it is essential that you have one.

Who requests it?

Labor accreditations are mentioned by recognized organizations, as endorsement models; since it makes them realize the salary earned, and they approve that the candidate maintains a business relationship with an organization and is assigned a position or position, as expressed in the requests of the element.

They are also normally required by school organizations to ensure timely payment of regularly scheduled school fees and expenses. Keep reading, everything related to this Certificate.

On behalf of the Leases

They can be important to build confidence; duty and security in which the responsibilities to be obtained will be respected. Organizations have the custom to mention job confirmation for when an individual chooses a vacancy or position, being that the information affirms the school limit, skills and experience to meet the requirements of the mentioned profile.

In this last point, it is essential to emphasize that as the Law indicates, the company has the legitimate commitment to grant Accreditation, which insists on the event of specific occasions, for this situation.

In addition, the willingness of the administrations to build a situation, with a specific period and payment, but it is not necessary to give a proposal, which is a letter that presents the skills, aptitudes and capacities of an individual to develop a particular activity .

The company can voluntarily deliver a letter of suggestion, provided that the representative has performed ideally in their activity obligations; therefore, there will be no obstacles to obtain the proposal. If the company does not issue it, there is no law that requires it.

Who endorses the Certificate of Work Experience?

This report is based on the Considerable Labor Code, in Article 57, numeral 7 where it is defined that the specialist has the commitment to render a will to his representative and that, thus, the administration time, the salary and the work they did are reflected in that document.

In case you are in a domain in Colombia and you work in a registered organization, your manager is obliged to leave you the working will so that in this way you can deal with any cycle that requires it.

What is it?

The testament of Work experience, It is a basic report that every Colombian should have while he has worked in an organization, since it shows his time, the salary he received during that period, regardless of the position he held. Reward the organization in which you work and in which the time that you have offered your types of assistance in that substance is essential.

On the other hand, it is significant that it contains the position, the work you do, the hiring and the compensation you receive. In general, this record is marked by some authorized personnel that includes a chain of command within the organization.

Some of them may be a personnel manager or the person responsible for human resources. Note that, job authentication can be mentioned as many times as you need in case you are the employee.

What is the labor certificate necessary for?

It is important that the individual or representative has the option of having the labor accreditations of the organizations in which they have worked, since much of the time, potential new managers can use them to help the data or information that has been communicated verbally or in the summary. Among the needs we can mention:

  • They gather confidence and approve understanding, aptitude and skills in specific territories, as well as job congruence, advancements and salary increases according to the obligation shown in each action.
  • It is exceptionally common that when completing techniques with banks, for example, credit applications, this accreditation is a basic prerequisite for its familiarity and endorsement, since with the Labor Affirmation, the salary that is eventually accumulated or collected.
  • Thus, the mandatory data contained in the Affirmation does not prohibit the possibility of including other information that improves the Labor Relationship as indicated by a specific case, it is significant that any comment that is included must be positive, it does not allow negative modifiers or that damage the profile. of worker activity.

What data is remembered for each part?

  • Title – Alternatively, you can show which record it is.
  • Presentation: in this passage the individual information of the worker is incorporated: full name, NIF, connection number of retirement endorsed by the government, her rank in the organization (date of enlistment), competent meeting to which it takes place and her position .
  • Brief description of the organization: here you can make a brief reference to the strength of the organization and you should name its location and business name.
  • Representative position: Describes the capabilities that the worker has or has had in the organization, the experience they have acquired and different skills or achievements worthy of mention.
  • Explanation behind the letter: it can very well be alluded to the furthest limit of the business relationship or it can be referenced if the representative has mentioned the file. It is discretionary.
  • Farewell: Despite the polite equations for goodbye, too You can thank the worker for her exposure to the organization and wish her a decent future.
  • Date stamp, mark and friends: the letter is credited with the issuance information and the organization’s stamp.

Work Certificates

There are several types of wills that affirm the experience of a worker. The so-called working will, in certain areas also called business confirmation or verification of work.

The latter is the one organized by the personnel branch of the organization where the representative currently works, either in light of the fact that he is looking for another activity or some other explanation, for example, mentioning a loan in the bank, for example .

This record includes the role of the representative in the organization and their status and may also refer to their presentation or the achievements of the worker. It is fundamentally the same as at the bottom of a proposal letter; therefore, the two names are often used reciprocally to refer to a similar composition.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope it has been useful to you!


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