CETA Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

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The CETA certificate, has the meaning: Automotive Transfer Certificate. And, it is a very important document that all citizens who are within the country or who are residents but are outside of it must request. All this to be able to sell a vehicle or motorcycle.

For this reason, we have devoted our full attention in this article to explain: the necessary requirements for this certificate, the procedure to obtain it, the direct method for the CETA certificate, who can process it, what is their function and, finally, we will define this certificate in detail.

Requirements for the CETA Certificate

Normally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions require or require a series of documents. This certificate, being a legal document, is not exempt from these requirements.

But, don’t worry, because below, we will show you a detailed list of all the requirements requested and demanded so that you can start with the process of this CETA certificate:

  • First, there must be a vehicle classification. You have to point out the domain code, brand and model. In addition to this, you must offer details about:
  • Van.
  • Truck.
  • Coupled.
  • Collective.
  • Car.
  • Bus.
  • Minibus-Microbus.
  • Trucks-Rural-Jeeps.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • RVs.
  • Semitrailer.
  • Determine the economic value or transfer value.
  • Transferor information. In this you must specify:
  • Names.
  • Surnames.
  • CUIT, CUIL or CDI.
  • Amount of domain in the property to be registered.
  • Number of condominiums indicating the number of CUIT, CUIL or CDI.
  • Ownership level.
  • Ownership level of the transaction.
  • Indicate the type of transfer executed.
  • Fiscal key. In the event that the individual resides outside the national territory.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the buyer must also register certain documents such as, for example: his full name and surname, the CUIT, CUIL or CDI, business name and the amount of ownership authority over the property.

Procedure to Obtain the CETA Certificate

After the explanation of the requirements, we continue with the steps you must follow to obtain the certificate. It is very important that you follow everything to the letter, since, as we mentioned earlier, this is a document that must be done with great care.

  • Before making the payment of the automotive good, you must enter the official website of AFIP. For this, you will need the fiscal key.
  • Then, you must complete the form that will appear on the screen.
  • Finally, you will have the option to print the certificate.

After completing the previous procedure, you should know that there are different ways in which you can have this certificate. However, the two most used by citizens are: through the Internet and, by telephone.

  • Through the internet: you can choose this form whether or not you have your tax code

So, in the case of not having the tax code, you must enter the CETA service and complete all the information that the page requests. Then, you will receive in your email, a summary of the operation of the procedure carried out. It should be noted that it will not be necessary for you to print it.

Now, if you have the tax code, you must enter the system using that code in the Transfer of Personal Property registrable in CETA. After this, you must complete a series of steps to finish the operation. Keep in mind that the legal representative of the individual residing outside the country can request this certificate in this way.

  • By telephone: to obtain this certificate, you only need to contact the operator of the Telephone Information Center.

During the initiation of this call, the operator will authenticate the vehicle owner’s information. Subsequently, information about CETA will be given. The contact number is: 0800-999-2347.

Direct Method for CETA Certificate

To start this point of the article, it is necessary to emphasize that, the direct method for the Automotive Transfer Certificate that we will explain next, is without the fiscal key. This is how, the steps you must follow are:

  • You must make a call to the AFIP Information Center. The contact number is: 0800-999-2347
  • As the legal bearer of the property, you must provide all the information requested by the AFIP worker.
  • Preserve the CETA code that is given to you.
  • Then, you must enter the official website of AFIP. There, the CETA code and the automotive patent will be detailed.
  • Finally, you will have the option to print the form.

Now, regarding the completion of the form provided by the page, you must also follow a series of steps. You must pay attention so that you can fill it out and deliver it correctly.

  • In the section of applications executed in the Automotive Property Registry, you must enter the CETA code. These are:
  • 08. Transfer Agreement; Domain Registration.
  • 15. Assignment of rights.
  • 17. Preventive registration of the domain. It will be in favor of the habitual trader in the sale of automobiles.
  • If the case arises where the ownership transactions are made superficially, you must take into account the monetary value to be transferred.
  • If the transaction is made in a currency other than the one handled in Argentina, you must convert to the local currency.
  • The extension of the CETA request will be carried out if a citizen registered in AFIP participates in the consolidation of the transaction as a regular in the sale of vehicles.

Who should process the CETA Certificate?

It is very important that you know who are the persons authorized to process this certificate. And, although this point is quite simple when it comes to explaining it, you should know that the really essential part is knowing who cannot process it.

Now, if a case arises where the following conditions occur and are met, the automatic obligation to report the transfer of motor vehicles and motor vehicles is present.

  • In the case of automotive: automobile, truck, jeep, bus, truck, rural, collective, delivery van, trailer, microbus and trailer. On the other hand, all self-propelled machinery such as: harvesters, cranes, agricultural, road machinery and tractors will be excluded.
  • In the case of a motor vehicle: motorcycle, motor car, motor vehicle, moped, tricycle, quadricycle and motor cargo.

Likewise, this certificate can be carried out by: natural persons, undivided estates or, failing that, legal persons. However, to this part we will add relevant information, such as, which are those citizens who are exempt from complying with the requirements to notify the transaction of motor vehicles or motor vehicles:

  • Religious foundations. Article 20 of the Income Tax Law. Text ordered in 1997.
  • Permanent accredited missions, being diplomatic to the national state with delegated entities representing other countries. Like, chancellors.
  • National, Provincial or Municipal State, and, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In addition to this, and to culminate with this point, all the exceptions mentioned above must cover (without giving importance to the subject) the transactions that are executed through judicial measures.

What is it for?

It is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate, since in many cases it is not usually given the importance it deserves. That is why, below, we will explain what this document is for.

Mainly, the purpose of this specific certificate is to have a record where the act of buying and selling a motor vehicle or motorcycle can be observed. Now, having all the records and a control of them, it will be much easier for workers to know if the purchase or sale was executed correctly. correct.

In addition to this, it will also be possible to know who is the new owner of the vehicle, who is the person who is selling it, the characteristics of the car, and other information necessary for the correct registration.

What is it?

For us, it is essential that you know not only understand how important it is to carry out this certificate correctly, but also that you understand the concept of it. Since, it is quite common that certain difficulties are generated when it is being prepared. For this reason, we invite you to pay close attention to this and to each point explained previously.

Now yes, let’s start by defining What is the CETA certificate? Well, at the beginning of this article we revealed the meaning of these acronyms, which are described as: Automotive Transfer Certificate.

And, this certificate is nothing more than an essential requirement for those citizens who wish to make a purchase or sale of used vehicles or motor vehicles located in Argentine territory.

However, we have to emphasize two important aspects, the first is that this purchase or sale can be carried out by legal entities, physical individuals or undivided estates that are inside or outside the country. And the second is that, in this buying and selling of vehicles or motor vehicles, certain machines cannot be included.

Also, and finally, you should know that, to carry out this procedure you do not have to pay any amount, that is, this process is totally free. Next, we will leave you the link to the official AFIP website. Click here.

We end this article by inviting you to share it!

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