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If you are wondering why you should request the CETA form, is in the right place. In this article you will find the necessary and timely information so that you know how to do the procedure. Likewise, you can read in which situations it is a mandatory procedure and which are the exceptions of the case.

Here you will know well how to manage the form to obtain the Automotive Transfer Certificate (CETA), being a validation issued by the AFIP. Go ahead, follow the reading and know how is the procedure of obtaining the form.

Requirements to Obtain the CETA Form

The essential requirements when requesting the CETA form and that you must have at the time of completing the procedure are those mentioned below:

  • You must have the data of vehicle identification, that is, the domain number, model, factory, brand and type.
  • The Courage, is must indicate the amount for which the transfer was made. If it is a donation, then you must put the figure of a peso on the form, because the systems do not allow a value of zero in the section for the price.
  • Also, you must indicate the vendor identification, that is, names, surnames, the number that corresponds to the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) issued by the National Social Security Administration. Equally, indicate the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) or the identity card.
  • You must point to the percentage of ownership of the vehicle by the seller.
  • Also, the buyer identification, that is, names, surnames, the number that corresponds to the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL). Likewise, indicate the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) or the identity card.
  • Indicate the percentage of ownership of the vehicle by the buyer.
  • With respect to type of request, for example, the transfer of rights in favor of the insurance company, is where the seller is automatically shed from the object of the sale.
  • If they are preventive transfers, each seller must transfer the rights in favor of the insurance companies if the car has it.
  • In addition, you must indicate the Fiscal key. Very important in the event that the owner is living abroad. You must do it through a legal representative.

The required documents to obtain the CETA form are as follows:

  • Buyer and seller must carry the corresponding legal documents.
  • Present the identity card of those involved in the process.
  • Authorization of the owner of the vehicle in case the person who sells it is not the main owner.
  • Present the car documentation, repairs year of manufacture, place of manufacture and the corresponding certificates.

Procedure for the CETA Form

The procedure indicated for filling the Automobile Transfer Certificate Form or CETA Form is the one shown below:

  • Has to enter the web portal of the CETA Form.
  • You must place all the vehicle related information and also with the transfer.
  • Indicate the address of the email where the CETA form should be sent.
  • Also, indicate the vehicle type, phone number, cost of sale, the province and the alphanumeric serial number of the vehicle.
  • Subsequently, you must click continue.
  • You must place the details from the seller or transferor, that is, names, surnames, CUIT or CUIL number and the corresponding transfer percentage.
  • Likewise, you must fill out the data corresponding to the buyer or acquirer, names, surnames, CUIT or CUIL number and the corresponding transfer percentage.
  • Then, read the terms and conditions carefully and accept. If you want to know them, you can do it here.
  • You have already completed your form, you must click on to accept to send the Automotive Transfer Certificate form from the mail placed on the form.
  • It is suggested that when printing, I do it with several copies, in case you have the opportunity to present it as a tax return or some type of procedure.

Telephone procedure

Now if the procedure is done by phone The steps are the following:

  • It is not indispensable that has the fiscal key.
  • You must contact the number of the Telephone Information Center of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) which is: 0800-999-2347.
  • Indicate that the reason for the call is CETA Form request.
  • It must indicate the vehicle data or motorcycle.
  • Indicate the acquirer details or person to whom the car will be transferred.
  • You must take note of the CETA number that is indicated by telephone, since it corresponds to a unique number of the transfer and the alphanumeric patent number of the car.
  • Then you must enter the portal of the Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP) and record the data we mentioned above.
  • Download and print the CETA form.

What is the CETA Form for?

The CETA Form is intended to serve as a record of all vehicle transfers made by resident citizens of Argentina.

It is a fundamental requirement to make sales and to be able to demonstrate validity in front of the institution called the Federal Administration of Public Revenues.

Submitting the AFIP CETA Form is a mandatory requirement to do so in the registration of the motor vehicle at the time of the transfer.

The requirement is on the account of the seller of the vehicle who must do the procedure before the AFIP. It must be done by every owner of motor vehicles with a value equal to or greater than 800,000 pesos.

Who Issues It?

The CETA form has to be issued by the seller, since he is the owner of the domain of the used vehicle, either a natural person or a legal person.

The person who carries out the transaction or sale must inform the Federal Administration of Public Revenues of the Republic of Argentina about the sale operation and the corresponding cost thereof.

What is it?

The CETA Form or Automotive Transfer Certificate is simply an instrument requested by both natural and legal persons who have made the transfer of used motor vehicles or motorcycles located in the country.

The CETA Form is the form to obtain the Automotive Transfer Certificate. This form must be requested by individuals, legal entities, by undivided inheritance, resident in Argentina or abroad.

Agricultural machinery, combine harvesters, tractors, cranes, road machines and all propulsion machines are excluded. Also, used motorcycle vehicles that are not in the country.

The corresponding obligation includes the assignment of rights in favor of companies or entities of the insurance branch, in cases of claims due to theft or robbery of the insured property.

The CETA form is mandatory when the value of the sale is greater than or equal to 30,000 Argentine pesos.

Subjects excluded

There are subjects who are excluded from complying with the obligation to report the transfer of used vehicles and motor vehicles, they are the ones mentioned below:

  • The National state, the state Provincial o Municipal and Town Autonomous of Buenos Aires.
  • Also the permanent or accredited diplomatic missions before the Argentine Republic, consular agents and other official representatives of foreign countries.
  • Likewise, the exception applies to religious institutions which are considered in subsection e) of article 20 of the Income Tax Law of 1997.
  • In addition, subjects involved in transfers through judgments or judicial decisions and judicial auctions are excluded.

This CETA Form is required only for the sale of used vehicles.

Obliged to inform the transfer of vehicles and motor vehicles

Those required to report the automotive domain transfer operation are the following:

  • The automotive It can be a car, van, truck, jeeps, rural delivery van, microbus, bus, bus, trailer. Similarly, motorcycle vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, cargo motorcycles, used and located in the country.
  • Are excluded the machinery that are self-propelled agricultural, harvesters, tractors, cranes, road machinery.

According to the table of valuations that is used by the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits for the calculation of tariffs, it must be equal to or greater than thirty thousand Argentine pesos.

If you finished the excellent reading, you already know what the CETA Form is and what it consists of and you know well when it is mandatory to comply with the requirement to report the transfer of used vehicles.

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