Chamber of Commerce Certificate: How to Get It, Steps and MORE

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The Chamber of Commerce Certificate it is a super important document that freelancers need to start a business or a company. These documents that are obtained in the Chambers of Commerce of the country, are those that allow to carry out the activities legally in the country.

Learn more about the subject in this article and clarify any doubts you may have about it. Do not forget that this document is essential when carrying out certain types of economic activities and commercial transactions in Colombia.

How to Get a Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce?

People interested in obtaining the Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce, can do it in a simple and practical way. Now you can do this process with greater security and ease.

All clients of the Chamber of Commerce can from anywhere with internet access they can obtain the Certificate, which is also the same as the one acquired at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in the country.

Traditionally it was a Certificate on a green paper, now not, you can print the certificates from home or office. Currently, both those that are printed online and those that are purchased at headquarters are on white paper.

Here’s how to access the service:

  • The new certificate is generated electronically.
  • Have a code for verification, with which the requesting entity can validate the information.
  • You can do the validation by entering the web portal of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • In addition, it has a digital signature that the total legal validity according to Law 527 of 1999.

The certificates that you can request via the website are the following:

  • The certificates of existence and representation legal.
  • Also they enrollment certificates of natural persons, agencies and commercial branches.
  • Likewise, certificates of non-profit entities.
  • Those of Unique Registry of Proponents.
  • Likewise, the registration certificates of registered books.

Steps to Follow to Obtain a Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce

To obtain the Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce there are a series of steps, which are shown below and thus obtain it easily. The steps are the following:

  • Should enter the website of the Chamber of Commerce that is in the district where the business, company or trade is located.
  • Immediately look for the option of procedures or customer service, according to the corresponding chamber.
  • Select the corresponding option, since they are there a certificate list. If you select customer service, you will be served by an operator.
  • Enter the data requested for the application to be approved.
  • If you contact customer service, they may tell you to come in person.

Where to get a Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce?

Obtaining the Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce is simple and easy. For some time it is not necessary for those interested in obtaining the certificate to go to the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in their locality. Even though you can currently go to these offices of the Chamber of Commerce to apply, it is not the only way since just by entering the web portal of the chamber of commerce and follow the steps mentioned above to get this document.

What is it for?

Joining the Chamber of Commerce does not only mean an obligation on the part of the law. But also, it offers the entrepreneur, businessman or merchant, regardless of the size of their business and their vision, to link with the business network from which alliances that will result in the development and progress of the business are going to emerge.

Customers and business partners feel security and trust, because the Chamber of Commerce certifies, publicly endorses the veracity and transparency of the commercial activities and economic operations that are carried out.

Benefits of affiliation to the Chamber of Commerce

The benefits that being affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce can have are the following:

  • Can have preferential attention at physical venues and in electronic media.
  • You can have access to events, forums, fairs, trainings, training convened by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Have access to updated economic information by digital and printed means.
  • You may have business cover letters to be used as special references.
  • You are allowed the participation in the election of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce where it is affiliated.
  • Also, you can participate in the election of reviewers, prosecutors and alternates.
  • It has links with affiliates of the same commercial branch and of other branches.
  • May have discounts on services offered by affiliated companies, businesses and merchants.
  • You can send advertising by electronic means to all affiliated members of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Have access to discounts on diplomas and specializations that are dictated in the Chamber of Commerce.
  • May make agreements with partner companies.
  • Attend conferences and seminars of business, business and economic topics as free.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chamber of Commerce Certificate

In all situations there are doubts and concerns and in the particular case of the Certificates of the Chamber of Commerce, there are also the so-called frequently asked questions and they are the ones mentioned below:

What Certificates can be acquired on the Chamber of Commerce portal?

Through the virtual portal, you can request the certificates of natural persons, legal entities, commercial establishments, branches and agencies that are registered in the corresponding Chamber of Commerce of your jurisdiction.

The following certificates:

  • The commercial registration.
  • The existence and legal representation.
  • The Register of registered books.
  • The Unique Registry of Proponents (RUP).

What are the benefits of obtaining the Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce online?

Among others, the benefits are the following:

  • You can have the services available 24 hours, without queuing.
  • The merchant, entrepreneur can print the certificates from the office or from home.
  • Greater reliability and security, due to the incorporation of the verification code of all certificates.
  • The content of the electronic certificate through the digital signature guarantees the integrity of the document.
  • Allows the simplification of procedures, by updating services

What is the difference between a certificate that was acquired at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters and another obtained online?

There is no difference. Certificates that are issued electronically can be printed on any type of paper. The information they contain can be validated using the verification code.

The certificates delivered to the physical headquarters are printed on white paper.

Do youHow many certificates can I purchase?

You can get a maximum of 200 per trade, but you can perform as many operations as you require. The certificates are available to be downloaded after 15 minutes of the corresponding payment.

What is it?

The Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce It is an instrument that serves to validate the commercial activity of the entrepreneur, business owner or small merchant. It is a document that gives legal basis to the legal person, which is generally a commercial company.

It is a document that certifies the registration, reforms and appointments of the board of directors, administrators and legal representatives, in the chamber of commerce of the jurisdiction where the domicile of the company is located. commercial society. Is a probative document and has the objective of demonstrating the existence and representation of legal persons, according to the Article 117 of the Colombian Commercial Code.

According to the provisions of the law, the certificate must have the following:

  • The date, the number and the notary where it was presented the constitution document and the corresponding reforms.
  • Of course, the name of the legal representatives of the society.
  • It should indicate the powers that were conferred in the statutes and their limitations.
  • It should also say the document and the date on which it was decided to open branches in other cities, if you have them.
  • Certificates have a verification code at the top.

Also, it is called Certificate of existence and legal representation of companies and companies. When you get here with reading, you already know the importance of Chamber of Commerce Certificate and the legal mandate to own it if you have a commercial company.


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