Citizen Registration Form at the Foreign Ministry: How it is, What it is and MORE

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The Citizen Registration Form at the Chancellery It is very important to complete this process. Knowing it thoroughly will allow you to fill it out correctly and avoid setbacks. That is why today we will be explaining everything about this document.

Like what? Well, we will explain what data it includes, what it is for and what requirements are necessary to fill it out. We will also explain where you can process it and who issues it. As you can see, everything and more than you need. Stay with us!

Requirements for the Citizen Registration Form at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Let’s start by talking about the Requirements for the Citizen Registration Form at the Chancellery. These must be collected to be able to do the passport process, so be very attentive to this section if it is what you are looking for. If not, you can go directly to the next one.

The requirements vary depending on whether the applicant is of legal age or not. That is why we will explain each one to you separately, in search of a greater understanding. Let’s see!


  • The first requirement is fill out the online form. You do this from the website of the Foreign Ministry, exactly in the Citizen Registry.
  • Make an appointment at the office for this process. In Magdalena, you can do this by calling 4380772.
  • Next, you will have to go to the office. The second part of the process is done in person and to finish the registration. There they will take your photo and register your fingerprint and signature.
  • The documents that you must present are:
    • Citizenship card (original and yellow with holograms). If you don’t have it in this format, then you can replace it with:
      • Password with photo and footprint. This is issued by application for renewal or citizenship card, issued by the National State Registry.
      • Password for the first time, where the photo and the footprint are reflected. You must also have the civil birth registration (copy), issued by the official.

    • Certificate of nationality, only if required.

The password to replace the identification card must be presented physically and in its original format.


  • Must be accompanied by one or both parents, or by their legal representative. They must present the citizenship card, again yellow with hologram.
  • If there is an absence of these, then a third party is authorized. This has to present:
    • Notary power from the parents to the third.
    • Civil registration of death. Only if the absence is due to a deceased parent.
  • Knowing this, you will go on to fill out the online form. You do this from the website of the Foreign Ministry, exactly in the Citizen Registry.
  • Then the minor should approach the passport office with your companion, with your scheduled appointment.
  • The documents that you must present are:
    • Birth certificate. It must be the authenticated copy, issued by the Consul, Notary or Registrar, as appropriate.


You have to present the old passport if it is in your possession. If this was stolen or lost, you must indicate so under an affidavit

How is the Citizen Registration Form at the Chancellery?

Now let’s talk specifically about what the Citizen Registration Form. You already know that you can fill out this from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that you speed up the registration process at the passport office. Well, this is done online, quickly and easily.

For this reason, we will explain exactly what you will have to answer throughout the completion process. Knowing it will allow you to be prepared and answer it properly. Remember that you can get it by clicking here. Let’s see!

  • To start with, you will find the Document Data. It asks you to select the type of document (CC, CE, TE, Passport), number, date and place of issue and nationality.
  • Then comes a Notice of Privacy and Authorization. You must read it carefully and then click on the consent box. In addition, you must confirm that you are not a robot by clicking on the white square.
  • Next, you will enter the form as such. You will find the sections of Personal information, Birth Data Y Residence and Contact Information. Fill in the fields, and respond and select when prompted.
  • Additionally, you will be able to see the sections corresponding to the Academic training and Information for Online Procedures. In the latter you must enter a question and its answer for when you want to enter the system.
  • That’s it! You just click on Keep and then in Save settings and ready! You will have completed the Citizen Registration Form.

You should know that it may be the case that you have to fill out other sections. For example, if you are not in your place of residence, you must fill in the Current Location Data. Likewise, if you currently reside in another country, you must fill out the Additional Information section.

The minors They should only fill out the information about the parents or legal representative.

Once you have registered the information, you can Request the Procedure To make. You just have to select the one you want and click on Continue. The page will redirect you to the corresponding application form.

If the procedure is not on the list, it is because it is done in person. In this case, you must select the Processing Group and the Procedure. So you will know what you need to do the management

You can see this in a more dynamic way in the Instructions for the Online Citizen Registry. It is issued by the chancellery and it serves you support for what we just told you.

What is the Citizen Registration Form at the Chancellery for?

The Citizen Registration Form it serves, as its name indicates, to register citizens with the Colombian Foreign Ministry. It is an online form, which is filled in real time. It is intended for both adults and minors.

However, its use does not stop there. This is used as a tool to shorten waiting times at issuing offices. The person who registers may request the realization of a certain online procedure. You will also be able to find out the necessary requirements to carry out the procedure in person, if you do not have the option to do so on-line.

For example, one of these procedures is the passport, for which the requirements mentioned in the first section are needed. This is expedited by registering the citizen in the form and then completing the process at the corresponding office.

The agency in charge will have a greater attention span and will work more efficiently thanks to this registry.

Who issues it and where to process it?

The Citizen Registration Form is issued by the Foreign Ministry of Colombia. You can get it on its web portal, as well as the instructions to fill it out. If you don’t get it directly on the page, you can search for it in your preferred browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and it will appear.

Likewise, we leave you the link above so that you can enter the site directly. This should not be printed, as it happens with many other forms, but it is filled out completely on-line.

The Foreign Ministry has arranged the registration process to be the most convenient, quick and easy possible. Consequently, you can fill it out from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are.

The Chancellery is nothing more than the name given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This entity is the one in charge of managing international relations between Colombia and the rest of the world. This is more than anything related to foreign policy and diplomatic relations.

What is the Citizen Registration Form at the Chancellery?

The Citizen Registration Form it is a form that is filled out online. It is used to register with the Foreign Ministry and request various procedures. For example, those related to the issuance and renewal of the passport.

What is sought with this is to carry out a more efficient management of the procedures. That is to say, save the applicant time when they go to carry out the process in person or facilitate it completely online. Without a doubt, it is an innovation for all those who carry out negotiations with this entity.

It is issued at the Foreign Ministry from its website, where you can also fill it out. The best thing is that you can do it in a matter of a few minutes and they only ask for information that you already have on hand. It is aimed at both adults and minors.

The Chancellery is he Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His job is to manage Colombia’s international relations with the rest of the world in matters of foreign policy and diplomacy. In its web portal you will find everything about news, news, procedures and services, service points, etc. So if you have any questions, feel free to enter.

Now that you know how to fill out the Citizen Registration Form and, also, how to do the passport processing and what do you need, we think you are ready. We hope we have been of help to you.

Until next time!


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