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The CNRT Course Certificate corresponds to the document granted by the National Commission for the Regulation of Transport in Argentina. Thus, it fulfills the essential function of reflecting your preparation within the management areas of automotive passenger transport, trains, rail service, among others. With which, you must have it for these provisions.

In the same way, this regulatory body maintains regulations and audits in the sense of land traffic in the nation. Therefore, it is mainly focused on providing adequate benefits to the entire population and safeguarding their lives respectively. Below, we’ll keep you up to date on how you can get certified and more.

CNRT Course Certificate for Drivers

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the CNRT course is provided by the National Transport Regulation Commission. Likewise, this organization is in charge of maintaining absolute control in the field of transportation within the country. In the same way, some of the functions that it fulfills are:

  • Maintain an organization in the essential measures to promote inspection and control in the automotive and rail transport system
  • Comply with the set of rules established with respect to the activities carried out by operators and concessionaires
  • Provide full support to the nation’s Ministry of Transportation

On the other hand, with regard to direct information from the Certificate of CNRT course we can tell you the following:

  • Taking into account the legal basis of the National Commission, in each basic course you must comply with modules of 40 hours per week
  • In the same way, you must carry out an initial evaluation to know if you comply with the entrance to the system properly
  • The objective of the same is inclined towards improving the quality and road safety of the country
  • In addition, the course includes a theoretical preparation that corresponds to 20 hours.
  • As well as the dedication of 20 hours to practice within the driving of simulators
  • In this way, you will obtain a comprehensive preparation to attend to everyday situations within this skill.
  • This course works as an introductory approach for you in the realm of driving activity.
  • Subsequently, the company in which you decide to work, must fulfill the responsibility of training you in a more specific way.
  • It is important that you know that this has a value of $ 34 16
  • Finally, you can remove the CNRT Course Certificate at LINTI facilities or through its website

COVID – 19

In the same way, it is essential to mention the scenarios that the new Covid-19 global pandemic involves with respect to the transport sector. Therefore, to teach the course, it is necessary that you comply with the hygiene and prevention protocols. Next, we will indicate certain guidelines established by the Ministry of Health:

  • When being inside the classroom, you must maintain social distancing measures
  • Only a small number of people will be allowed inside the building
  • These people count as workers and students respectively
  • Use the mask preventive instrument
  • Counters, desks and desks should be separated by a distance of 1.5 meters
  • Before entering the facilities, you must collaborate with a rapid test against Covid – 19
  • At the same time you will have to fill out a form that records the symptoms at the time and compare them with those of the new Coronavirus
  • The service personnel working within the institution must have the Personal Protection Equipment
  • Wash your hands with soap and water constantly
  • Finally, you must adopt the correct respiratory hygiene measures to avoid contagion when coughing and sneezing

Courses carried out by the CNRT

In this same order of events, in addition to mentioning what it consists of and how you can obtain the CNRT Course Certificate, we will continue with the following. Thus, another content of value for you may be the types of courses that the National Commission conducts. Among them we can highlight preparations such as:

General Loads

  • First, you must meet the requirement of being registered in the CBO
  • Present your National Identity Document
  • Possess the document that validates your License National Driving
  • Make the cancellation payment for the LINTI ticket with a value of $ 10,477.00
  • These personal documents must be reflected in original formats and (1) copied in A4 sheet mode
  • The development of the course is given through 15 preparation modules
  • In the same way, they are presented in an individual way

Dangerous goods

  • Reflect your National Identity Document
  • Complete and present the proof of payment made by the LINTI ticket with a value of $ 5,882.00
  • Additionally, you must take the General Cargo training to be able to carry out the preparation of Dangerous Goods
  • Then, it is necessary that you complete the complementary course so that you can adopt more and better skills in the field of Dangerous Goods
  • To conclude, the CNRT Course Certificate from this area you can obtain it through the LINTI virtual platform

Payment slip for the CNRT Course Certificate

Next, we will explain how you should carry out the process of obtaining a payment slip for the CNRT Course Certificate:

  • As a first step, you must access the electronic payment web portal of the National Transport Relations Commission
  • You must immediately choose, from the options panel, the type of processing you want to complete
  • Then, the system will send you to a virtual screen where you must enter your identification document number
  • Likewise, you must enter the verification code in the lower area and click on the «Search» box.
  • Subsequently, the platform will indicate the options to enter with «Reduced Access» or «Full Access»
  • When choosing the first of these, you must enter your ID card number or some of your suggested identification data
  • On the contrary, if you select the second option mentioned, you must log in with the tax password AFIP
  • Finally, you will be able to visualize the alternative of «Print payment slip» and you will already be at the end of the procedure.

National Qualifying License LiNTI

The National Interjurisdictional Transport License (LINTI) is the document that validates the conduct of cargo or passengers in the country. This activity is obviously of a large-scale land transit and rail service nature. In the same way, this data is issued through the categories of General Cargoes and Dangerous Goods.

In the same way, among the essential requirements that you must meet, we can highlight the following:

  • Possess a minimum age of 21 years
  • Have the absolute ability to read and write in the Spanish language
  • Do not present any type of medical license
  • Present the last code of your National Identification Document
  • To conclude, you must have a driver’s license appropriate to the vehicle with which you will carry out your work soon

Additionally, it is essential that you know some of the benefits of the LINTI License:

  • The registration and obtaining process can be done virtually
  • You will be able to have an adequate validation of your disabled background
  • You will have available access to medical assistance in health centers of the national territory
  • There is the alternative of conducting training through the web and from home
  • Availability of obtaining a comprehensive and complete preparation within the field of land or rail traffic

Likewise, to start the registration process, you must enter the LINTI web portal and complete all your identification data. However, it should be mentioned that these will be found within the system database, therefore no one else will have access to them. Once inside it, you must select the type of procedure you want.

To conclude with the explanation of this process, you must take a psychophysical examination by the medical provider of your choice. So, if the results of this show that you are suitable for the training, you will proceed to take it. With which, you will participate in practical and theoretical activities, and thus you will obtain your CNRT Course Certificate

Important Facts about the CNRT Course Certificate

  • In the case of cargo transportation courses, there is a current ordinance that supports travel certificates for production, distribution and marketing tasks.
  • Also, the CRNT Course Certificate In this area, it reflects compliance with the demand and supply of basic resources for the nation’s citizens.
  • With which, possibly, this document may be requested by national, municipal or provincial entities
  • On the other hand, in the instance of requesting passenger transport training, you must appear at the Subsecretariat of Automotive Transport (SSTA)
  • Thus, this national institution will be the one who will make essential decisions and will issue the authorizations you require to carry out your tasks.
  • However, due to the current life scenarios related to the global Covid-19 pandemic, these services are temporarily suspended
  • Therefore, they cannot be carried out because their validation will not be granted by the Sub-secretariat of Automotive Transport (SSTA) respectively.
  • The CNRT Course Certificate remains in substitution for the document issued LINTI
  • At the same time, the expiration date of both documents mentioned above is the same
  • In addition, it is necessary to mention that at the time of expiration of these essential data, the previous psychophysical check-up will also cease to be in force.
  • That is why, you must proceed to carry out each procedure explained again
  • Finally, you must take into account that the renewal of each data must be carried out annually following the requirements and security regulations

Get ready and get your CNRT Course Certificate!

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