Colfondos Certificate: How To Get It, What It Is For And MORE

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To get the Colfondos Certificate, several important steps must be taken to keep it on hand. This topic raises many questions, so this article can help.

Colfondos is an ADP that manages the funds of the pensions in Colombia and here you will be able to know what are those requirements that must be met for obtain the Certificate.

How to get the Colfondos Certificate?

Before registering, it must be taken into account that all people interested in joining Colfondos must be over 65 years of age, and comply with all the payments corresponding to their years of work within a company.

People must comply and be aware of all these points that must be followed:

  • Enter by Affiliate Certificate
  • Login through the web portal type of documentation, security code and password.
  • Click on «Get in»
  • When you open the tab, you must complete the entire process with the requirements that the page asks for, clicking on affiliations and followed by certifications. Given this mode, your registration can be carried out in a easy and simple.

In this way, these people who are older than 65 years and pensioners, can be run in your system registry Colfondos.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Colfondos Certificate

The information in these lines is expanded a bit, since it will explain how to obtain a certificate of affiliation for the pension. Se can show on the web page and which offices can be directed to carry out all this procedure

These requirements are required for all the people who are currently hired by an employee in different companies.

It should be remembered that this certificate is needed to verify that you are affiliated with a pension fund, either in the public sphere or by any of the institutional differences in the private sphere.

Although, many people see this role as something without much importance, it has the ability to offer users of any type of risk, on the different contributions that the contractor can make, since the money can go in each month to someone wrong type of funds, where the contract is not affiliated.

Due to this, the vast majority of these companies usually give proof of the previous affiliation, to avoid such errors or inconveniences.

With this, users should be guided that they can keep track of pension statements on an ongoing basis.

Only then, if the person can know about the affiliation status and if they present any kind of problem. There are many cases where people they do not continuously monitor to your affiliation accounts and they need a contribution and at the time of contacting the different institutions, the procedures are carried out without realizing that you have serious problems for not carrying out the verification of your status.

To solve this type of problem, it is better to go to the company where you work and ask for the payment receipts, it means that this step is not so simple and since the company does not have those payment receipts so that it can be verified through the institutions in charge of carrying out the entire procedure to obtain the certificate.

Most of the time they are done to obtain a certificate, where they are simple and can be summarized as follows:

  1. The documents must be with the name of the pension entity of your choice
  2. It has an identification number with all the corresponding data
  3. It has the date on which your affiliation is made
  4. And finally, the signature of the person who certifies it

Procedures for the User and Password in Colfondos

If you are a user affiliated with Colfondos and have not yet registered as an Online user, the following steps must be done:

  • Enter the Web page
  • Enter the data in the page section, such as the file number, identity card or appearing
  • It must be placed if the consultation will be carried out for the different documents: Records or ID
  • Selecting the button «Validate Official» or «New» You can choose the type of person by whom this corrective action is verified.
  • Wait for the system to validate the information provided
  • Then the certificate can be downloaded and ready to print.

Now that you are registered, you can obtain your Colfondos Certificate and access more services.

What is the Colfondos Certificate for?

The function of this certificate is to guarantee all Colombian citizens the correct administration of their savings. It must be remembered that pensions are benefits that are granted to each person after the end of their work transit through several years, where they have been salaried through different companies or independently.

The amount of the pension that the citizen receives depends on the different contribution or payment that have been made to the bottom of their contributions.

People with interests to be able to make their affiliations in the different platforms of protection for pensioners, have all the documents and steps that they request to be able to be protected with the certificate that is granted.

What does the Colfondos Certificate contain?

This certificate contains some protection benefits for all its members, and they are:

  • Make savings
  • Guarantee protection
  • Make different types of payments.

What is it?

It is a very recognized institution in Colombia, where it is in charge of correctly managing the pensions of some citizens, and guaranteeing one of the best services for all citizens.

Founded in 1991, during that date until today, is a very responsible company and works for the confidence of managing

the resources of all pensioners in the nation, offering different services and products for all its members.

The benefits are granted to those workers, who are not independent for a company where they provide their services, but also, for those people or independent companies that need to be in evidence with an institution guaranteeing quality administrative for pensions.

Thanks to this platform, it is allowed to make monthly contributions to a savings account individual in your name and protect savings with a affiliation to the web system.

There are several Certificates of affiliation such as:

  • Affiliation Certification: It is an ideal document for registrants to keep track of their information in the system. Since, a record of your status as an affiliate is left. You can validate any information and, in addition, carry out another type of procedure.
  • Pensions and savings: This certificate was created to obtain proof of pensioners. It is not only aimed at those who correspond to the public regime, it is also accessible to those who have a premium and a half origin. Likewise, like the affiliation certificate, it is important to have the certificate, since it is verified in the type of services specifically.
  • Tax: This is also known as: «Certificate of Income Declaration». It is known in the same way, because it has a specific purpose reflecting all the data. The data that can be verified in the tax certificate are: Value of contributions, retention practiced, and even and movements for years.

These certificates are important, since it lies in avoiding the risks that the contributions made by the employer may have. There are cases that sometimes the worker’s money is sent to the wrong fund, that is, a fund where the citizen does not join.

Undoubtedly, Colfondos is a company that is committed to affiliated users, always requesting affiliation support, explaining that the obligations have been carried out by the employees and that they are unwanted cases.

Pensioners can receive the certificate in Colfondos. Already that, pensioners must take into account the certificate in Colfondos. These pensioners must be clear that the amount of the pension cannot be less than 70% of Base Settlement Income.

The income consists of an average of 10 years contributing the pension from the date of said pension has been recognized if the member does not reach the required 10 years.

One of the main characteristics of this service is the quality, attention, tranquility and transparency that it provides in its services. Thinking about people’s well-being and the new affiliates, ensuring the life and future of everything.

They include a variety of services for the enjoyment of customers, they resolve major issues, doubts and circumstances that may arise, such as: Stay informed and answer any questions That is present.

Providing the best advice on the system, thanks to its web platform, it can be consulted from the comfort of home.

  1. Updates are always kept constantly due to the progress that is being made, from new products up to any security regulations.
  2. Pension allowance administration contract, allows funds to be safe pTo ensure your future and that of the family.


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