Colpensiones Affiliation Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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You are wondering what Colpensiones is, it is one of the largest administrators of the Pension System that exists in Colombia. Learn how to fill out the Colpensiones Affiliation Form.

All employees, both dependent and self-employed, have the opportunity to join the Pension System, through the affiliation form. The procedure can be done online or go to the service offices with all the required documents.

Keep reading that in this article you will find relevant information regarding the Colpensiones affiliation form.

Colpensiones Membership Form Format

The format of the Colpensiones Affiliation Form, is an elaborate format to collect relevant information from the affiliate. It is an essential instrument for affiliation with Colpensiones.

It is an easily downloadable format on the Colpensiones website.

How should the Colpensiones Membership Form be completed?

The Colpensiones Membership Form must be filled out correctly to avoid its return. The Affiliation Form for the General Pension System must be completed as follows:

  • Must be fill in capital letter and print if filling is by hand.
  • Select according to your case dependent or independent worker.
  • Part I corresponds to general data of the person requesting the affiliation, identification and address.
  • In part II all the employer data or grouping entity. Indicate which document is being requested.
  • Then in part III is the Beneficiary information. You must indicate all the identification and location data of the people you register as beneficiaries.
  • Next, in part IV you must place the information that is requested there and it refers to the type of news that you are registering: Initial relationship, Transfer of regime, Transfer of a different entity, Employment relationship.
  • Colpensiones has an average premium solidarity scheme with defined benefit.
  • As for transfers, they should only be made if the member has been a member of another administration for at least five years at least.
  • In the case of Transfer from a different entity, it indicates that you are transferring from a medium premium solidarity scheme with indefinite benefit to another AFP entity.
  • If you chose Transfer in the form, you must enter the name of the previous pension administrator and the corresponding AFP code.

Completing the Colpensiones Affiliation Form online

To fill out the online affiliation form, follow the steps shown below:

  • Should enter the web portal.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Proceed to select the paperwork option.
  • Do the initial bonding.
  • After this first process, access the form and fill out digitally.
  • You must take into account the instructions to correctly fill out the form, it is available on the Colpensiones portal. In this way the data you provide is correct.
  • At the end, access the code that was sent to your email address email by text message to your cell phone number.
  • Using this code that was sent to you you can sign the membership form Colpensions, electronically.
  • To check your membership status, do so in the «My transactions» box.

What is the Colpensiones Membership Form for?

The Colpensiones Affiliation Form serves so that interested parties can make the affiliation, which is a process that allows a person to be permanently linked to the General Pension System (SGP).

The Colpensiones Membership Form is easily downloadable. They are a group of forms that have various purposes and are the following:

  • Colpensiones Affiliation Form It is used to join the General Pension System.
  • The Correction form of Labor History.
  • Also, there is the Right of Petition Form which is used to make claims, complaints, reports and suggestions.
  • In addition, the Old-Age Pension Application Form in Colpensiones.

What is Colpensiones?

Colpensiones is a Colombian pension administrator. It is an industrial and commercial company of the Colombian State organized as a specialized Financial Institution and is linked to the Ministry of Labor.

The administrator Colpensiones modified the structure through Decree 309 of February 24, 2017. On that occasion, it welcomed a new operating model, which allowed it to improve the effectiveness of the service provided to members in terms of old-age protection. Likewise, it made it possible to improve the management control and evaluation processes, considerably improving the response to requests.

Colpensiones is part of the General Pension System. Its purpose is the state administration of the Average Premium Regime and the Economic Benefits Savings System and other benefits established by the Constitution and the Law, as it is a special financial entity.

By joining Colpensiones you are selecting the Medium Premium Scheme with Defined Benefit. You can access benefits from the pension scheme by making contributions during your working life.

With Colpensiones you can:

  • May trust the administration of your contributions.
  • Have security in the information of the Labor History.
  • Also, you can have a pension for life.
  • Also, you can count on a disability pension if necessary.
  • Additionally, it allows you to protect the family with a survivor’s pension in the event of death.
  • The pension is not dependent on return risk, nor is it subject to changes in interest rates.

Colpensiones Website

The Colpensiones web portal is a very complete page and updated to the new times. Provides access facilities and is very friendly.

It is called Electronic office, where you can access by logging in. On the website are the instructions for the electronic office and also find information related to problems with the electronic office.

You can make inquiries easily and quickly. You can also obtain the BEPS membership, non-pension and non-affiliation certificates and also know the status of your application.

Equally, You can consult the deducted and accrued certificates, the EPS certificate, the compensation certificate, know the BEPS account statement.

May carry out data update procedures, work history correctionl, make requests, claims, complaints and suggestions and make the link with the BEPS program.

Likewise, you can consult the consolidated employment history of the BEPS balance.

What is the Colpensiones Membership Form?

It is a very simple and practical format to fill out, it is also a Essential document at the time of trying to make an affiliation to Colpensiones.

To access the Form, it is only necessary to enter the website, which is also very complete and offers a lot of information and facilities to carry out the procedure.

You must provide all the information that is requested in the form truthfully, thus avoiding inconvenience with the affiliation process.

There are various forms of forms depending on what you intend to do once you are already part of the affiliates.

To download the Colpensiones Membership Form, you must do the following:

  • Initially enter the portal of the pension administrator Colpensions.
  • Then you need to do the register as user following the corresponding indications.
  • Enter the username and password, select the procedure option and download the membership form a Colpensions in pdf format.
  • Immediately, with the download of the form, the document will be downloaded from the filling instructions.
  • Also, you can download it directly from Google, by typing the name Colpensiones affiliation form, different options will appear.
  • After completing the form and receiving the code sent by the system, you can make the electronic signature.
  • You can then go to the «My transactions» section, where you can review the membership application.
  • If everything was successful, you will receive an email with the welcome letter and the Colpensiones Membership Form that you can easily print.

At this time after finishing reading this article, you surely understand better everything related to the affiliation and consultation process and the use of the Colpensiones Affiliation Form.


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