Colsubsidio Certificate: Steps, Types and MORE

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For your information, Colsubsidio is a compensation fund. This is the responsibility of the Social Security and Protection System that works with the government, companies and workers. It focuses on the global growth of Colombian citizens through planning for safety, protection, social responsibility and family allowance.

You want to have a series of benefits during all stages of your life and help you achieve your goals. Then you must generate your Colsubsidio certificate. With this certificate you will have a wide variety of services to satisfy your needs in Colombia. Here we show you how to process it.

Steps to Generate the Colsubsidio Certificate

The Colombian Family Subsidy Fund Colsubsidio reached the stage of simplifying for providers the acquisition of the withholding certificate in the Income title link. Through which he enabled the option of issuing the necessary certificate from the Colsubsidio website in the link.

To manage the Colsubsidio certificate you must follow these indications:

  • Withholding certificates at source for Income are enabled in the system data as of March 1 of this year. Also the certificates of VAT and ICA BOGOTÁ of the two-month periods of 2014 are visible from the 15th of the month following each two-month period.
  • Said retention certificate is issued in PDF configuration, which is why it is necessary to have the Adobe Reader 9 or higher program.
  • If you have mishaps in the issuance of the certificate, please contact the Audioservices line 7450999 option 7 – Transactional Portal Support.

If you want to generate the retention certificate you must be registered in the transactional portal, otherwise do the following:

  • Enter the registration process of the Transactional Portal.
  • Already in the page Click on the Online Transactions option, enter the transactional service.
  • In order to generate the pertinent record and to be able to generate the withholding certificates in the source of income, you must enter Affiliate Access or Business Access as the case may be, if it is a natural or legal person, you will see the following options: Citizenship Card, Certificate of Aliens, Passport NIT Natural Person, NIT legal person.

Types of Colsubsidio Certificate

There are several types of Colsubsidio certificates, we describe in a simple way the three (3) types of certificates that Colsubsidio grants, in turn the steps of how you can manage each of these.

School certificate

This type of certificate applies to citizens who are dependent on children, stepchildren or siblings, whose ages are between 12 and 18 years old. You have to certify your schooling on the corresponding date. Important, that if the certificate is not generated in your Family Allowance, it will be canceled.

But why is education certification so important? Because it is a mandatory collection, this registration helps you to receive your family allowance every month. In accordance with Law 782 of 2002 and circular 2 of 2016, which contemplates these benefits.

To process the Certification of Schooling, you must provide the following documents:

  • Receipt of enrollment of the minor’s current year.
  • Report card (if already submitted) for the current year.
  • School certificate for the current year.

This School Certificate must be managed once (1) a year for students of primary and secondary education; as well as every six (6) months for higher education students.

School Certificate is scanned and then downloaded easily by entering the website. Likewise, you can present it at a Service Center in Bogotá and Cundinamarca.

You must take into account that schooling must be certified once your client reaches 12 years of age, as well as from the first moment you register with Colsubsidio as a worker.

Withholding certificate at source

Through this certificate, you can view the breakdown of the deductions for Value Added Tax, Income, Industry and Commerce of Bogotá. All this elaborated at the moment to specify the payments to the suppliers.

This certificate is very significant for the provider, since the figures that are withheld represent the advances in the payment of their taxes, therefore they proceed to deduct them from the amount of tax that they have to pay.

With the intention of generating good service to its affiliates and facilitating the processes. Today Colsubsidio has enabled an option to issue the Source Withholding Certificate through its page Web. In case it cannot be obtained through this option, you must contact them at the self-service line through the number 7450999, option 7.

Compensation Fund Affiliation Certificate

The mission of the Compensation Fund is to improve the lifestyle of Colombian workers and their families. The Compensation Fund are private and non-profit institutions, of economic distribution and of a solidarity nature.

Membership Certificate Compensation Fund is through the Affiliate Certificate Compensation Fund. Which provides to provide benefits in terms of the distribution of subsidies to its members. You can request the certificate by phone by calling 7450999, option 8. In 48 hours it will be sent to your email.

Another option to manage the Compensation Fund Certificate of Affiliation is to go to any of the nearest service centers. So in this way your certificate will be delivered to you immediately.

Colsubsidio Website

Inside the page Web At Colsubsidio you can find its variety of services, affiliations, transactions, processes, offices, business hours, telephone numbers, emails or communication networks.

How do I know if I am affiliated with Colsubsidio?

The Colsubsidio Organization offers its affiliates an Audio Servicios Colsubsidio hotline by dialing 7457900. You can check your membership status and that of the family members included, mark options 2-1-3.

Benefits of Joining Colsubsidio

Colsubsidio Affiliates have excellent benefits in different areas of interest. As are those of Credits, recreation and sports, tourism, education and training, Supermarkets, Drugstores, Culture and housing subsidy.

  • In the Educational Loan, accounts with an interest rate of 0.80% to affiliates of category A. For affiliates of category B and C, they are offered at an interest rate prevailing in the market.
  • Subsidies for sports practices. It gives you the option of registering the children of the affiliates, practicing a variety of sports disciplines on vacation.
  • Facilities to acquire school supplies, called Super School Kit 2020. In turn, a school voucher, to buy school supplies in Colsubsidio Supermarkets, includes children from 5 to 12 years of age.
  • Subsidies for housing construction, allocation of family quota to manufacture their home, to improve their quality of life.
  • Help in health providing prevention and care, through a chain of comprehensive care centers, with programs called Amar, Latir y Primeros años.
  • Extensive Supermarket network, stores where you can buy a variety of products with offers with the express format. It also has numerous drugstores to enjoy discounts on medicines.
  • Credits to buy what you need. These have exclusive rates and agree to the Colsubsidio Insurance services, for your personal and family care, while protecting your assets from any emergency.
  • Health benefits, through Colsubsidio agreements with Famisanar. A creative health company that provides excellent health care and drug supply benefits.

What is the Colsubsidio Certificate?

With the certificate of affiliation to Colsubsidio It involves an important variety of benefits for all affiliates in Colombian territory. During all stages of your life and can help you achieve your goals. The The support it gives you is based on a Social Security and Protection System.

Among the benefits you find these themes:

  • sightseeing
  • Credit
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • living place
  • Transaction portal
  • Affiliate service
  • Drugstore.

In the part of sightseeing You can explore unknown places and share with different cultures. Power your mind and oxygenate your spirit.

For this reason, the Compensation Fund has fabulous offers of destinations and plans designed for you, with hotels of excellence. You can enjoy great occasions as a couple, groups of friends or as a family.

With credits and insurance, They are your access key to buy everything you need. They are easily accepted and are given with preferential rates for you, according to your affiliation category. It also offers a good insurance portfolio designed for your personal and family protection needs.

On the other hand, the area of Education gives you discounts on educational and cultural programs that seek to develop varied talents in people throughout their existence. Therefore, it prevails as a continuous process for social transformation.

Also, regarding the living place, They take responsibility for improving your quality of life and that of your whole family. Therefore, the Compensation Fund has an extensive portfolio of services and benefits for you, hand in hand with a modern infrastructure.

Finally, the affiliations and services that they are in search of your well-being and that you have valuable resources at hand when you need them. They have a large group of affiliated servers to provide excellent services at each of their locations throughout the country.


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