Colsubsidio Form: Format, Data and MORE

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The Colsubsidio Form, better called Membership and News Form, is the document that allows the subscription to this entity and the necessary modifications in the registry. It is intended for dependent, independent and retired workers.

Today we will explain what format it has, what data is included in the form, what it is for, other requirements necessary to complete the procedure, and so on. We will also tell you what it is about Colsubsidio, so that you have all the information you need. So, stay with us!

Colsubsidio Form Format

Let’s start with the Colsubsidio Form Format, so that you better know how this document is made up. This is a very important aspect that you should know, in which we will also talk about the points that you must take into account to complete the completion.

To begin with, you will find it in PDF format or, what would come to do the same, in digital format. This is available on the web portal of Colsubsidio, so that all interested parties can download, fill out and send it.

It is found precisely in section a Affiliations and Subsidies > Affiliations. It is the same document for everyone who wishes to join, be it a dependent, independent or retired worker.

It is a simple format, with spaces available for each letter. It consists of two (02) pages: one for the form, and another for instructions and requirements for each of the interested parties. Likewise, the latter contains the reasons why the affiliation request and the corresponding Privacy Notice could be rejected.

Before you know what data it includes and, finally, dedicate yourself to filling it, you must know a few things. We are talking about Recommendations for the Completion of the Colsubsidio Form.

Recommendations for the Completion of the Colsubsidio Form

  • First of all, you must respect each space. Only one box is used, either for the letter, number or X.
  • Uses black ink pen. Make sure the document does not have ink stains.
  • The amendments, erasures and rewrites are grounds for rejection of the antecedents. Not only present in the form, but in the rest of the affiliation requirements. You can’t use concealer either.
  • Likewise, illegible, incomplete or poorly completed documents are not accepted.
  • Before submitting the form together with the affiliation history, try to verify that these agree with the circular 02. This was issued by the Superintendency of Family Subsidy, in 2016.

With these aspects in mind, you can start filling out the Form with caution. You will avoid setbacks in the affiliation procedure and you will end up enjoying the services that this Compensation Fund brings.

Knowing this, we can go on to explain what exactly you will find in the Form and you will get access to it.

Data Included in the Colsubsidio Form

Now let’s talk about Data Included in the Colsubsidio Form. These are all about the affiliate and beneficiaries, so nothing will be required that is not possible for the applicant to achieve.

Knowing them will allow you to know how to better fill out this document. However, first we would like to give you direct access to Colsubsidio Form. Again, you will find it in the Affiliations section of the official page, as well as the legal aspects that you must take into account of the process.

Now, let’s get started!

  • First, you will find the Document Identification Data. These correspond to the logo of the entity, date and stamp of establishment, and so on.
  • Then you can see the Novelty Type. Whether you are filling out the form to join, report a news or request a transfer. You must select an option and mark it with an X.
  • Then there is the section on What’s new?. If you are already affiliated and want to update the information in the registry, make withdrawals or include new people, then you must select with an X as appropriate.
  • In the section of Employer or Paying Entity DataWell, the information of this or this goes. They request company name, sector, branch, identification number, address, among other things.
  • Affiliate Type. If you are a pensioner, dependent, independent, medical worker, resident abroad, if you are joining for the first time, among others.
  • The next section does not need to be explained. It corresponds to the Basic Information of the Worker Dependent, Independent and Pensioner. Full name, address, occupational level, educational level, etc.
  • Information from Other Employers, if appropriate.
  • Spouse or Partner Information). Basic data, income level and name of the company for which you work.
  • To finish with the informative data, Family Nucleus Information. They constitute basic data, level of kinship, date of birth, among others.
  • Finally, you will find the Authorization for the Use of Personal Data. You must select if you give authorization. In addition, the employer and the applicant must sign, and affix the stamp and identification number.

These are all the sections that you must fill out. Remember that each space must contain only one letter number.

What is it for?

The Colsubsidio Form it is a very important document. This serves for three fundamental processes:

  • Report news.
  • Affiliate.
  • Make a transfer.

For any of these, you need to print this document, fill it out and present it.

It is mostly used to carry the affiliation process. However, this is not the only requirement, but there are others. We will talk about these in the next section. For now, what you should know is that without this document you will not be able to join Colsubsidio.

If you want report a news, you should also use it. Whether you are going to withdraw it, you are going to register a new beneficiary, you want to modify information in the registry, etc., you need this form.

Finally, you can request the transfer to another Compensation Fund, if you require it. This is the least used, just for you to keep in mind.

Requirements for the Procedure using the Colsubsidio Form

In addition to the Colsubsidio Form, there are other Requirements for the Procedure that you should know. These vary depending on who does the management, be it a dependent, independent or retired worker.

Next, we will indicate what you need to present in conjunction with the form. You will also find these on the second page of the form. Let’s see!

Independent worker

  • Identification documents. Of course, both the worker and the people in charge: spouse or partner, minor children or parents. They must be legible photocopies, enlarged to 150%. Belong to:
    • Citizenship card.
    • Foreigner ID.
    • Civil registration.
    • Identity card.
    • CD.
    • Special Permit of Permanence.
  • Membership and last proof of payment, both to the pension fund and to the EPS. The photocopy must be presented.

Dependent worker

  • Identification documents. Of course, both the worker and the people in charge: spouse or partner, minor children or parents. They must be legible photocopies, enlarged to 150%. Belong to:
    • Citizenship card.
    • Foreigner ID.
    • Civil registration.
    • Identity card.
    • CD.
    • Special Permit of Permanence.
  • Work contract.

To know all of the documents required for membership to Workers and Family Group to the Colombian Compensation Funds, please read the Circular 002 of 2016.


  • Identification documents. Of course, both the pensioner and the people in charge: spouse or partner, minor children or parents. They must be legible photocopies, enlarged to 150%. Belong to:
    • Citizenship card.
    • Foreigner ID.
    • Civil registration.
    • Identity card.
    • CD.
    • Special Permit of Permanence.
  • Last proof of payment of the pension.
  • Certificate from the paying entity or pension resolution.
  • Certificate of Peace and Safe, if you have joined or are affiliated with a Family Compensation Fund in the role of pensioner. This must be in all respects and must reflect the withdrawal of membership (date).
  • Certificate that allows evidence that the Family Compensation Funds are 25 years old or over. It can be one or more certificates.
  • Likewise, a certificate that reflects that in the last employment relationship he was affiliated with Colsubsidio.

These last two requirements correspond to the Membership Contribution 0%.

What is Colsubsidio?

Colsubsidio It was founded more than fifty years ago, in 1957. It has a long history in the country, appearing as a non-profit entity. It provides the services of a Compensation Fund nationwide, and its headquarters are located in the capital, that is, in Bogotá.

Provides different services. Their development areas They range from the area of ​​health, housing, recreation, culture and education, to the area of ​​provision of financial services such as loans and the area of ​​commerce. Of course, without forgetting its performance in the field of social protection.

Currently thousands of people are affiliated with this entity. Its web portal allows 100% transparent management, where all interested parties can enter and be up to date with the news, information and procedures related to Colsubsidio.

The Colombian Family Subsidy Fund It is undoubtedly a great option if you are looking to enjoy the services that it brings to its affiliates.

What is the Colsubsidio Form?

The Colsubsidio Form It is a document that is used to carry out the affiliation procedures, news report and transfer. He is the protagonist in these efforts, because without him it is impossible to achieve what was sought.

You can get it here or from the Colsubsidio web portal. You must print it, fill it out, sign it and send it. This cannot contain deletions, amendments or anything that prevents the correct understanding of the document.

Must be presented with other requirements. Although this form is the same whether the applicant is a pensioner, a dependent, independent or optional worker, for each case there are a series of documents that must be presented in order to carry out the process without setbacks.

Remember that Colsubsidio has hundreds of services to offer to its clients. This non-profit organization has a long history that is reflected in its management capacity.

We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!


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