Comfenalco Affiliation Form: Format, Declaration and more

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Do you want to join a Family Compensation Fund and you are not sure what it is or what its benefits are? In this article we help you to respond to those concerns and we facilitate the Comfenalco Membership Form so you can join.

Time to think about your future and that of your family, and for this, Comfenalco offers you a series of services that will help you improve your quality of life and that of your family. Adding value to a part of the contribution to social security made by your employer or yourself.

Follow us and find out everything related to Comfenalco!

Format of Comfenalco Membership Form

The Comfenalco Membership Form It consists of four blocks of information. In which the information of the worker, the company, the spouse and the family group is provided.

In the first block, you must put data related to:

  • Identity document (Type, number and place of issue)
  • Full name of the worker and gender
  • Telephones (landline and cell), as well as email.
  • Type of home (Own, family or rented), address that includes the neighborhood, municipality, department and the sector.
  • Place and date of birth of the worker
  • Civil status
  • Level of schooling, hobbies and sports you prefer to practice

Company information

In the second block of information you must supply:

  • Type and number of the company, as well as its business name
  • Company address, also indicating the municipality where it is located
  • Company contact phone
  • Salary earned by the worker, as well as the type of contract they have with the company
  • Date of entry of the worker to the company, the position he occupies and the number of hours worked per month

Spouse or partner information

The third block corresponds to the information of the spouse or partner. Here you must supply the following information:

  • Type and number of identity document of the spouse or partner, as well as the place and date of issue
  • Sex of the spouse or partner
  • Full name of spouse or partner
  • Phones (landline and cell), as well as email
  • If you are a spouse or partner
  • Whether it works or not. If yes, you must provide the date of entry into the company, if you receive a subsidy and – if the answer is yes – for which box you receive it

Family group information

Finally, in the fourth block you must place the following information on EACH MEMBER OF THE FAMILY GROUP, minus the spouse or partner:

  • Type and number of identity document
  • Full name, starting with the last names and then the names
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Relationship (if son, stepson, mother, father, brother or if he is an authorized member with legal custody)

It’s important to put attention on if the beneficiaries are minors and even if his mother is not part of his family group, SHE IS THE AUTHORIZED FOR THE COLLECTION OF THE SUBSIDY. In this sense, if applicable, you must also provide a copy of the mother’s identity card.

To download the Comfenalco membership form press here.

Sworn Statement in the Comfenalco Membership Form

This form is required for some procedures related to the General Social Security System, which require a declaration of the veracity of the data provided. As well as the commitment of the applicant to comply with the conditions of belonging to the contributory and / or subsidized regime.

An affidavit is a statement that a person makes in writing or verbally on certain aspects and whose veracity is assured through an oath before a judicial or administrative authority. This allows the statement to be taken as true until the contrary is proven.

To download the affidavit form, click here.

What is the Comfenalco Membership Form for?

The form serves to identify the person and the beneficiaries (previous legal eligibility considerations), who will receive the social benefit from the selected operator. This form not only allows the operator to know information about the person, but also to obtain relevant data for an adequate provision of services.

What is Comfenalco?

They are Family Compensation Funds, with legal personality under private law that are organized according to the form stipulated by the Civil Code and fulfill social security functions. These entities were created according to Decree 118 determined by the Military Government Junta of 1957, with the mission of administering and paying the family allowance for employees whose economic conditions were not so favorable.

The creation of the Family Compensation Funds, sought the stability of political and economic conditions. Reason why, it was sought to grant benefits to salaried people from the resources obtained by the 4% charge that were applied to the payroll that the companies paid.

Comfenalco objectives

To meet the stabilization objective, the entities that functioned as Family Compensation Funds undertook two missions:

  • As operators of the family allowance. To fulfill this mission, this benefit was paid to low and middle income employees (according to the Law) with money, species or services.

For which, the affiliate must comply with a number of quotas. Said fees are established considering the total number of people who are under their responsibility and who are entitled to this benefit.

The purpose of the subsidy was designed to ease the financial burden of supporting a family. It is important to note that the family allowance is not counted as salary in any case.

  • As operators of social policies. This mission establishes that the Family Compensation Funds must execute the resources that are destined to the financing of social programs. Especially those that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the less favored sectors.

The Family Compensation Funds are under the structure, control and surveillance of the Colombian State through the Superintendency of Family Subsidy. Since they are part of the country’s social security system and as such they comply with the policies in this matter.

Comfenalco benefits

Being affiliated with Comfenalco allows beneficiaries to have:

  • Social credit service: which allows the design and execution of debt lines to satisfy the different needs of the beneficiaries. Also counting on preferential subsidized interest rates for category A and B employees.

Category A corresponds to income up to 2 legal minimum monthly wages, while category B corresponds to income up to 4 legal minimum monthly wages.

  • Unemployment Protection Service: designed for beneficiaries who meet the requirements of the law; The purpose of which is to protect the unemployed worker from fluctuations in income due to periods of unemployment and thereby help mitigate the risks that this entails in their quality of life.
  • Formal educational service: designed to contribute with the affiliate in the formation of children and young people in the levels of preschool, basic and secondary education.
  • Family allowance: it is a social benefit service that is delivered to the member either in money, in kind or services; and that it is aimed at employees of categories A and B, that is, those who earn up to 4 legal monthly minimum wages in force, who have their dependents.
  • Housing allowance: it is a service that gives the affiliate contributions in money that works as a complement to savings and that serves to:
  • Acquire a new home
  • Build a house on your own plot of land.
  • Improve the basic conditions of a social housing, as long as it is declared as an eligible project by the FINDETER or the financial entities.

Other benefits important

  • Job training and education programs for work: These are services designed to contribute to the beneficiary’s training to perform functions as administrative assistant, accounting and financial assistant, executive secretary, and IT systems administrator.

This service also includes academic training in the English language at skill levels A1, A2, B1 and B2; and training in other informal education programs such as crafts, food, aesthetics and beauty.

  • Library services: designed to offer the beneficiary the possibility of consulting bibliographic material, either in the physical room or as a circulating loan of the literature that is of interest to them.

Some Family Compensation Funds offer home delivery of school texts, literary works and children’s stories available in the library.

  • Tourism packages and recreational programs: these services allow the member, especially the elderly, to enjoy recreational events and tour packages at a lower cost than the market.
  • Sports clubs and gym: this service allows the member the possibility of having physical spaces for recreation and sports.

Additionally, some Family Compensation Funds also have other recreational spaces such as parks for campsites. In addition to expanding the variety of services with agreements with other companies that provide goods and services.

What is the Comfenalco Membership Form?

The Comfenalco Membership Form is a form through which a person or entity provides the data required to enter the Family Subsidy System of Colombia, which grants rights and obligations related to social benefits.

The affiliation can be done through a physical or electronic form, depending on the selected operator and the considerations indicated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. We hope that our article has been of support to you to obtain this document, we wish you the best of success in the process.

Thanks for reading, join Comfenalco!


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