Comfenalco Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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In current times, Colombia has one of the best institutions in matters of social responsibility. In the country, there are several family compensation funds, but without a doubt, one of the most outstanding is Comfenalco. This compensation fund offers you the Comfenalco Certificate to its affiliates, to be able to access services quickly and easily.

It can be said that Comfenalco is an entity whose main purpose is to increase the quality of life of members and their families. Comfenalco offers you a wide range of services, from financial services such as loans, to social services such as recreational, sports or more.

Join this great family compensation fund and enjoy the benefits.

Requirements for the Comfenalco Certificate

It is important to note that these institutions focus on serving the country’s workers. For this reason, to be eligible to be an affiliate of this compensation fund, the first thing is to be a worker. Workers can be employees in a company, independent workers, domestic employees and even pensioners.

In that sense, the first requirement is to be a person who is in any of the previous strata. If you are a person who is between those ranks, you can choose to be an affiliate of the compensation fund, get the Comfenalco Certificate and thus enjoy the services.

In case you want to join and thus be able to opt for any of the benefits it offers. The affiliated worker, the wife or husband, spouse, sons and daughters must record the following requirements:

Worker requirements

  • Copy of the identity card in case of being a minor. Copy of the identity card in case of being a worker of legal age.
  • Proof of work issued by the employer affiliated with the compensation fund in case of being an employee.

Requirements of the wife or spouse

  • Copy of the identity card.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate certified by the civil registry.
  • Certificate from the company where the spouse or wife works, where the salary and the compensation fund to which they are affiliated are explicitly stated.
  • In case of being partners, they must present the affidavit of the affiliation form.

Requirements of sons and daughters

  • Copy of the birth certificate, registered with the civil registry. To demonstrate the kinship relationship with the worker.
  • Copy of the identity card, in case of being a minor. Copy of the identity card or immigration card in case of being of legal age.
  • Affidavit of the affiliation form, where it is confirmed if the sons or daughters are beneficiaries or receive subsidies from other compensation houses.
  • Proof of studies or schooling certificate for the current year, issued by the educational institution.

Sibling requirements

It is important to note that the siblings in order to be beneficiaries must be orphans of both parents and depend economically on the affiliated worker. Also, present the following requirements:

  • Copy of the birth certificate of the worker and his brother.
  • Copy of the death certificate of both parents.
  • Photocopy of the identity card, in case of being a minor. Copy of the identity card or immigration card in case of being of legal age.
  • Affidavit of the affiliation form, stating the economic dependence.
  • Proof of studies or schooling certificate for the current year, issued by the educational institution.

Parental requirements

In the case of parents, it must be stated that they have an economic dependence on the worker. That is, they do not have any income, income or pension.

  • Copy of the birth certificate, where the kinship relationship between the people is stated.
  • Copy of the identity card or immigration card.
  • Affidavit of the affiliation form, stating the economic dependence.

Family compensation funds offer comprehensive care services for all family members who are financially dependent on the worker. In the event that any of these have a disability, it must be evidenced by the certificate of disability or physical disability.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Comfenalco Certificate

At first glance, the requirements seem to be many, but that is because the people who may be beneficiaries must each meet their relationship, occupation and economic situation requirements.

Once you have completed the affiliation process and you can now request your Comfenalco Certificate, and thus be able to enjoy the different services and benefits offered by the compensation fund. To request the certificate and obtain it successfully, you must complete the following steps.

  • First, you should locate a compensation fund that is best suited to your needs and those of your family.
  • Then you must fill out the unique affiliation form and consign it in the compensation box.
  • You must also consign a letter of request for membership, along with the requirements described above.
  • On the other hand, you must make a registration in the virtual platform and thus be registered in the system.

After being affiliated and registered in the system, you must enter the virtual management platforms or online services and generate your affiliation certificate.

Comfenalco Features

The purpose of these entities is to provide a comprehensive quality service to all members of a family with low income or resources. This is achieved through agreements with companies, whose employees can enjoy what Comfenalco offers.

Another main function is to increase the quality of life of the members, in the first place, because they can acquire all the services they may need through a single institution. That is, in Comfenalco they can increase their educational and academic level, they can have recreational and sports activities, acquire loans and more.

And the most important goal of all is to encourage people to work, since they have this type of support or aid that is provided to them, just for the simple fact of working in any of the aforementioned modalities.

Services offered by Comfenalco

In general terms, the services offered provide comprehensive coverage of the needs of workers and their families, who are considered to have a low income level. The different benefits of being an affiliate are presented in the list that you can consult below.

  • Social: They offer recreational events to members and their families, they also have sports activities, arts, music, among others.
  • Educational: there are educational events available for children, such as academic activities, there are also educational programs for workers in order to improve and train their human talent. Courses are offered in different areas to learn about some important topics.
  • Financial: credit is offered to purchase homes, to make investments and thus improve the income of members.
  • Subsidies: direct subsidies are offered to members and their families to make their expenses, so that they can face their debts and thus have enough to be able to do the rest of the purchases.

These are some of the most important services, in case you want to know each of them in detail, we suggest you go to the official website of the box you are affiliated with and get to know them better.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Comfenalco Certificate

Users, not just affiliates, often have questions about the admission policies and other policies of the compensation funds. Therefore, in this section we will give you some important information that can clarify your doubts.

  • The first point to keep in mind is that you can only be affiliated with a compensation fund.
  • The other thing you should know is that only people who work independently and pensioners can choose the compensation fund they want. Because, the rest of the employees can join only those where the company where they work has an agreement.
  • Pensioners cannot receive any additional subsidy, because they already receive income from periodic.
  • Only family members with a relationship of those mentioned above can be affiliated. Also known as close relatives.
  • The membership forms are usually the same, what may change are the requirements requested by each of the boxes.

Those are the points on which people tend to have the most doubts. However, if you have any other questions, we suggest you contact the compensation fund with which you are affiliated or wish to affiliate.

What is the Comfenalco Certificate?

The certificate is a document that certifies that the subscribed persons are affiliated to the compensation fund and therefore can benefit from its services. That is, if you are the affiliated worker and wish to enter any of the recreational spaces, you must present your Comfenalco Certificate to ensure your income.

It should be noted that these compensation funds are aimed at low-income people. For this reason, many low-income people are interested in acquiring the services, and many people who will need the membership certificate.

Request the Comfenalco Certificate!


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