Compensate Certificate: Steps, Download and MORE

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You are interested in knowing more about the Compensating Certificate, This article is for you! Today we will be explaining not only how you can get your membership certificate, but a lot of other things that you should know if you have joined this Health Promotion Entity (EPS).

Like what? Well, we will be talking about the other certificates that you can generate, how to request the password to enter the system, what are the benefits of being in this program and what Compensar is really about. So do not go away! Stay to learn more about him Compensate Colombia.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Compensation Certificate

Let’s start with the Steps to Obtain the Compensation Certificate, so that you know once and for all what you have to do to get this document and be able to use it when you need it. As you will see below, it is a very easy and fast process, which you can do from the comfort of your home, office or from wherever you are.

Let’s see!

  • First, you must enter the page of Make up for.
  • Once there, you must go to the icon of Online Transactions. This is located in the upper right. When you find it, click it.
  • Proceed to select your document type, the document number and the system password. If you do not have the latter, we will explain how to request it later. Regarding the type of document, this can be:
    • Citizenship Certificate (CC).
    • Immigration Certificate (CE).
    • Tax Identification Number (NIT).
  • Click on Get into.
  • Once you are in the system, you just have to click on the option that says Health Y select the certificate you want to generate depending on the options that appear on the screen. In this case, press the Membership, although the procedure is the same for the rest.
  • Enter the requested information and, finally, press Send.
  • That’s it! Your certificate will be generated so that you can download, print and use it.

You have already been able to confirm that the procedure is extremely simple and easy to carry out. It only remains for you to try it yourself.

On the other hand, you also have the option of obtaining the certificate by clicking on Online Transactions> Certifications once you open section. There you must choose the option you want, which in this case is Cash Affiliation Status.

Then you just have to proceed to enter the recipient’s name and press on See.


You need your COMPENSAR KEY to enter the system and obtain your Compensar Certificate.

Download and Print the Compensation Certificate

Regarding how can you download and print the certificateThe truth is that it is very simple and you will intuitively realize it when you finish performing the procedure that we explained to you before.

By clicking on Send, the certificate will appear on the screen so that you can view it. You just have to click on the download icon, which is located in the upper right part of the preview. It’s a downward arrow.

You just have to download it, open it in your PDF viewer and then go to File> Print> Print.

Here we leave you a video so that you know exactly what we are talking about and you can download it without having any doubts about it.

What is the Compensation Certificate for?

The Compensating Certificate It will serve to prove your situation with respect to what you are looking for. In other words, the Certificate of Affiliation serves as evidence that your affiliation process has been completed and that you can now enjoy the benefits that this EPS brings you.

Even if it is in process, it will appear as such. It is a very useful document for those who request it. However, there are other certificates that you can download from the page and which have different purposes.

What other certificates can I get?

How nice you asked! The Compensating Certificates that you can get are:

  • Affiliation status.
  • Withholding in the source of credit.
  • Credit income statement.
  • Peace and credit safe.
  • Credit balances.

The others, as you can see, serve to accredit your credit status in the EPS. The Certificate of Peace and Salvo It is used to show that nothing is owed and that the obligations have been lifted.

The Withholding Certificate at the source It serves to prove that taxes have been paid in advance to the State. Thus, the other three prove exactly what their names indicate.

Compensate Key

The Compensate Key They will ask you for it when you want to enter the system and, among other things, download the certificate. It is very important that you process it when the affiliation process is finished, as you will be able to give it a lot of use.

  • First, you must enter the page of Make up for.
  • Once there, you must go to the icon of Online Transactions. This is located in the upper right. When you find it, click it.
  • Once on the page, press the option Key Request.
  • Proceed to select your document type and the document number. Regarding the type of document, this can be:
    • Citizenship Certificate (CC).
    • Immigration Certificate (CE).
    • Tax Identification Number (NIT), although without the verification digit.
  • The email you have registered in the system will appear on the screen. Additionally, you have to load the Captcha code and click on Send.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions after having read the contract.
  • Proceed to answer the questions they will ask you. These have to do with your affiliation, so don’t worry.
  • Check your email, because there you will get a link for you to enter the Password you are requesting. Of course, it is to the email that you have registered.
  • Finally, select an alphanumeric password, where there are at least eight (08) digits.

And that’s it! With the password you choose, you will be able to enter the system, download your certificates, check your account and do many, many more things.

Benefits of Compensating

There are some Benefits of being affiliated with EPS Compensar That you should take into account if you are looking to join or if you are already affiliated and do not know it. These are very important, so let’s go through one by one.

  • Obstetrician gynecologist care.
  • Access to programs such as Family Planning, Growth and Development and Women’s Health.
  • Laboratory service.
  • Emergency access in all authorized hospitals.
  • Vaccination days.
  • General Medicine Consultation, by appointment.
  • Consultation of Specialized Medicine (cardiologist, dermatologist, traumatologist, among others).
  • Nuclear medicine, ultrasound, radiology and scan services.
  • Access to different therapies, such as language, respiratory and physical.
  • Oral health prevention sessions.
  • Access to medicines.
  • Surgery and hospitalization service.
  • Attention linked to the ARP or the SOAT in terms of traffic accidents.
  • Access to sports (swimming, tennis) and access of various kinds (family, for the future mother, art and training, etc.).
  • Online services from its portal, so you can issue certificates, view your credits, analyze your finances, and so on.
  • Restaurants and cafes at your disposal, so you can consume while you enjoy yourself.
  • Fully equipped gym.
  • You can enjoy services in the health area, but also in the area of ​​sports and recreation with all the options it brings to you. It is ideal for both parents and their children, without a doubt.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that you acquire by joining this program. Without a doubt an option that you should consider.

What is the Certificate of Compensation?

Make up for is a Family Compensation Fund located in Colombia, with headquarters in Bogotá. It is a social foundation that offers services in the area of ​​health, sports, tourism and recreation, through its academy and its health promoting entity.

There are thousands of affiliates who enjoy the services of this entity on a daily basis and that they make use of the online channels that it brings to its users. Not only do these allow you to check your account statement, issue certificates and keep up to date with relevant news, but they can also find out about the entity’s procedures and even carry them out from there.

At Health area You will find care in general and specialized medicine, attending to your needs accordingly. Also, you will see that there is an emergency service, hospitalization, laboratory, therapies of different kinds and even surgeries.

On the other hand, authorized centers They have a pool area and another for sports such as volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. You can even find a gym and game rooms. And to make your experience more complete, it offers restaurants and cafes with the highest quality.

If you have not yet joined, we invite you to enter this link so that you know more about this process.

We hope to have helped you with the Obtaining the Compensation Certificate and any questions you have, leave it here!

Until next time!


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