Comptroller Certificate: Queries, Importance and MORE

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Do you need to process the Comptroller’s Certificate and you don’t know how to do it? We invite you to read this article where you will find the information you need to obtain it. It is a very simple process, and it can be done online from the place you prefer.

You will know what the Comptroller’s Certificate, how to consult it depending on whether you are a natural or legal person, how to generate the validation code. Also the importance of this document, what it is used for, what is the Comptroller General of the Republic, its functions and much more.

Consultation of the Comptroller’s Certificate for Natural Persons

The consultation of the Comptroller’s Certificate for natural persons it is done only through the digital system, it can be done online from the comfort of home. To enter and complete the form for a natural person, you must enter through this link, which is very easy and contains the following:

  • Enter the type of document, which can be:
    • The citizenship card.
    • Foreigner ID.
    • The identity card.
    • The passport.
    • The special residence permit.
  • Enter the document number that was selected in the previous option.
  • Fill in the CAPCHA that appears in the lower left part, which indicates «I am not a robot», to continue with the process.
  • Finally press the search option.

NOTE: To download the Certificate it must be saved in PDF format.

Consultation of the Comptroller’s Certificate for Legal Persons

If you want to consult the Comptroller’s Certificate For legal persons, another form is used, which can be found through this link. and complete the following information:

  • Put the identification number.
  • Fill in the CAPCHA that appears in the lower left part, which indicates «I am not a robot», to continue with the process.
  • Press the search option.

Certificate Verification and Validity Code

With respect to the information contained in the Comptroller’s Certificate, one of the data is the verification code, which is generated by filling out a form after entering the following:

  1. The year of the certificate, displayed on the arrow.
  2. Verification number.
  3. The generation document number.
  4. Fill in the CAPCHA that appears in the lower left part, which indicates «I am not a robot», to continue with the process.
  5. Then click on the search option.

Because it is important?

Once you have the Comptroller’s CertificateIt is important to open the file in PDF format, to be able to check that all the information that is reflected there is correct and corresponds to the person who made the request. The data that appears in the Certificate is mentioned below in order to be reviewed one by one:

  • All the personal information of the person who is requesting, includes the verification code and the identification number.
  • Reference that the Fiscal Responsibilities Bulletin Information System was used, which is known as SIBOR.
  • Exactly the date and time on which the Comptroller’s website was accessed and the criminal record check was carried out.
  • Explanation that indicates if the person was previously registered or if, at the time of review, he was registered in a previously processed tax record bulletin.
  • Refer which are the places where the Comptroller’s Certificate It is valid, also indicate the decree that bases the issuance of the document.

If for any reason, one of the sections named above in the document is missing, it is necessary to request the issuance of the Comptroller’s Certificate. In the event that there are errors or incorrect information in this new application, you must personally go to the Comptroller’s Office.

There they will proceed to solve the problem, with the aim that the Certificate is used for what corresponds, or for which it was processed.

Comptroller General of the Republic

The CGR (Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic) is the state’s highest tax inspection body. Its objective is to facilitate the good use of resources and assets of a public nature, and to cooperate with the updating of the State. All through actions to frequently improve the different public bodies.

In Article 267 of the 1991 Political Constitution, it stipulates the following: “The fiscal inspection is a public task, exercised by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, and is in charge of ensuring the fiscal management of the administration and of the individual or entities that direct the resources of the Nation.

At present, this body has a staff of 4,057 positions, where 3,934 are administrative career positions and 123 are freely appointed and removed. The positions throughout the territory have a specific administrative career system, fully developed employed.

Location of the Comptroller General’s Office in the State Structure

The CGR is one of the independent entities that belongs to the State, together with the National Electoral Council, the National Television Commission and the Public Ministry. However, the Office of the General Auditor of the Republic is the entity that is in charge of the fiscal inspection against the management of the Comptroller’s Office and the territorial Comptrollers’ Offices.

It should be noted that, since the political Constitution of 1991, the General Auditor of the Republic, initiated a procedure of budgetary autonomy before the CGR, with Article 274. This became official with the ruling of the Constitutional Court 1339 of 2000.

Functions of the Comptroller General of the Republic

As established by the National Constitution in its Article 119, the functions of the CGR are mentioned below:

  1. It acts as a representative of the community, the control of fiscal management and of the individuals or entities that use the assets or resources of the Nation.
  2. It estimates the results obtained by the different organs and entities of the State, when defining whether they obtain, direct and / or use public goods within the law, subject to the principles of economy, efficiency, equality and environmental conservation.
  3. Analyze the result of the financial statements, of the subjects of tax inspection and define in what dimension the goals are achieved and the projects are fulfilled.
  4. Another of its tasks is to stipulate the fiscal responsibility of public officials and individuals who cause, by omission or action and in a premeditated fraudulent manner, damage to the State’s assets.
  5. Demand the corresponding monetary sanctions, and other acts arising from the exercise of tax inspection.

Other Functions of the CGR (Comptroller General of the Republic)

  • Try, in the same way, the compensation of public assets.
  • Based on the designated restrictive jurisdiction, it seeks to rescue public resources and assets, which have been subject to damage as a result of poor administration. They have also been improperly appropriated by employees or individuals.
  • In addition, the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic creates a culture of inspection of State assets and public management.
  • The supervisory body encourages clarity in the use of public media, through a strategic and oriented procedure in all the agencies and areas of high risk, previously identified.
  • The Comptroller General of the Republic actively connects citizens with the inspection of public management. It also methodically helps the Congress of the Republic, for the operation of the political inspection and the advancement of the legislative function.

What is the Comptroller’s Certificate?

The Comptroller’s Certificate, It is that makes it possible to know if an individual person, either natural or legal, has any debt of a fiscal nature with the Government of Colombia. It also states if a person is in the registry of the fiscal operations bulletin of the Comptroller’s Office.

Normally, the Comptroller’s Certificate It is very requested, since it is necessary to carry out other types of procedures or ask for something in particular. One of these steps can be a job, for different companies and employers it is useful and positive as a requirement or inspection document.

What are the procedures that require the Comptroller’s Certificate?

On many occasions, Colombian citizens do not know that this Certificate exists or do not ask for it when necessary. This is because, you have no idea what it is used for, however, not having this document delays any diligence that is being carried out.

In order for this not to happen, a series of places will be named where they ask for the Comptroller’s Certificate. In such a way that, it can be foreseen and requested to have it on hand. These sites are as follows:

  • For a job in the public sector (it can be a State entity).
  • When the Colombian State requests a service that can be provided, which can be: Works contracts, meritorious contests, etc.
  • Some consular diligence.
  • At the moment you are looking for a job.

Normally, they usually request this Certificate only in the public sector. However, they could also request it in the private sector. Therefore, just by fulfilling the requirements and filling out the corresponding form, the Comptroller’s Certificate when necessary.

Just by entering the web portal of the Comptroller General of Colombia, it is enough to obtain the Comptroller’s Certificate. Follow the steps previously detailed and you’re done.

We hope we have helped you with the necessary information to manage this Certificate and you can comply with this requirement, which is required to advance in other procedures.


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