Construction Certificate: Function, Types and MORE

The Construction Certificate It is a document that has the function of highlighting the elaboration of a work. Also to highlight the progress of this activity. This work has to be agreed through the Public Administration. Considering the importance of this, we want to let you know everything related to Construction Certificate.

In this article we are going to expand all the information regarding and what you need to know, in detail. In the sections that follow we will tell you the different types of work certifications, the functions it fulfills. We will also tell you how you can charge it and what is a Construction Certificate.

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Function of the Construction Certificate

The function that the Construction Certificate, is to put the controls that are necessary for the assessment of the budget given for a given project. Also, it controls all the modifications that are going to be made in the development of the work to be carried out.

The optional direction of this makes it responsible for it. This in terms of the elaboration of a valid form respectively to the visa made by the corresponding Professional Association.

What is guaranteed by a contractor before any banking institution, the work through an institution owned by it, and this has been carried out by him. This is so that there is a record reflecting the calculations from the initial moment of the work in total, this time has to go according to the previous certifications.

Like everything related to the advances that are carried out in the work, these are also reflected in each of the certifications and must be represented in the percentages.

Types of Work Certificate

This is a document that has several variations, these will depend on the administration’s consignment that is going to have. Among the different types of Works Certificate there we can find the following.

Types of work certification:

Certified according to costs:

  • The first type of certificate we have is the Partial Work Certificate, this is referred to the economic matter. Each of the progress of the work to be carried out in a period of time not exceeding one month is reflected in it.
  • Then we have the Advance Certificate, this is granted to the contractor in order for him to expedite various matters related to the work. Referring to the beginning of the work, financially and economically. Up to 30% of the total amount is awarded.
  • Another type of certification that we should mention is the Certificate of re-determination of pricesThis is a system, in which inflation affects the works at an economic level. Taking this into account, the price of each contract must be readjusted, carrying out the execution of the public work.
  • We also have the Certificate of Compensation for Higher Costs, the work may undergo some alterations or change as the construction of the same develops.

This due to multiple reasons, it can be due to forecasts or for some other cause. Variations generate higher expenses for the contractor than were anticipated and must be rethought. For this, some requirements are compiled to be approved, the credit is approved and validated through a certificate.

Certificate according to the necessary goods:

  • Then we can find the Certificate of Collection of MaterialsYes, this is a certification that gives a justification as to the quantity of materials. This refers to those necessary in some of the public works to be carried out. In the case of not being recognized, it will not be possible to carry out the work.
  • Then we have the Equipment Mobilization CertificateThis is due to the fact that some of the works to be carried out require the transfer of the equipment. Both the machinery and the rest of the equipment are essential for the contractor to carry out the work. This equates to a very high cost.

Finally, we also have the certificate that corresponds to the final result of all the work carried out:

  • Finally, we have the Final Certificate, this is a certification that corresponds to the completion of the closing of accounts and the final settlement. It specifies, in detail, the advance and the differential adjustments that must be made between all the parties. With the results the final certificate is issued.

Work Certificate Model

The Construction Certificate has a template to be able to be done. In this guide model you will have to fill in the data that is requested, these will be reflected in the same template. We are going to present the model required for this certificate to you, by means of an image, in a detailed way as follows:

In this way you will have a guide of how the Construction Certificate and what is included in it.

How to collect a Certification of Works?

As we have been talking about, this is a certification that corresponds to the control of the budget for a work. By means of this, the various variations that must be made in it are understood. Understanding this, the Facultative Directorate is the one who prepares and validates the Construction Certificate, this must be endorsed by professionals.

These professionals are responsible and they correspond to the work itself. This responsibility falls as much as on the architect, the technician or the engineer in charge of the execution.

The aforementioned visa is what guarantees, before any banking institution or before any promoter or institutional bodies, of the completion of the work. This will also be aimed at the owners, in terms of the stages of the execution that are being completed. Also considering the time stipulated for the performance of the work to be carried out by the contractor.

Taking into account the modifications that are carried out from minute 1 in which the work begins, these must be stipulated in the same way and expressly. This in a total in which each of the certifications is imported. Seeing this, the last certification to be carried out remains at an unmodified cost.

Also highlighting that in the Construction Certificate the progress of the work must be shown regarding each percentage and the rest of the details that concern the work as such.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Construction Certificate

Like any important procedure, some doubts may arise regarding the process and obtaining the certification. Next, we are going to present you a list of questions that are usually asked when making a Work Certificate.

Some questions and their answers:

  • The first question that is usually generated is: What is the difference between certification and Certificate?

Answer that corresponds to you: it is that the result of this work certification is reflected in the middle of a certificate. This is a document that is made based on the rules and laws established for these documents in a system. The execution process is indicated partially or totally.

  • Another question that is generated is: What is the public works certificate?

Answer: It is an administrative process that includes the award of a document that accredits and validates the elaboration of a work, either partially or totally. A title is constituted in favor of the builder where the benefits are deposited

  • What method is used to collect a public works certification?

Answer: For the work certification to be valid, it must be endorsed by a technician or engineer in charge, the Architect who are the representatives of the Facultative Directorate. Giving the latter, the approval of all the budgeted and executed items, thus also endorsing the percentage of the work.

  • What are the requirements to collect a public works certification?

Answer: First, an appraisal of the stages of the work that will be certified must be carried out. If at any time material has been acquired that is not accounted for, it can be presented as a stockpile.

  • In what period can a certification of public works?

Answer: This will only depend on what has been established in the contract for the execution of the work. The certification can be delivered in completed stages of the work or monthly.

  • What does the final work certificate include?

Answer: the professional fees that the technicians would charge are equivalent to the direction of the work and all that it entails.

What is it?

As we have already been reading, the certifications of public works are budgeted measurements in terms of the budget contemplated for the work. Regarding the Construction Certificate it is, basically, what helps to regulate and keep track based on the budget that we are going to raise for a project itself.

Said controls must be valued in relation to each modification and investment that is going to be made throughout each phase of construction of the public works. We also mentioned in one of the previous sections that the optional management of the work falls under the responsibility of the contractor.

To be valid, it must correspond to a visa issued by the Professional Association. If you want to know about some regulations regarding this certification in Argentina you can do click here.

We hope that it has been very useful and that all the points that we have expanded in this article have been clarified.

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