Construction Process Completion Certificate: Steps, Cost and MORE

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The Construction Process Completion Certificate It is a very important document, later we will talk to you in depth about it and its purpose in the Ecuadorian territory. This is for you to complete this process later. It is necessary that you understand what you will do in this case of wanting to obtain your certificate.

The purpose of this article is to tell you what is intended when making this request about the Construction Process Completion Certificate in an easy, clear and detailed way. We will give you details about the documentation that is required, the procedure, where you should go for it. Also, we offer you information about its legal bases, its cost and what this documentation is about.

Keep reading and find out more about the Construction Process Completion Certificate!

Mandatory Requirements the Certificate of Completion of the Construction Process

As we well know, any important document requires certain documentation to be obtained. In this section we are going to give you everything you need to know about the documents. These will be requested for the Construction Process Completion Certificate. Also, you should know that they will be mandatory, so pay attention so that you do not have any pending questions.

Next, pay attention to the list of requirements that will be there so that you have the necessary knowledge to make your request without problems:

Documents under the mandatory modality:

  • The first document that they are going to ask you for is the delivery of form number 25. This corresponds to Building LMU20: Building LMU 20.
  • Can you do click here to be able to access this form that we have mentioned to you.
  • Next, you must deliver a certificate regarding compliance with employer obligations, the IESS. These are responsible for the execution of the project to be carried out.

Special Requirements the Certificate of Completion of the Construction Process

Now that we know the mandatory requirements, we are going to present and explain what is required under a special modality. The requirements to be able to request the procedure for the Construction Process Completion Certificate and so you have this information at your disposal. We are going to mention this requirement and so you have it at hand.

Documents under the special modality:

  • The requirement that you are going to request under the modality is the respective delivery of several occupancy permits. These are delivered by the Fire Department, or as it is known by its acronym, the CBDMQ.

Steps to process it

Once each of the requirements, which were mentioned in the previous sections, have been compiled, the process to request the Construction Process Completion Certificate.

This means that, after having both mandatory and special requirements, you will have to follow what we are going to indicate in this section. Read in detail and pay attention to each of the steps that you will have to follow, in the order indicated, to obtain your certification.

The procedure for you to make this request is what we are going to explain to you below. Also, it should be mentioned that this process must be carried out through the corresponding web page. Understanding that the Construction Process Completion Certificate It is a procedure that is done completely online.

Procedure to obtain the Construction Process Completion Certificate:

  1. The first thing you should do is make sure you have a good internet connection and then access from your preferred search engine on any device.
  2. Then, you will go to enter the web portal corresponding to the Ministry of Education of the Government of Ecuador.
  3. After having access to said page you will go to the option that will say «Go to the online procedure».
  4. You will proceed to enter the system with your username and password, which you designated in that web portal, personally.
  5. If you did not register before and you do not have a user, you will have to do that step.
  6. You are going to register as a user of a natural or legal person in a personal way, depending on your case, you will fill in the information they ask for.
  7. Once you have made your registration, or have logged in with your username, a form will appear under the name of «Form number 25».

Which must be downloaded, filled out, printed and signed, after doing that you are going to scan it and upload it to the platform again. The form is a LMU 20 ground clearance:

  1. Also, you must upload a certificate, this is known under the name of Certificate of Compliance with Employer Obligationss, or for its acronym, the IESS. This must be scanned and mounted on the platform.
  2. Finally, it should be mentioned that the person who is making this request to obtain their completion certification will receive an immediate response.

That is, the citizen who carried out the previous steps and made the due delivery of their requirements, will be given an instant delivery of this. This by means of an email through a code that was assigned to your process.

Note: For the case in which you present any doubt about this process, you have at your disposal several channels of attention. These channels available to the public are online, either through the site or the web portal. You can make inquiries whenever you want and through any mobile device or computer.

Costs and Where to Get the Certificate of Completion of the Construction Process

The procedure regarding the Certificate of completion it is a process that carries a cost. The rate that was established for this document is related to the construction processes. And, also, includes the issuance and obtaining of the Metropolitan Urban Planning License (LMU-20), including the Certificate of completion of said process.

We are going to tell you how you are going to make the payment corresponding to this procedure below.

Process to pay to get the Construction Process Completion Certificate:

  1. First, it must be said that the established rate and that corresponds to the issuance of the Metropolitan Urban Planning License, the LMU-20 is canceled and you will execute the payment after it is generated. Through the collaborating entities.

The cost for this will be about 4.13 USD, that is, 13/100 US dollars. This value is updated annually, so you should check before doing the procedure.

  1. To the payment that you have already made, that is, the payment of the issuance of the Metropolitan Urban Planning License, the LMU-20, you will add thirty (30%). This refers to the fee for issuing the completed certificate of conformity of the LMU-20 construction process.
  2. It will be calculated according to the values ​​incurred by the inspections that have been carried out by the buildings. This is going to be multiplied by the number of square meters of the construction.

Through the Metropolitan Public Habitat and Housing Company and it will be determined in a period of time until thirty (30) of the month of November annually. It will also be multiplied by each fixed factor of the completion of your construction process. Equivalent to one per thousand (1 × 1000) based on a gross area of ​​a 41 m2 construction.

Places to apply

The process to request this certification is done online and is available to the public throughout the day, that is, you can do it 24 hours a day. The response to your process will be issued once the agencies related to each municipality receive them during the hours they work. These hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Legal Basis of the Document

The Construction Process Completion Certificate It is a document which is based on certain laws and it is important that you have knowledge of these. Next, we will introduce you to these laws.

The Law on which it is based is the Municipal Code for the District Metropolitan of Quito. Third book corresponding to articles III 6.140. Regarding the Certificate of Conformity of Completion of the construction process.

Article III.6.140 of the Municipal Code

The latter establishes the following: the favorable report issued through the body that comprises the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito, directly or indirectly. This means that certificates are issued through collaborating entities. Compliance with a technical project that has been approved under the condition of the material of the LMU-20 granted is given.

This granting of the certificate will be done after you make a notification of completion of your built project. Through the administration of the Agency Metropolitan of Control as competent authority.

And it is confirmed that you complied with the technical presentation of the Declaration of the faithful Compliance. Of what you administered and the Occupation Permit issued by the Fire Department. Several items are taken into account, which are 5 in total, and which you can review by entering here.

What is the Certificate of Completion of the Construction Process?

As we have been reading, the Construction Process Completion Certificate It is a document that serves to make a report, in a favorable manner, which is issued through the Metropolitan Control Agency. This serves as the competent body before the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito.

A validated record is made of the due compliance of a project at a technical level and that the Metropolitan Urban Planning License has been materially approved. This is given to the owner of the project, in the case that interests you, considering that you have built under the rules established by law.

Also, it should be noted that this is a document that does not have an expiration date, that is, it is a document that will be valid for as long as you need. Since it only guarantees compliance with the rules. Finally, it must be said that it is aimed at any Ecuadorian citizen who requires it.

We hope you liked this article and all your doubts have been clarified.

We will read another time!


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