Coomeva Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Coomeva Certificate It is a document that can be obtained to enjoy the great benefits of this company, since it is used for labor and health procedures.

Coomeva offers its many affiliates the opportunity to have this certificate, in this article you can discover what are the different steps to obtain it.

Requirements for the Coomeva Certificate

When the postulation, it should be taken into account that all interested people and want to join in Coomeva.

They must be of legal age, and meet all the profile that is required to be part of it.

To enter, the following must be met:

  • Your personal identity number must be added
  • Enter through the web portal, with the type of documentation, security code and password.
  • You must click to enter
  • When the tab opens, the entire process must be carried out with the requirements asking to fill out the page.
  • Clicking on affiliations and then certifications. In this way, your registration can be carried out very satisfactorily.

Each of these documents is required for citizens to make an application.

In this entity, the Coomeva certificate is obtained within the system by affiliating and it can be viewed in PDF format at this link

It is very necessary to have all the basic documents required by the platform, providing health well-being for all its members.

This company takes the greatest care to offer benefits to you and to the family circle.

Thus, it is recommended that they be able to address the different branches where you will learn more about this procedure.

Therefore, you must have the correct documents and they are:

  • Obtain the type and affiliation number of the quote that is granted to you by the registration system and have the preferred form.
  • Print, scan, sign and have a photo taken on the signed form.
  • It must be returned attached through its official portal by entering the system through your username and password.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Coomeva Certificate

In case of entering the identity card as a contributing user, you cannot obtain the pre-filled form.

It means that no registration will be made in the system with the right to mobility between the different regimes.

These steps are requested for all the people who are currently hired in order to verify if they are affiliated with any health care platform.

Whether in the public sphere or different medical protection institutions in the private sphere

Mostly there are many people who see this document as an unimportant paper, but the reality is that for this certificate it allows many users to enjoy a warm service when it comes to running with any type of emergency, be it family or personal.

Therefore, users must join, because health cases They are very delicate and you can avoid unnecessary spending thanks to the protection of Coomeva, this platform protects the affiliates in the Services contract.

With this, many users should be guided who can follow up on a status of the medical protection certificate on a continuous basis.

Being in this way a way of knowing your affiliation status presents some kind of problem.

There are many times that people do not do a follow-up as such in their status of affiliations and at the time of presenting an emergency, requiring quotes.

At the time of directing the different institutions to do, they realize that there are many problems because they do not have a sufficient amount to cover their emergencies.

To solve this type of problem, you can go to the nearest Coomeva offices where you can be directed to follow other steps to review your account statement.

What is the Coomeva Certificate for?

It serves as a pension system offering protections to citizens, providing protection in health, there are millions of questions for people who are pensioners.

There is no need to worry because there is pension protection and it is adapted to what is covered in different needs that an elderly person has.

Let the progress and development is more than five billion Colombians throughout the national territory.

To those who are provided in the services of different products prevention, health, housing, entrepreneurship, different business development, recreation, tourism, culture allowing better growth in society.

Services offered by Coomeva

This business group is one of those that has been made up of more than 17 companies for years, and this entity also provides a great and very important service throughout the country.

Thanks to these large numbers of associates, protection can be provided to many users, it also generates employment for more than 15,000 thousand people In a direct way.

Thanks to the cooperative origin, the company contributes to the integral development of associations in the cooperative, protecting and benefiting members in three sectors corresponding, financial, health and protection.

By facilitating the advancement and development with a million Colombians, a service is provided in different ways and products, such as welfare, health, housing, entrepreneurship, among other developments. business, recreation, tourism and culture.


As explained above, this company offers an incredible number of services, benefiting many Colombians. Allowing progress, protection financial, personal and comprehensive development to all its affiliates.

It also offers health protection for those family circles, in case of any eventuality and disability, unemployment and critical illnesses, offering the best protection, whether living or vehicle, financially, etc.

This entity can receive at different rates, offers credit offers and allows access in a wide business and personal function.

To offer one of the best services, in Coomeva it offers a virtual form, so that it can make it easy for its beneficiaries to join, what is needed to join is simply by using the identification document.

What is the Coomeva Certificate?

Coomeva is a platform in charge of providing a health and protection service for each of the citizens and each family in Colombia.

It has more than 245,000 associates Throughout the national territory.

It is very important to note that for years the platform has provided the service to the general public, when talking about Coomeva.

There is talk of a cooperative that provides quality services and is made up of a professional and dedicated team.

The association that it offers for all its members is the opportunity to improve their personal development, create a production entity, obtain common goods and services.

This cooperative was founded in the city of Cal. One of the main founders of this company was the pediatrician Uriel Estrada Calderon , this is one of the names that the building of the national headquarters of Coomeva bears in Cali.

Initially, it has a first year of 400 associates and currently a number of 239,571 associates and their family.Therefore, the credit and savings service was provided to the doctors of the Cauca’s Valley.

However, today the cooperative associates many professionals, such as: technicians, technologies and families from all over Colombia.

Due to the origin of the cooperative, the company is sustainable and a great commitment to cooperative and corporate social responsibility can be achieved. Since 2010, it has been part of the UN Global Compact.

At Coomeva, education is promoted as a pillar and principle of the comprehensive strategy of «Coomeva Educa ».

Having two scholarship programs where 8000 students they have benefited from a college and basic education.

In coomeva we work a lot for cooperativism, it is an economic and social model preferred by many Colombians, being a goal for the year 2021.


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