Coosalud Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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If you want to know how to process the Coosalud Certificate, This is your moment! Today we will be explaining how you can obtain this document in the easiest and fastest way possible, at the same time we will tell you other aspects that we think are very important to know, such as their functions, their agencies, etc.

Coosalud is an insured in the health area that is positioned as the largest of the subsidized regime entities in the country. It has an excellent reputation in terms of its administration and service, so today we will be talking about it, so that you can do your procedure without any doubts. Do not go!

Coosalud Certificate: How do I join Coosalud?

Before you can process the certificate, you should know not only How to Join Coosalud, but also do it. As you will see below, you can do it through two regimes: the subsidized regime and the contributory regime. Depending on your possibilities, you will be able to see which one is the most appropriate and which one you should carry out.

So let’s not waste any more time! Let’s see what you should do for each one and what you need.

Subsidized Regime


To enjoy this program, you must first meet a series of requirements, which are:

  • First of all, be a person who falls into category 1 and 2 of the Sisbén. However, even with compliance with this point, you cannot find yourself already affiliated with a contributory, exceptional or special regime.
  • If the above is not met, they also enter this regime special people and in priority, which can be:
  • Children at the hands of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare.
  • Individuals in a state of displacement.
  • Members of indigenous communities.
  • Minors who have no connection with the armed conflict.
  • Rural population in migratory status.
  • Older people who are located in Protection Centers.
  • Homeless.
  • Gypsy population.
  • Members of the Witness Protection Program.


Knowing that you fall into one of the two previous categories, then you must fill out the document that proves your situation (Sisbén Certificate, in the first case) and go to one of the Coosalud offices, the one of your choice. There you must deliver your identity document and request membership.

To continue, you will have to fill out the Unique Affiliation Form and News Records (FUAN) in order to make the registration effective. Once you do this, you can begin to enjoy the right to provide services.

Finally, you should know that for affiliate a newborn, You must present the Civil Registry of Birth before it reaches three months.

If you want more information about this regime, we urge you to enter this link.


To find out where the Coosalud offices are located, you just have to go to their website and click on the Where we are section.

Tax Regime


Again, to join this regimen there is only one essential requirement: you must have a work relationship.

By ‘contributory’ it is understood that there will be a specific contribution from the affiliate, so it is necessary that you receive enough income to make this contribution, which will be determined by your ability to pay.

The fees can range from $ 3,400, when an income is less than two times the minimum wage, to $ 35,600 when the remuneration is greater than five times the minimum wage. In addition, there is also the option of making co-payments, but professionals will advise you on all this in due course.


The affiliation process is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • First, enter this link and fill out the form that appears on the screen. You must enter your full name, email address that you have in use, city, cell phone number and identification number and in comments place that you want to join this scheme.
  • Send the message. Take a look at the example we have given you.
  • Wait for a Coosalud advisor to contact you with instructions regarding membership.
  • Finally, complete successfully the form of pre-enrollment.

That’s it! You should not call, the managers have the task of contacting you to complete this process.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Coosalud Certificate

Once you are affiliated, you can proceed to process the Coosalud Affiliation Certificate. It is a completely online process, which you can complete in just a moment, from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are.

Remember that you are registered and have the right to the services of the entity from the moment your form is filled out and saved in files. Without more to say, the Steps you must follow for the Coosalud Certificate or to enter the system are:

  • First of all, you have to enter the website of Coosalud.
  • Next, you have to click on Your procedures, as it appears in the image.
  • A new page will appear, in which you must enter your type and document number, and also your date of birth. This must coincide with the one registered in the entity, logically.
  • Once in the Coosalud system, you can:
    • Know your affiliation status.
    • Request and cancel medical appointments.
    • Consult and download the Coosalud Certificate.

You can also get your certificate from the home page even easier. In this case:

  • First, you enter the Coosalud page.
  • Click on the section Know your membership status.
  • You select the type of document with which you registered and the number.
  • Click on Certificates and enter the requested information.
  • Finally, you hit the submit button and voila!

In the two ways it is completely valid, although in the second it is more direct. We recommend the first one to familiarize yourself with the system.

What is it for?

With it you can make use of the services offered by Coosalud, including credit. Thus, you will be able to prove with him that you have already completed the affiliation process and now you are in the power to make use of the social protection and welfare, recreation and other services offered by this institution.

Main Co-health Agencies

Now yes, Coosalud Agencies You can get them distributed throughout Colombia so that all those who want and can join have access not only to the virtual platform, but to the offices.

All of these offices can be obtained by entering this link on the Map of offices.

You can also consult the Network services, which corresponds to all the hospitals you can access. You just have to select the Department> Municipality> Regime> Type of Service (Contributory / Subsidized). You must do the same to locate the offices.

The departments where you can find Coosalud are:

Antioquia. Arauca. Atlantic. Bolivar. Boyacá. Cauca. Cease. Cordova. Cundinamarca. Guanía. La Guajira. Magdalena. Goal. North of Santander. Risaralda. Santander. Sucre. Cauca Valley.

Coosalud Features

Coosalud has many functions that are distributed between your Cooperative and your EPS. We will mention all of them, but in general it is to offer quality services to all its affiliates, which in the EPS consists of services in the health area and in the first one, credit to the affiliate.

Thus, in general terms, the services it offers are:

  • First of all, health
  • Then, prevention, Assistance, Protection and Social Welfare
  • Health
  • Recreation, tourism and sport
  • Bussines advice
  • Commercialization
  • Projects specials
  • Education and culture
  • Investment management

It is your responsibility to provide these services in an efficient, accessible, complete manner and following the bylaws of the entity. Likewise, it is responsible for employing professionals and trained personnel in the provision of all these services, but especially those related to health.

To finish, Coosalud workers must respect human dignity, inform members about the services that operate around the clock, respect confidentiality and the right to choose, as well as religious inclinations and characteristics related to sex, gender, race, age, social position -economic and political inclination.

What is the Coosalud Certificate?

Coosalud is a Health Promotion Entity (EPS) that offers services in this area. Their services range from general medicine to specialized medicine, along with services directly related to the member’s health care, such as laboratory, emergencies, hospitalization, etc.

Was born as a Cooperative, but now it is an EPS that works with BBVA’s investment bank. In addition, it has a Board of Directors, which is in charge of managing the internal administrative affairs of the entity.

A) Yes, EPS Coosalud It allows people to register under a subsidized scheme or under a contributory scheme, which will depend on the socio-economic situation of the applicant. It is the largest entity of the subsidized regime entities in the country, with more than two million members and an incredible reputation.

Today we have explained how you can join and get your Coosalud Certificate. With this, you can start requesting all the health services that it brings to you, and perhaps even others! In addition, we extended the necessary resources so that you can know where to approach to do your procedures throughout Colombia.


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