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The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in a resolution of 2016, adopted the Coosalud Form, this being a Unique Affiliation Form and Registration of News to the General System of Social Security in Health.

Coosalud is one of the numerous Health Promoting Entities (EPS) found in Colombia. It was founded as a solidarity program and is currently a large cooperative.

It is focused on the low and vulnerable economic strata of the country, with a high quality work now it has millions of affiliates. Therefore, read this article and learn how to properly fill out this form.

What is the Coosalud Form like?

The Coosalud Form, is a worksheet that contains nine chapters with different sections or sections. It is a unique form of affiliation and registration of news, is divided into eleven sections. In these sections, all the information of the contributor, the family group and the data of the contributor must be filled out, in a suitable way for affiliation to Coosalud.

The Coosalud form offers a sequence of data organized to facilitate the affiliate in filling it out, in addition to having an instruction manual that provides guidance in this regard.

It is an easily downloadable form on the Coosalud web portal.

Instructions for filling out the Coosalud Form

In this section we go on to indicate how you should do the correct filling of the Coosalud Form. Follow the instructions and clarify any doubts if you have them to fill out the information of the member and their family group.

Procedure Data

This chapter is related to the description of the operation or transaction that is made through the subscription of the Coosalud Form:

  • Kind of Procedure You must indicate if the entry is for the first time as a contributing member, if you are the head of the family, beneficiary or additional member, you must indicate the Affiliation option. In the case of a report of the modification of basic data or regarding employment information, you must select News report.
  • Affiliation Type here you must indicate the option if it is direct or through other entities, institutions or people.
  • Regime In this section, the information to be supplied must correspond to the database supplied by the state for the query. Yes it is Contributory or Subsidized.
  • Affiliate Type It refers to the condition of the person who makes the affiliation or who reports the news. These can be: Contributing, Head of Family or family nucleus in the Subsidized Regime and Beneficiary who is the one who integrates the family nucleus and has the conditions to be registered as beneficiary of a contributor in the Contributory Regime or of a family head in the Subsidized regime.
  • Type of contributor, is related to the type of employment relationship maintained by the user who is going to make the link to the EPS, either Dependent, Independent or Pensioner.
  • Code It is the space where the code of the contributor that is in the affiliate database should be placed.

Basic Identification Data of the contributor or the head of the family

In these sections, the basic identification data of the contributor or head of household. The data must correspond to those that appear on the identity document.

The types of identity documents:

  • CN: Birth certificate.
  • RC: It is the Civil Registry of Birth.
  • YOU: The identity card.
  • DC: Citizenship card.
  • EC: corresponds to the immigration card.
  • PA: it is the passport.
  • CD: Diplomatic Card.
  • SC: it is the Safe Conduct of Permanence.

Supplementary data

Data must be recorded for both the contributor in the contributory scheme and for the head of the family in the subsidized scheme. It includes the following sections:

  • Ethnicity, you must make the registration that corresponds to the ethnic group, if it is the case. The codes are as follows: 01 Indigenous, 02 Gypsy, 03 Raizal, 04 Palenquero, 05 Negrojal, Afro-Colombian.
  • Disability, if it is the case and you are medically qualified.
  • SISBEN scoreIt only applies to the Subsidized Regime according to the SISBEN survey score.

Identification data of the members of the family nucleus

The identification data of the spouse or partner in the case that applies, as long as it also contributes to the SGSSS.

In case of not contributing, you must register in the section «Identification data of the members of the family nucleus».

You must fill out the Relationship field according to the following:

  • For Spouse: CY.
  • For permanent partners, include same-sex partners: CP.
  • For children under 25 years of age: HI.
  • In the case of the children of the member’s permanent spouse: HC.
  • In the case of beneficiaries who have children: HB.
  • Those with permanent disability: MD.
  • For the contributor’s parents: PO.
  • Children under 18 years of age in custody: MC.
  • For people of any age who are additional members: AA.

Employer identification data

Name or company name, type and number of identification document, type of contributor or pension payer, location, contact numbers.

News Report

This report must only be made by contributors and heads of household, beneficiaries can only report news that are authorized in the instructions of Resolution 974 of 2016.

Data for the News Report

The list of users to whom something new is going to be applied in the system must be made. Only the new items 9, 10, 11, 12, 15 should be dated.

Declarations and Authorizations

The user must read each of the Declarations and Authorizations and select with an X that they agree with.


The form must be signed by the contributor, head of the family, employer, contributor or entity responsible for the collective, institutional or ex officio affiliation.


You must indicate with an X in the boxes that correspond to the documents that are attached, according to the procedure that is done.

Data to be Completed by the Territorial Entity

The information in this section is that which corresponds to the Commercial Advisor or the User Service Line Consultant

If you require more information regarding the Affiliation Form, consult the portal.

What is the Coosalud Form for?

The Coosalud Form is an instrument that serves to facilitate and unify the process of affiliation to a Health Promotion Entity (EPS).

In this way, the data that is recorded must be identical to the data kept by the Colombian state.

What is Coosalud?

The Cooperativa Multiactiva de Desarrollo Integral is an institution dedicated to the Health sector. Coosalud was created with the purpose of serving people in unfavorable economic and social conditions. Its purpose is to care for economic and social sectors in vulnerable situations.

Coosalud is an entity that provides health services, which specializes in the subsidized regime, for needy citizens and in extreme poverty, likewise, it enables services in a contributory regime.

Affiliates can have the online platform where they can make arrangements for different services.

In addition, this Cooperative is considered as the largest in Colombia and has prestige, credibility in the market. It is an entity that focuses on care through good service to all its affiliates, currently it has a presence in 12 departments of the country.

It has remained active in the market as a company innovative, with environmental sustainability, good financial performance and with a good reputation in the market.

It is a company that grew by promoting respect and solidarity. It has had a great growth in recent years.

This cooperative has 25 years in the market, was born in the eastern part of Cartagena and was managed by the same community.

It is currently consolidated as a large national company that is growing and consolidating with expansion plans in the health sector, where it stands out for being one of the Health Promotion Entities with the most affiliates.

In addition, intends to enter the tourism, financial, and education sectors, among others.

What is the Coosalud Form?

The Coosalud Form was implemented according to Resolution 974 of the year 2016, where the Unique Form of Affiliation and News to the General System of Social Security in Health (SGSSS) is regulated.

This resolution allowed the adoption of the single Form of Affiliation and Registration of News to the General System of Social Security in Health.

Also, the instructions for filling out the single form. Likewise, it establishes the obligation and makes a description of its content.

The scope of application is for Entities obliged to compensate and EPS Health Promoting Entities. Contributory and subsidized regimes must compulsorily provide and use the form adopted in Resolution 974.

You have reached the end of the article and you already know the Coosalud Form And how to fill it out correctly, likewise, know a little more about this growing company called Coosalud.


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