Corrective Measures Certificate: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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The Corrective Measures CertificateIt is a role that every Colombian citizen must have to protect their identity, whether they have committed a legal offense or not.

This document has in detail the information of each person, therefore, it is important to comply with the requirements andntend Colombian laws so as not to have a bad time. In this article, you will learn about the following ways to obtain it and its importance in this country.

Steps to obtain the Certificate of Corrective Measures

There are not many requirements that must be met, you just have to always take into account personal identification or passport in case of being a foreigner. Y, have on hand the comparing.

Then you have to complete a series of important steps, where the competent authorities sanction you with a corrective measure, they will assign you a role that must be kept. Because there are the data that will later be needed as proof, and they are:

  • Enter the Web page
  • Enter the data in the section of the page, such as the number of file, identity card or subpoena
  • It must be placed if the consultation will be carried out for the different documents: Records or ID
  • Selecting the button «Validate Official» or «New» You can choose the type of person by whom this corrective action is verified.
  • Wait for the system to validate the information provided
  • Then the certificate can be downloaded and ready to print.

The requirements that are needed for this are: The identification number, such as: passport, identity card or Special Permit of Permanence. You also need a: Device to access the internet, use a web browser either on the computer or mobile to make inquiries via the web.

It is a system that is very simple to use. It’s just better to make sure you don’t lose your data, or else you should report directly to the authorities for help.

National Registry System of Corrective Measures RNMC

It is always good to know about the regulations of our country, since, not knowing the laws where we live, we do not know where we are standing, because they must be complied with and the people who work in function to comply with it. For this reason, we must remember those laws and regulations that are always available in a public place, buying or being in a library.

The System of the National Registry of Corrective Measures, is the database that the Colombian police has where all the offenses committed in Colombia are recorded. It is important to comply with article 172 of the National Police and Coexistence Code.

It is not a secret that everything that is done in the country is not confidential, since it is controlled by police authorities, everything is recorded in a system of our activities. Since we carry out any activity using our money, whether it is canceled with a credit or debit card, it is also saved in a electronic system.

What appears in the Certificate of Corrective Measures?

You can find several very important features, below will be mentioned:

  1. Failure violating code standards National Police and coexistence.
  2. Name and surname of the people who are carried out in consultation of the corrective measures.
  3. The type of identity and number of the same of the people for whom the corrective measures are being verified.
  4. The sanction that applies to people in case of not committing a fault.
  5. You can view the fine imposed or if any corrective action was taken

In the event that the people to consult have not committed any breach of the code National Police and coexistence, it should only appear with the full name of the person because it will be verified in the corrective measures, in addition to the document that will be used to identify yourself.

What is the Corrective Measures Certificate for?

This certificate of corrective measures is direct to all those people who wish to work in positions of public entities. These types of documents are required to renew the commercial registration, although if several inconveniences occur, lthe person commits an offense at the moment.

Finally, the certificate of corrective measures is to indicate to the municipal authorities if a fault was committed or not, to the national code of Police and Coexistence. This certificate is not needed for anything that has to do with state entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

By reading the entire article, it suggests some questions that may occur in each of the users and here we have answered them for you. So if you had any questions, this can help you:

  • How should the fine be paid?

You must go with the receipt that was delivered in the official to any agency of the Western Bank to be able to make this payment, it is recommended that the payment be made before 5 business days after having a tax the mulatto so that there is no 5% discount.

If the person does not have money to make a payment, the fine is 1 or 2 to the corresponding authorities to cancel the debts with the community service. This can only be done in the city ​​of Bogota and should be done during 5 days skills having received the fine.

  • What problems can I have if I don’t pay the fine?

There is only one problem is the accumulation of interest that can end up having a fine, while the days are allowed to pass, by which they begin to accumulate when the debts have already been a month without being paid.

In addition, an amount of benefits can be lost that at some point may be needed or participated:

  • It is important to advance your job if you work in some of the state entities.
  • The permit to bear arms or tenacity must be acquired or renewed.
  • Hire a public entity or the contract is renewed.
  • Process the acquisition or renewal of the commercial register in the chamber of commerce.
  • Study in a training school for the public force.

What is the day that corrective actions close?

That day does not have fixed date on the calendar, but all announce them when the corrective actions are closed and that day must be published through social networks.

Although, it is best to do all the procedures regarding fines, You cannot leave this type of streamlining until tomorrow, even if you don’t have the money at the moment, that would be another story.

Can I do something if I do not agree with the fine imposed on me?

Of course, only it is not to create a discussion with the officials, it should only be indicated in it that you want to make use of the appeal, where the information must be sent to the police inspector and that must be in a period of time from 24 hours.

In the case of having an altercation with the officials, you can go to the authority that has power over this type of case and it must be done within a period of time. 3 business days, after receiving a fine. When this diligence has been carried out, an investigation of the facts can be carried out to see if the fine is validated or not.

What is the Certificate of Corrective Measures?

This is a document that reflects the faults and fines that have been committed by a citizen, which according to the article 172 from CNPC, they are not grounds for a person to be sentenced to a penitentiary, for not enhancing the payment of the fine.

The downside of this certificate is that anyone with the ID number, can know all your data, since there is no restriction to enter this portal of the National Registry System of Corrective Measures.

Therefore, it is important to comply with the rules of coexistence and not get into any trouble. It is not very nice to be receiving fines, but it is recommended that each user do their check verifying if there is no problem with the law, remember the process as we explained above and you can make your queries to obtain the Corrective Measures Certificate.


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