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The White Cross Form It originates from the intervention carried out by the National Superintendent of Health, totally canceling the authorization of operation and liquidation of the Health Promotion Entity Cruz Blanca EPS, limiting its services until October 31, 2019, while the affiliates are removed to other EPS .

The White Cross Form It is the format and means for the claimants, whose purpose is to make some type of claim for the amount of money pending payment, before the liquidation of the Cruz Blanca Health Promoter. Here we advise you on this form.

White Cross Form Format

The White Cross Form Format is available on the page Web from the entity, you can also collect it completely free of charge, at the offices located at Carrera 46, No. 91-78, Barrio La Castellana, in Bogotá DC

This form must be delivered personally, in original and copies with their respective supports, at the headquarters of Cruz Blanca Entidad Promotora de Salud SA, Cruz Blanca in Liquidation. See information in page.

East Cruz Blanca Form Format, allows its users to have a response via email to their claim, within the subsequent 15 days.


The claim supported by the invoice, it must have a relationship on the magnetic medium that contains at least the following information: Social status, Nit or citizen card, invoice number, invoice issue date, invoice issue date (if issued ), concept and value.

Regardless of whether the interested party has requested the pay or compliance prior to this process, a claim must be filed. Any other means of claiming compensation will be considered undue punishment.

Remember that the accounts unclaimed receivables, which have been correctly verified in the official accounting books of the clearing entity. Study to determine the feasibility of classifying it as a true unclaimed liability.

How to fill out the Cruz Blanca Form?

The White Cross Form Format must be processed in:

  1. Original and in copy,
  2. With legible handwriting,
  3. With all the sheets numbered.
  4. It must bear the signature of the legal representative, by the tax auditor and / or accountant, also by the attorney-in-fact and the respective official authorized to file it.
  5. The form or form will be received in person and will be considered timely if it was filed and sealed, with proof of receipt at the headquarters that is responsible for CRUZ BLANCA ENTIDAD PROMOTORA DE SALUD SA or CRUZ BLANCA EN LIQUIDACIÓN named for the presentation of claims.
  6. With documents and annexes.

What is the Cruz Blanca Form for?

The White Cross Form Format It is used to make a claim for debts, such as:

  • By employment contracts.
  • Libranzas.
  • Tax Debt.
  • Credit Debt.
  • ICBF, SENA, Compensation Fund.
  • Insurer (Pensions, Health and Risks).
  • Health Services Providers.
  • Licenses and Disabilities and Non-Viable Births.
  • Contract settlement.
  • Resource flow.
  • Refund of contributions.
  • PAC contributions.
  • Financing in Health SGP Hospitals, of the Social Security System,.
  • Financing of Contracts with Entities of the Social Security System in Health.
  • Ordinary processes.
  • Executive processes.
  • Final Judgments.
  • Conciliations.
  • Disciplinary and Sanctions.
  • Debts to Suppliers.
  • Goods and Third Parties.
  • Health Services Refunds.
  • Other debts.

What is Cruz Blanca?

White Cross EPS was a health promoting entity, the organization was born in Colombia, thanks to the foresight of Chilean investors, who are concerned about the changes in the country’s social security system and decided to evaluate the conditions to formulate a new health plan. Under the new legal framework in which the insurer as the author of the system determined by Law No. 100, provided financing, organization and provision of medical services.

For this reason, the opportunity to participate in the new health system was identified, thus creating a company focused on complying with the demanding parameters, such as efficiency, quality and profitability of the future organization of the HealthAt the same time, it strives to develop adequate information systems to make correct and timely decisions as a strategic vision for the achievement of goals.

Since February 1995, after analyzing the regulatory conditions established to date by Law No. 100 of 1993, a nursing model adapted to the new established proposal has been designed. The model takes into account the experience of Cuba and its family doctors, who have demonstrated the benefits of Cuba in carrying out follow-up activities of Familiar groups, and can develop effective prevention methods on this basis to achieve an index for children. Enviable health in Latin America.

Cruz Blanca functions

  • White cross It was a company that was dedicated to providing Colombians with quality, opportunity, and efficiency in terms of quality, timeliness, and efficiency through the services of social groups and providers dedicated to human health.
  • Comprehensive health services. Improve the Health of members through a comprehensive approach to family health, through prevention rather than treatment.
  • In and of itself, it provided company officials and their families with opportunities to achieve personal and professional achievement, and to strive for better-than-market profitability.
  • General practitioners developed their own infrastructure, assigned to a group of families to carry out all the nursing, education and even administrative activities in these families, thus ensuring efficient and reasonable care procedures.
  • Operational support was provided in the information system, because each doctor has a computer terminal that works on the intranet in each CMF and allows to maintain a unique medical history for each user and all the antecedents. And the services provided greatly facilitated follow-up actions (managed care) to designated families.

Other functions:

  • Through the information system It was possible to obtain the activities carried out by all professionals in the health field (general practitioners, nurses and dentists), and their management could be evaluated on a monthly basis. which makes it possible to identify who and in which areas are based on different criteria for each activity. The behavior was far from the required criteria.
  • They built the developing strategic with other networks of level of care service providers, the types and rates of these agreements were fully defined and the management of the system allowed providers to identify and control the type and value of services.
  • The characteristics of these agreements are based on the cost of providing the services (service fees), and there was a clear priority principle for timely payment to the provider, which is a key variable in establishing a long-term relationship.
  • Likewise, the information system can know the data of the service provided by the provider network of clinics and hospitals, the information system can know the cost and frequency of each service and each institution, and compare the average cost.
  • They had a good geographical distribution Cruz blanca EPS operated in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín.
  • To comply with the advertising proposal «White cross It is always close by ”, the medical and dental center has been strategically located in the city for easy access.
  • Different means of contact.

More information on the page Web.

Cruz benefits White

Among the benefits that the EPS white cross to its affiliates we find:

  • Medicines.
  • Transport service.
  • Attention to emergencies.
  • Consultation of general and specialized medicine.
  • Surgical and hospital care 24/7.
  • Care of deliveries and cesarean sections.
  • Actions for the recovery of health.
  • Diagnostic Imaging.
  • Laboratories and rehabilitation services.
  • Dental care.
  • Promotion and prevention programs.
  • Home care.

What services does it not cover?

  • Surgeries aesthetic and weight loss treatments.
  • Treatments for infertility.
  • Wheelchairs, reducing girdles, contact lenses, implants, acrylic bandages and prosthetics.
  • Medicines that are not contemplated, or are recognized, by the different scientific medical associations.
  • Transplant organs.
  • Medications for memory or erectile dysfunction.
  • Salt substitute drugs, anorectics, sweeteners.

What is the Cruz Blanca Form?

The decision was made after the regulatory agency designated by the regulatory agency issued a report on September 4, which concluded that due to its dire financial situation, White cross threatens the health of users and system resources. The fact is that many complaints, sanctions and legal proceedings have been added.

According to the liquidation decision, the Form White cross, Since it had to guarantee the 31 cities located in Valle del Cauca, Cundinamarca, Antioquia and 312,000 people in the capital of the country in which it operates at that time, the members should provide services until December 31. As of November 1, new EPS were established, assigned by the Ministry of Health that would provide medical services.

Superintendent assured users that «their procedures, operations, treatments or medications will not be suspended. Cruz Blanca and the EPS that will host them must ensure their attention. See page Web.

The Form White cross led to reassure the 33,600,000 Cruz Blanca users that they will continue to maintain contact with the EPS and will determine the future of the entity even in the coming months. In Antioquia, there are 52 million Cruz Blanca users, of which 4.7 million are in Medellín.

On the other hand, the State Attorney General’s Office asked SuperSalud to intervene and take measures to ensure at least 2 million users who were at risk.


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