Current Domain Certificate: Requirements, Online and MORE

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If you want to get the Valid Domain Certificate, in this article we leave you all the corresponding information. It is a very quick and easy procedure, which can be done on your own. So keep reading the information we have for you.

You will find the requirements that must be presented to acquire the certificate, how to process it online, by mail and in person. Also, what is its usefulness, the cost, response time of the procedure, some frequently asked questions that users should ask and much more information.

Requirements for the Certificate of Valid Domain

The VIgent Domain Certificate, is a fundamental documentation when updating the inscriptions of the real estate belonging to the National Archive. This is part of the procedures that are carried out in the Cultural Heritage Service.

The basic requirements to request this Certificate are the following:

  • The identity card of the applicant. This must be recorded when making the request for the Valid Domain Certificate.
  • It is also necessary to have the data of the page, the year of affiliation and the registration number of the corresponding asset. In the case of not having it, it is recommended to communicate directly with the National Service of Cultural Heritage and ask for guidance.

Get the Certificate of Valid Domain Online or by Mail

Below are the steps to follow to manage the Valid Domain Certificate, through two (2) modalities:

Via Online

  • Enter the website belonging to National Service of Cultural Heritage.
  • Press the option «go to online procedure».
  • While in the entity’s web portal, you must choose the site where the property is located: If the applicant’s commune corresponds to one of those indicated in the Santiago Real Estate Curator, click on the box.
  • If it corresponds to another town, you have to choose the alternative «other communes», a message will immediately be displayed with the address «in office» of the Conservative of the commune.
  • Then fill in the requested information, and choose the option «add to shopping cart.»
  • Verify the cost and number of Certificates orders, click on «next».
  • Enter the username and password. In the case of not being registered, an account must be created.
  • Check the shopping cart, and press the «next» option.
  • Review the petition and click on «go to pay». Once there, you will be redirected to the website of the TGR (General Treasury of the Republic). When the payment has been made, the agency will send you an email, which will confirm the request for the Certificate.
  • The result of the request will be to obtain a copy of the registration of the property with current domain. The response of will have in a time more or less than two (2) hours between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm, by means of the mail the document can be downloaded.

Important data

  • The delivery time of the certificate is two (2) hoursHowever, this may be extended if the Conservator carries out an extra analysis or search.
  • To check the status of the request, you can do placing the dial number.
  • As you belong to a commune that does not correspond to the jurisdiction of Santiago, you must check if the Certificate is available on the Conservadores Digitales website, through the alternative «online procedures».
  • If you want to have more information, you can communicate through from the following telephone number: 56 2 2390 08 00.

By mail

This alternative applies to those users who are in regions close to Santiago and need a Registration Certificate, issued from the Main Office of the National Archive of the Administration. This form, both by email and by post, is the best option for some people.

It begins by writing a request, including in it the contact information: full name, address and telephone number. In the same way, identify the property documentation with a page, the year of registration, number and the population where the Real Estate was registered.

This documentation must be sent through Correos de Chile, to the Office located at Matucana 151, in Santiago. If it is sent by email, it can be done to the address that appears in this linkWhen it is done in this way, an email is answered with the instructions and the cost that must be taken into consideration.

When paying the amount, the management will be processed. Once the documentation is ready, the applicant’s home address will be physically sent to the nearest Chile Post Office. Remember that the address is the one provided in the Certificate request document.

The time to deliver the document is fifteen (15) business days, after canceling the amount. In addition to this, 2 to 3 days must be calculated that the postal service has, to proceed to dispatch the Certificate to the address provided.

Get the Certificate of Domain in force at the Office

To get the Valid Domain Certificate, the applicant must visit one of its Offices that are available in the country. You have the opportunity to choose the one closest to your home address. These locations are the following:

  • The Office of Matucana 151, in the Metropolitan Region in Santiago.
  • Lautaro Office 1171, in the Araucanía Temuco Region.
  • The Arturo Prat 2120 Headquarters, in the Tarapacá Iquique Region.

The offices named above have a business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The official only has to be informed of the willingness to request the Valid Domain Certificate of Real Estate. Continue with the guidelines that are given, provide the information requested and indicate how you will pay.

The period of time to receive the document is fifteen (15) business days, after paying the amount. From that moment on, the Certificate will be available to the applicant.

What is the Current Domain Certificate for?

It is a fundamental Certificate both for natural persons, and for companies, institutions and public services usually. Its main function is identify and register real estate, in front of the National Real Estate Registry.

Frequent questions

Among the most frequent questions that users ask about the Valid Domain Certificate, there are those mentioned below:

Where to acquire the Certificate of Valid Domain of a property?

The copy of the updated domain registration, no more than thirty (30) days, is issued by the Real Estate Registrar.

Do Financial Institutions request this Certificate?

It is usual that both financial institutions and banks or tentative buyers, ask for a copy of the certificate. The purpose is to analyze the property title of the assets that will be transferred, mortgaged, sold, etc.

When can the Certificate be requested?

You have the opportunity to ask for it all year round, there are no restrictions in this regard.

What is needed to request the Certificate of Valid Domain?

When ordering this document, the information must be available page, year and associated number aa to the registration of the respective asset. This will help the document to be located quickly and correctly.

What is page, number and year about?

It is the way that it is legally distinguish a specific inscription in a record of the Conservator. Therefore, it is very important to take care when making the annotation of the Certification, which shows the inscription in the Property Registry.

What is the cost of the procedure?

The amount of the procedure has a variation between $ 2,000 and up to $ 4,600 pesos. In the event that the document has more than seven (7) standard sheets, $ 300 pesos must be paid for each additional sheet. This is only set by the year of registration of the real estate to be certified.

What is it?

The Valid Domain Certificate, is a document that enables the registration of the domain of a real estate, in front of the Real Estate Offices within the National Archive. This instrument is also within the National Cultural Heritage Service.

This document reflects the registration number, the city and the year. This same information will be used, to later request a copy of the Registration Certificate. They can even be found in the digitized list of Real Estate of the national archive, or through its official web portal.

The Legal Framework that supports this certificate refers to the Decree with Force of Law (DFL) No. 5,200, of 1929. Which can be reviewed through the link that was left in the previous line.

You already have everything you need to acquire the Valid Domain Certificate. Only presenting the identity card and providing the page, registration number and the year of associate, are sufficient data to manage this document.

It is very important to have this Certificate, since it is the proof that a property or an asset is registered with the competent body. Do not wait any longer and request this document.


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