Customs Form 112: Format, Instructions and MORE

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The Customs Form 112 It is a document in which you must specify in detail each of the aspects that govern the specific merchandise. With which, among these elements, it is necessary that you include the shipping information. Therefore, the data of the cargo, the means of transport and the company must also be found.

In the same way, you must be very careful with what data you put in this format. That is why each of these must be true and unique with respect to the specific procedure. If you are interested in this process, we invite you to continue reading. Next, we will tell you how to fill it out, what it is and much more.

Customs Form 112 format

First of all, it is essential that we tell you what the Format of the Customs Form 112. Likewise, these indications can help you to recognize which are the specific data of the merchandise and the corresponding company, which you must detail in it. Thus, the necessary aspects that you must fill in, once you start the process, are the following:

Request for Transshipment of Goods

  • Description and Code of the Customs Administration
  • Application number
  • Specify the corresponding pages
  • Check the option that corresponds to the type of transfer requested
  • Place the option corresponding to the type of cargo manifest

General Data of the Arrived Means of Transport

  • Transport company or cooperative
  • Tax identification number
  • Cargo manifest number

General Aspects of Transshipped Cargo

  • Shipping Document Number
  • Description of the goods
  • Plate or wagon number of the original means of transport
  • Type of package, quantity and weight

  • Tax Identification Number of the substitute transport
  • Substitute carriage plate or wagon number
  • Type of package, quantity and weight
  • Destination customs code
  • Totals for each merchandise
  • Additional remarks

Instructions for filling out the Customs Form 112

In the same way, it is necessary that you take into account this very significant aspect within the process. With which, so that you are aware of how to fill the Customs Form 112, we will provide you with an appropriate instruction for it. That is why, immediately, we will tell you how you should carry out this filling procedure:

  • First, regarding the data of the header, you must enter the name and code of the customs office where the transhipment request is submitted
  • Then, you must indicate the unique number that identifies the form, which will be consigned by the customs administration when the transhipment request is accepted.
  • Also, you must enter the number of sheets that make up the transshipment request
  • Check the corresponding box, depending on the type of transshipment you request
  • Fill in the full name of the transport company or cooperative

  • To which the means of transport in which the cargo subject to transshipment arrived
  • Enter the number assigned by the National Tax Service and the registration number assigned to the cargo manifest
  • Subsequently, enter the number of the shipping document that covers the cargo subject to transshipment and the characteristics of the goods
  • Indicates the plate number of the means of transport or identification of the wagon from which the cargo will be transshipped, the quantity and weight of the declared packages
  • Additionally, you must provide the plate number of the means of transport or identification of the wagon to which the cargo will be transshipped.
  • As well as, the quantity transported in the substitute medium, its gross weight and the customs code of the final destination.

Finally, once you have completed the aforementioned, you must sign, enter your identification number and the date on which you are making the request. Then, the customs official must record each of the data entered on the form. In order to do so, proceed to authorize the transshipment of the corresponding merchandise.

What is it for?

Now, having mentioned each of the important points in the previous sections, it is necessary to emphasize an additional aspect. With which, this is the utility that corresponds to grant the Customs Form 112 respectively. That is why we will point out some of its functions below:

  • This document is mainly used to authorize the transshipment of certain goods
  • With which, said authorization depends solely on the customs official of the National Customs of Bolivia.
  • Therefore, each of the data that you put in this format will be verified by that body.
  • Thus, this Administration authorizes the transshipment of goods to the means and / or transport units detailed in the Customs Form 112
  • As well as the continuation of customs transit to the declared customs office of destination

Grounds for Rejection of the Goods Declaration

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the possibility that your declaration of transshipment of goods is rejected. Thus, the customs administration must confirm the consistency of the data before accepting the declaration form. Thus, through the customs computer system or manually, it will indicate the differences that are not allowed.

  • The goods declaration will not be accepted if you find yourself in any of the following situations
  • If you send the declaration to the customs administration instead of the customs department that has jurisdiction over the goods
  • Also, in the event that the tax paid by the customs agent is different from the clearance carried out by the General Administration of Customs

  • Through the customs computer system or manually based on the data provided by you as the recipient
  • In addition, when you do not provide the required certificates or prior authorization for the merchandise or you are prohibited from entering the country
  • If the name of the consignee is different from the name that appears on the customs document
  • Unless the goods are transferred in accordance with this article
  • Finally, when the goods declaration form indicates that there is more than one recipient; the declaration of rejection of goods will not suspend the permanent period

Bolivian National Customs

The National Customs of Bolivia It is an entity in charge of facilitating the development and security of the country. In the same way, it seeks to promote foreign trade, control basic products and improve the collection of tariffs. Therefore, it is in charge of authorizing the transshipment of the determined goods, and their means of transport.

In the same way, this body proposes the promotion of the registration and authorization of foreign trade operators in a simple and agile way. Thus, this is carried out through qualified personnel and through the use of information and communication technologies. With which, it seeks to ensure that the requirements determined in the current regulations are met.

Likewise, it is in charge of verifying the data and continuously updating the registry of foreign trade operators, and promoting our performance. In order to do so, specify optimal procedures that lead to continuous improvements in the institution. Below we will mention some of the strategic objectives of the entity:

  • Improve the efficiency of customs operations and provide customs services for enforcement and voluntary compliance
  • Modernize and improve the efficiency of customs control through risk management and the application of sanctions
  • In order to promote compliance with customs obligations and stop smuggling
  • Promote transparency and organizational communication to increase customs modernization and ethical values ​​in public services
  • Carry out the development of internal skills that lead to the execution of customs procedures in the country

What is the Customs Form 112 ?:

The Customs Form 112 It is also called a Freight Transshipment Request form. With which, this constitutes an official document for applicants and officially recognized customs officials involved in the verification and authorization of the transshipment process.

Likewise, it must be submitted in three (3) attached forms. Thus, these correspond to one for the document of the General Administration of Customs for transshipment, another for the carrier that delivered the merchandise and another for the substitute carrier. It is essential that you have these precautions to carry out the processing

In the same way, the customs transhipment will conclude with the delivery of the merchandise in the customs warehouse or in the free zone of the destination customs office. In this sense, in turn, it is essential that you take into account an extremely important aspect. This corresponds to the prohibited transshipment of certain merchandise. Some of these are as follows:

  • Merchandise governed by cigarettes, undocumented, prohibited or stolen vehicles
  • Products that require prior authorization such as medications, pesticides, among others
  • Merchandise that due to its heterogeneous and functional nature cannot be distributed
  • This can occur for the specific moment in which the Intervention Act is concluded, such as an industrial machine
  • Hydrocarbons seized in the export of contraband aggravating the crime
NOTE: in case 2 and 3 it will be possible to deliver Credit Notes negotiable in the market

Declare your merchandise without inconvenience!


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