Data Protection Certificate: Requirements, Cost and MORE

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Citizens who require a personal protection system can do so through the issuance of the Data Protection Certificate, which is a guarantee of information guarantee in Spain. Request it without delay!

The information guarantee backup, is the file responsible for protecting and guaranteeing the data provided by residents or organizations. There are some guidelines to follow to obtain this certificate, therefore, you must fully comply with all the documents that are needed to obtain it.

Keep reading about the Data Protection Certificate!

Requirements for the Data Protection Certificate

As each tender involves a large number of explicit precautionary measures, the necessary prerequisites are grouped in a number of ways. To demand the Data Protection Certificate, you should think about the current conditions.

These conditions are divided into:

Autonomous resident

These citizens must record the following precautions:

  • The Public Registry.
  • As an unknown resident, you must present the Passport or the Foreign Identity Number (NIE).
  • A service receipt in which the applicant’s place of residence is corroborated.
  • Submit a letter clarifying why you are requesting the certificate.

Small, medium and large organizations

When preparing this report for existing organizations in Spain, you must have the detailed prerequisites:

  • The Mercantile Registry of the organization, where the information of the owner or the partners that make up the company is displayed.
  • Solvency in service payments, as well as taxes.
  • In the event that you are a legal representative, you must present a power of attorney to give continuity to the request.
  • Explanatory letter showing the document request and the purposes behind it.

Property manager

As with the different conditions, this requires the basic prerequisites for the transmission and handling of the certificate:

  • Present the Commercial Registry of the company, which must be current and notarized.
  • A confirmation of the well-being of the organization.
  • Present the payment guarantees to the treasury as an organization.
  • Demonstrate the solvency of payment of taxes, domestic services and everything related to the property.

Whenever these documents are submitted to the competent body, there will be evidence that the process has been started to request the Data Protection Certificate. Therefore, you must present them in original to avoid delays.

What is the Data Protection Certificate for?

Information assurance is a legal control to avoid the aimless use of individual information, all those data that are an indispensable aspect of our private circle and that can be used to evaluate certain parts of our character.

Due to the importance and affectivity of an individual’s own wellness information, its security must be substantially more complete than with other types of information. The LOPD and the General Security Regulation safeguard the information.

Cost of the Data Protection Certificate

The cost of the endorsement depends on the type of request and the element that makes the preparation of said report. It is important to mention that the cost of the certificate originates from the tax unit specified in the European Regulation which is responsible for protecting the data.

The person or persons responsible for controlling the authentication component will transmit the aforementioned accreditation to the organization. The board will investigate each confirmation instrument, stamp, and imprint on the information, and make it public.

For the most part, the costs of preparingl Data Protection Certificate are entered as follows:

  • Self-Employed Citizen: the amount is around 200 to 250 Euros. This includes the registration of activities, impact evaluation, among others.
  • Small, Medium and Large Companies: the amount to be canceled is 450 and 500 Euros. Includes risk analysis, security management, among others.
  • Property manager: in this category the price is around 90 to 100 Euros.

Spanish Agency for Data Protection

Within the limits established by the General Data Protection Regulation defined by the European Association, workplaces or organizations have been established in the participating States.

In this way, the Spanish Information Security Organization was created in Spain as a data control body for residents. The office has the duty to provide you with essential assistance through the data channels that accompany it:

  • Citizens can go personally to the following address, Calle Jorge Juan- 6 -28001 – Madrid- Spain.
  • They can also receive online support through the official website.
  • In addition, by phone, establishing communication at the attached number: 90110099 – 912 663517.

As it should be obvious, the office has a few different ways of keeping you informed so, it can also effectively handle the Data Protection Certificate. It is important to request support if required.

How can I prove that I am in compliance with the Agency?

The Guide itself confirms that adherence to the implicit rules could be used as a component of display of consistency, since they have been affirmed according to the craft models. 40 of the RGPD or through the components of article 42.

Since these methods are not mandatory, accreditation should also be possible through the documentation that has been developed to decide on the proposed measures to follow the commitments of the Guideline.

This method of exhibiting or certifying consistency dependent on internal documentation and proof will not be complicated, as we are committed to saving the proof that proves, for example, that we have accurately disclosed.

This implies that we will have a large amount of documentation about the regulation such as:

  • Internal procedures or protocols.
  • Information clauses.
  • Treatment manager contracts
  • Record of treatment activities

What is the Data Protection Certificate?

In the same way as other records of this nature, the fundamental capacity of the Data Protection Certificate is to ensure the reliability of the information that may be delivered by individuals or organizations.

If it is managed by the General Data Protection Regulation, established by the European Association, this has a significant position and satisfaction in Spain. Its creation and endorsement was in 2016, however, it was from 2018 when it came into force.

During the time of commitment to the applicant’s instruments and entities, this has been widely recognized and positive results have been obtained. Particularly in Spain, where he made the Spanish Office process and comply these rules.

What does the Data Protection Officer do?

Given the popularity of this figure, the Spanish Information Insurance Office has seen the need to put on the table the reliability and security of the protection experts, as well as of the organizations and elements, which will consolidate the figure of the Agent.

This specialist is a guarantor of compliance with data protection regulations in organizations, it is important that they have knowledge in the area of ​​labor law and therefore in data protection.

Penalties for violation of Data Protection Certificate?

It is important to keep in mind, what are the sanctions we face for infringing the protection of data. The RGPD imposes the following fines:

  • Organizations violating the law will receive a fine of approximately 10 million euros.
  • For not assigning a data protection officer, when required.
  • For not having security measures appropriate to the business.

Frequent questions

Throughout this article, we have gathered a great deal of information and facts of general intrigue. Be that as it may, there are still different concerns regarding this issue, which we will answer below.

What is the term of legitimacy of the Data Protection Certificate?

When the Certificate is received, the legitimacy of the file is 3 consecutive years. The certificate must be restored for the same similar period of time after its expiration.

Could it be restored automatically the Data Protection Certificate?

It is not possible, as the candidate must go to the office within the deadline and re-register the necessary documents to reestablish the Data Protection Certificate for its renovation.

What are codes of conduct for?

Accepted sets of rules are instruments that must be adopted on a deliberate premise that ensures consistency with the new guidelines. The Guideline itself states that adherence to accepted rule sets can be used as support.

Since they have been affirmed by the requirements saccording to the requirements of art. 40 of the GDPR. The code of conduct is a tool in which organizations establish specific rules to outline values, principles and beliefs in the individual.

Who can create the codes of conduct?

Under the GDPR, affiliations and different bodies can create accepted rule sets, and there is also the likelihood that they will stick to existing sets of principles.

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