Davivienda Certificate: Steps, Virtual Key and MORE

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Davivienda is a banking entity that performs tasks aimed at individuals, SMEs and corporate clients in Colombia. In the same way, among their wide range of services, they guarantee effective attention to the needs of those affiliates. Likewise, this company allows obtaining the Davivienda Certificate, according to your intention.

Likewise, it offers privileges at your disposal that generate situations that are easy to handle, reliable and practical. That is why this implies a significant improvement in economic, personal and business aspects. In addition, it carries out operations in countries such as: the United States, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, among other nations.

Steps to Generate the Davivienda Certificate

First of all, we must emphasize that there are different types of documents in this area. Thus, these are contained within the Certifications of Salvo y Paz. Therefore, it is necessary that you take into account the Steps to generate the Davivienda Certificate that you require. Subsequently, you must follow the instructions that we will present below:

  • Enter the official website of Davivienda
  • Log in to the database with your previously registered username and password
  • Access the «more services» option located at the top of the initial screen
  • Click on the window displayed that refers to «certifications of peace and salvation»
  • Go to the optional box that says «certifications»
  • Then select the «product certifications» window
  • Immediately the following screen will be displayed in which you will find a «download» button
  • After you make a selection in this, the certificate will start a download process as a PDF file

On the other hand, it is essential to mention that for the request of some Davivienda Certificate, the product referring to this must be in force. Likewise, in the instance that you wish to obtain more information, you have the alternative of contacting the institution. In this way, you have the availability to go to any of the branches or call: 0180009160000.

Virtual Key to Obtain the Davivienda Certificate

In the same way, the virtual key It is an access that allows the Davivienda service for you and other partners. With which, it depends on your complete choice and must be made up of 8 digits respectively. Therefore, it will allow you to access the queries you want, make payments, settle financial transactions in an easy and practical way.

In the same way, some information and suggestions that we can mention to you are:

  • To assign your password it is necessary that you enter the Davivienda web portal and register it
  • Also, you can register this password within the Davivienda Mobile Application
  • Also, to carry out this process, you must have your debit card or the identification number of the specific product nearby
  • With which, you must take into account that this product has to be kept in force
  • Later, once you have registered this information, you must download the DaviPlata application
  • DaviPlata is an alternative provided by the entity in order for you to manage your finances in a simple way
  • Its functionality is carried out within the mobile and electronic field
  • Within it you can make capital transfers, check your balance, make service payments, among others
  • If you want to consult any type of information you can do it within the Chat in the application or send a text message to 85888
  • Being in the case of needing to recover your password, you can do it in the application by selecting the option «forgot or blocked your password»
  • Next, you must comply with the instructions of the platform and have a new registration password

What does the Davivienda Certificate contain?

Thus, once the indications to obtain your Davivienda Certificate and the mode of access, it is essential to present another point. Therefore, it is based on the data contained in this specific document. With which, in general terms, it reflects the following financial data:

  • Product availability, depending on the certificate you have
  • Deadline for its validity
  • Price you must pay to keep this acquisition
  • Various forms of payment and settlements
  • Inquiries by customer service
  • Request certain purchases through monetary wallet alternatives
  • Balance of your checking and savings accounts
  • Value you have in credit cards
  • Credit loans available by the institution and those that you have previously applied for
  • Interests you have received
  • Movements and transactions carried out in previous moments

In the same way, we will indicate the types of Davivienda Certificates that can be requested:

Peace and saved

  • It contains all the certifications offered by the entity
  • To request these documents you must enter the Davivienda web portal
  • Also, this company offers you the alternative of carrying out the application process through the Davivienda Mobile App
  • In the same way, you must take into account the requirements and specifications of each one, depending on your case.

Tax Certificates

  • Now, regarding the request for this certification, you must provide your registration data in the entity’s Mobile App
  • Select the alternative of «certifications» and then that of «tax certifications» respectively
  • With which, you will have at your disposal this document referring to your specific products
  • Likewise, it includes those goods and products that have been canceled due to the expiration of the validity period.
  • In the same way, you can obtain purchases of mobile credit portfolio through the option of «open products online»
  • There, the window of «Purchase of Mobile Credit Portfolio» will be displayed on the screen, which you will select
  • With which, to obtain this benefit it is necessary that you are of Colombian nationality and have reached the age of majority.
  • Finally, you must have some experience in the financial field, present the proper handling of products and update your personal data within the Davivienda system.

Portfolio Purchase

  • If you wish to request a certificate of this type, it is essential that you enter the Davivienda website
  • It must be carried out through the alternative of «Chat» offered by the system.
  • Click on the «customer login» option and log in with your specific identification number and virtual password.
  • In addition, you can perform this operation on request within the Davivienda Mobile App
  • It is important to mention that this benefit will only be applied to credit cards

Product Certifications

  • In the instance that you want to generate certifications of your products you must enter the virtual platform of the entity
  • Next, you must enter your requested personal data: identification document number and registered virtual password
  • Thus, you will be able to select the option of «more services»
  • Then, you will have to click on the «product certifications» window
  • Once these simple steps have been carried out, you must fill in each of the fields requested in the form displayed
  • Finally, you will start the process of downloading it in a PDF format

Davivienda Web Portal

Within the web portal you can find the People and Companies section, in which you have alternatives such as:

Aid and Insurance

  • Through these you can comfortably restart some of your cancellation habits
  • Among the credits provided by the entity are: Rotating Credit, Fixed Credit and Vehicle Credit
  • In the same way, you will have the availability to receive advice that will serve as a guide in the process
  • Also, you have the customer service provided by Davivienda at the following number: 018000123838
  • Service insurance provides a guarantee of well-being and ease for you
  • Covers benefits for payment protections in case of unemployment, illnesses, accidents, hospitalization, among others
  • The Life and Protection individual covers expenses and needs inclined towards situations of death and permanent disability
  • Likewise, it is necessary that you are a client associated with the entity

Programs and working capital

  • Solve the difficulties that arise when carrying out payment operations
  • Establishes aid projects related to the maintenance of permanent and secure jobs
  • You will receive contributions of $ 351,000 when you are an employee or formal servant of an institution
  • You can apply for this type of subsidy as an individual or as a business entity
  • The entity grants you benefits related to revolving credits
  • Provides opportunities to meet daily obligations in a simple and accessible way
  • Satisfy your settlement needs in an efficient way and from the comfort of your home
  • Allow you to cancel checkbooks with overdraft fees

What is the Davivienda Certificate?

Davivienda is a banking institution located in Colombia. Thus, its foundation was developed during 1972. Therefore, throughout its long history, it has provided all its clients with financial benefits. In this way, it is necessary to specify that its associates can be natural persons, companies of any type or rural sectors.

Likewise, this entity in finance has the alliance of subsidiaries such as:

  • Davivienda corridors
  • Fiduciaria Davivienda
  • Davivienda Central America in countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Panama and Costa Rica
  • Davivienda International in the United States

Finally, we must highlight the fact that it has privileges in different areas. With which, it suggests to your availability and a web page and the Davivienda Mobile App. In the same way, you will have the traditional alternatives in case you require it for the moment. That is, the customer service telephone service or go to the nearest company agency.

Complete the Davivienda Certification process!


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