Death Certificate: Requirements, Application and MORE

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The Death certificate it is a document of the utmost importance in the entire territory of Paraguay. It should be noted that you must pay attention to each of the points that we will expand on below. It is a document that you can obtain online and it is an extremely simple process for each of the interested parties.

In this article we are going to offer you and expand the information regarding the different ways in which you can obtain the certificates of this institution. Also, the details about the verification that you must carry out, the functions that these certificates fulfill. Additionally, we will inform you about the cost involved and what is the Death certificate as such.

Stay with us and learn more about him Death certificate!

Requirements for the Death Certificate

It is important that you have the knowledge of what will be requested at the time of requesting the processing to obtain the Death certificate. In that section of the article it is up to us to talk and give you all the details about the documents that are going to be requested so that the process flows normally, quickly and efficiently.

In Paraguay, what they ask you for is information in relation to the person who has died and for whom the certificate is to be processed. Now, after knowing this important information, we are going to mention the papers you need to obtain your document respectively:

  • The first thing that will be requested is the information regarding the full name and surname of the person who has died.
  • Then you will go on to indicate the exact date on which that person was born, that is, you must indicate both the day, the month and the year of birth.
  • Later you will give the information related to the date and place where the death was processed. It should go data such as the town, the department and the country, specifically.
  • The date and the bequest where the death was registered must also be indicated. Information such as care, family relationship with that person will be included here.
  • The volume of the book must also be specified. The folio number and finally the record number.
  • The last piece of information that you must provide is with respect to the full names and surnames of the spouse.

Application for the Death Certificate

Once we explain what goes into the requirements that you must collect and subsequently present, it is relevant that we explain what you must do to request your Death certificate. The first thing you should consider for this process is that you must request it under a virtual modality. You have to fill in a series of data that is presented to you in a form on the page of the Agency belonging to Paraguay.

This will be a very simple form with very specific data, then you will be contacted within a set period of twenty-four (24) hours on business days. In this form you must put data like the ones that, below, we are going to present you in the form of a list:

  • The first piece of information you must provide is in relation to your name and surname.
  • Then you will provide your email address by which you will be contacted later.
  • In the blank space that follows you will re-enter your email address to verify it.
  • Then you are going to indicate both your phone number, it can be both mobile and local. Along with this you must also indicate your zip code or area.
  • You are going to put the subject, in this case you would have to put something like «Application for processing the Death Certificate».
  • And, finally, you are going to place a message explaining your situation to later be delivered, by clicking the button «Send», and processed.
  • The only thing you will have to do later is to be aware of the contact that they will make with you to finish confirming the other papers.

What is the Death Certificate for?

This is a fairly frequent question in relation to Death certificate and in this section we are going to give you the respective answer to the question of «What is the use of Death certificate? «. It is important that you take into consideration what we are going to expand on later in order to have this knowledge in a clearer and more precise way.

This is a document that has the established function for the realization or execution of the steps that must be made to a person for the sentence to declare the heirs. It also serves to be able to notify the successions in relation to an important position in a company.

Another thing for which the declaration of this certificate serves is to have knowledge of burial expenses or pending debts. Or it can also be used to apply for the pension of the deceased person.

Processing costs

This is another of the very common doubts in relation to important procedures like this, it is essential that you have this information clear so that when you want to make and need the application to process the Death certificate You have it already clarified and you know what you have to do and pay and this process and obtaining the certification will be made faster.

Through the website of the Civil Status Registry belonging to Paraguay you will find what refers to the cost of the documents that appear and which this public management entity is in charge of. It is important that you monitor this page as prices may vary.

The steps to be able to enter to consult the prices are the following:

  1. You are going to enter the internet search engine of your choice from any device that has access to a stable internet connection.
  2. Then you will look for the web portal of the Civil Status Registry of Paraguay (click here to enter).
  3. Being already inside the platform you will go to the button that says «formalities».
  4. There, several options will be displayed, among them there will be the option of «Rates», you’re going to press on it.
  5. Now, once you are located within the web portal you will go down and locate yourself in the section that says «Issuance of Certificates (inside and outside the Office)».
  6. In it, a box will be displayed with the certificates that you have the possibility to issue, with their respective cost.

For him Death certificate the cost that you are going to have to cancel is about G. 18,000 for each certificate you want to request and process.

What is it?

As we have been talking throughout this article, and in each of the sections that were previously displayed, this is a very important document. The Death certificate It is a document in which the data is displayed in relation to a person who has died.

This document or paper is issued or issued through the General Directorate of the Civil Status Registry. In which a record, documentation and control of the citizens living in the territory belonging to Paraguay is kept.

What is the Directorate of the Civil Status Registry of Paraguay and what functions does it fulfill?

Certainly this is a very important institution in Paraguay, the Directorate of the Civil Status Registry was created by the Executive Power in 1880. The civil registry of the people who live in the territory ends up being a single seat of the Directorate General. They set up an office in the city of Asunción.

Some time later, this entity ended up being a dependency of the Ministry of Justice and Labor, this in accordance with Law number 1266 of 1987. In this way, the only institution in Paraguay with the primary function of keeping a record of facts and acts at the end is constituted. legal level. Set the marital status of each Paraguayan citizen.

The Civil Status Registry is a public institution that is responsible for keeping a record and control over births and deaths. In addition, to keep a record of the marriages carried out in the country and of the modifications of said records. The data that is consigned by means of it are fixed by means of files and the identity of each person and their family relationships.

Also, it has influence in terms of public positions and their various records such as the charge to the Identification Department of the National Police. Additionally we have the Electoral position and the positions of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice.

What is the right that this entity safeguards ?:

Among the rights protected by this entity we have the following:

  • The right by which this entity manages and watches over is the Right to Identity, it is one of the most fundamental and inalienable. It must be remembered that through this, other rights and documents are broken down.

Some roles that this entity is in charge of:

Now, several of the procedures generated by this institution are:

  • The inscriptions and certificates referring to the birth.
  • Another important role is that of marriage.
  • And we also have what refers to the death papers of a person such as the Death certificate.

We hope you liked this article and that it has been very useful

We will read another time!


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