Death Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

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The Death certificate It is a process that takes place after the death of an individual. The latter is certified by a medical expert who alleges the causes and details of the death.

In the same way, it is a document that is requested through the offices of the Civil Registry of Ecuador, to avoid the falsification of documents and other delicate situations. For this reason, in this article we want you to know everything related to the collections, steps to follow, costs and other details of the Death certificate.

We are with you at this moment, we invite you to read our article!

Requirements for the Death Certificate

All human beings have an earthly stage in this world; however, when fate brings it, one starts from this plane, to continue the life cycle.

In the same way, this type of fortuitous situation leaves with it a series of essential documents to confirm the death of an individual.

Therefore, the Death certificate it is a procedure required all over the world, since it is the document that endorses the death of a human being. Likewise, in the case of Ecuador, a series of fundamental requirements and precautions are required for this type of certificate.

According to the Civil Registry of Ecuador, all citizens of the country who wish to request the Death certificate of a close relative, they must read and fulfill each of these requirements in detail:

  • Form of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses in Ecuador.
  • National identification of the deceased individual (in the case of being a foreigner, present their passport).
  • National identification of the applicant valid until the date of the procedure.
  • Death certificate signed and stamped by a medical expert, supporting the death of the individual.

Requirements for late enrollment

Next, we will proceed to name all the precautions that you must record in the event that more than (48) hours have passed after death:

  • Proof of late enrollment payment.
  • Swearing-in document supporting the statement of two witnesses who witnessed the death.
  • National identification of both witnesses.
  • Support of a lawyer or judge, certifying the testimony of these two individuals.

Now, if you are the applicant for the Death certificate of a close relative, you must also meet another series of requirements:

  • Written reason for the request of the Death certificate.
  • In the case of late registration, you must state the reason for the delay in this document.
  • Funeral certificate and burial place of your relative.
  • Indicate if it corresponds to a burial, crematorium or inhuman.
  • In the case of not having had a medical staff to confirm the fact, you must proceed to issue a statement detailing the entire death.

Presentation of documents

  • Each of the requested documents must be submitted in an original and photocopy manner.
  • In addition, the identification requirements mentioned above to obtain the Death certificateThey must be in force on the date of the procedure.
  • The record of the medical expert must detail all the facts about the death. As well as, the stamp and signature of this document must be completely legible.
  • Last but not least, all documents must be legible and not have erasures or amendments.

Procedure for Processing the Death Certificate

Now we know that the Death certificate It is a fundamental document to carry out other types of procedures. In addition, it is a mandatory procedure according to what is established by the Law of Ecuador and of course, it is essential to carry out the funeral of the deceased.

For this reason, it is crucial to follow a series of instructions established by the country’s Civil Registry, to complete this process successfully and without any unforeseen events.

Then, below we will indicate each of the steps that you must carry out, as soon as you finish recording the precautions for the Death certificate:


  • Locate the offices of the Civil Registry of the country.
  • Request «Customer Service» and wait to be assisted by an operational staff.
  • Review with the operator all the requirements to obtain the Death certificate.
  • Wait a few minutes to validate each one of the documents entered.
  • Make the corresponding payment to obtain the Death certificate.
  • Go immediately to the indication assigned by the Civil Registry worker, to issue this document digitally or physically.
  • Once you find the emission offices, you must present the proof of the aforementioned payment.
  • After this, we suggest you review all the data reflected in the Death certificate, To avoid inconveniences.


  • Get a good internet connection and use a trusted browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or others.
  • Access the Web page of the Civil Registry.
  • Locate in the menu «Family Certificates».
  • Register on the official page of the Civil Registry of Ecuador:
    • Enter the Identification Number.
    • Issue the security code.
    • Follow the instructions assigned by the system.
  • Click on the option «Death certificate«.
  • Mark the option «Digital or Physical»
  • If you have chosen the option «Digital, you must wait in your email for the Death certificate.
  • Finally, we invite you to read the entire Death certificate to verify that there are no errors in the document.

Other channels

Via telephone

  • Call to 593-2-3731-110 which corresponds to the telephone line of the Civil Registry of Ecuador.
  • Request «Customer Service» by phone.
  • Order the Death certificate and provide all the necessary documents.
  • Review the document.


  • You can write to this email address of the Civil Registry of Ecuador:
  • Explain the reason for the request Death certificate.
  • Wait the necessary days to obtain this document.
  • Go to the nearest offices of the Civil Registry to obtain this document.

Download or Print

Likewise, it is always important to know how to «Download» and «Print» any type of procedure, since it symbolizes support in the face of any unfortunate circumstance that causes these documents to be lost. Therefore, we teach you how to obtain the Death certificate in these two cases:


  • Once you obtain this document digitally, we invite you to select the «Download» option.
  • Then create and save in a safe and easily accessible folder.
  • Subsequently, we invite you to double-click on the PDF document, to verify that you downloaded the correct file.

To print

  • Go to the folder where you saved this document.
  • Then, click on the «Print» option.
  • Choose all the printing details: destination, number and size of pages.
  • Finally, once you have this document in physical form, we invite you to verify that it is legible.

Death Certificate Processing Costs

The Death certificateLike all procedures, it has essential aspects that all citizens must consider when issuing this document. So, in this section we will mention the costs associated with obtaining the certificate.

So, you wonder … Why should the issuance of the Death certificate? Easy! The Civil Registry requests a heap associated with the issuance of this document, to guarantee the printing of this certificate as soon as possible and, in addition, to cover all the unforeseen events that may arise during the process.

Next, we will tell you all the costs associated with Death certificate:

  • Death Certificate declaration form $ 0.00.
  • Late application for Death Certificate $ 5.00.
  • Issuance of the Death Certificate $ 3.00.
  • Issuance of a copy of the Death Certificate $ 6.00.
  • Judgment of the Civil Registry $ 10.00.
Attention! Those people who request this document and have disabilities, the Law protects that they will be exempt from any cost associated with the Death certificate.

Other Costs

Although, it is important that you remember each of these costs associated with Death certificate. However, the death of a relative is accompanied by another series of costs that you must take into consideration:

  • Funeral package.
  • Flower arrangements.
  • Burial ground.
  • Health permits.
  • Successor declaration.
  • Other relevant.

What is it for?

The Death certificateAs has been emphasized in the previous sections, it is a document that supports the death of a human being. Similarly, it is a procedure that is carried out before the Civil Registry of all countries, to notify the death of a relative.

Consequently, this type of certificate further details the causes of death of a person and the medical personnel by whom the fact was declared. As well as, it registers the testimonies of two key individuals, during the process of issuing the death certificate, before the corresponding courts.

It should be noted that this type of certificate is essential to specify other types of processes:

  • Life insurances.
  • Bank accounts
  • Inheritances.
  • Collection of pensions before the INSS or ISSSTE.
  • Labor settlements.
  • Other relevant.

To end this point, we want to mention that the process of issuing the Death certificate, It is mandatory in all countries at the time of death of a person. Therefore, in Ecuador it is required by the judicial authorities within a period of no more than (48) h. The latter, to avoid the falsification of documents and of course, the theft of identity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Death Certificate

As mentioned throughout the article, the Death certificate it has several aspects that must be taken into consideration. In this case, during the process to issue this type of certificate, several users have expressed concern and therefore raised certain concerns and doubts.

For this reason, in this section we will mention the most frequent doubts when obtaining the Death certificate. As well as, all the responses associated with these concerns:

What is it?

We know that the loss of a family member is painful in every way. However, once the death of the person occurs, the closest relatives of this individual will have to answer for a series of procedures.

Similarly, the importance of these documents being required by the Ecuadorian authorities lies in the objective of avoiding the falsification of papers or identity theft.

For this reason, to request the Death certificate As soon as possible, the Civil Registry of Ecuador created several communication channels. Consequently, in order to obtain the certificate, this body requests a series of fundamental requirements and precautions to specify the process.

It should be noted that this document is not only mandatory for the country’s judicial authorities, but it is also essential to carry out any wake-up process for the deceased. Also, it is required to complete another series of procedures such as: inheritances, bank accounts, settlements, benefits, among others.

Last but not least, this type of certificate requires a series of associated costs, which must be incurred to obtain it. Therefore, to avoid unforeseen events, we suggest you read our section on «Costs of the Death Certificate.»

We are sorry for the death of your family member, we are with you at this time!


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