Death Certificate: Steps, Types and MORE

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Do you need to get the Death certificate of a relative? This is a documentation that has both personal and specific information about what were the reasons for the person’s death.

In this article, you will find the necessary information, from what are the steps to follow to obtain your Death Certificate, to the types of certificates, what it is for and more. Keep reading!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Death Certificate

Obtaining any procedure requires that the applicant comply with a series of steps, therefore, below, we will mention the steps to follow so that you obtain your Death certificate:


We are pleased to inform you that the face-to-face process is the easiest and fastest, since it requires fewer steps when applying:

  1. You must go to the Civil Registry and Identification office that is close to your residence address.
  2. Next, you have to explain the reasons why you went to the office.
  3. You must deliver the required documents.
  4. You have to wait for the amount that you will then have to pay or deposit in the corresponding site.
  5. When making the payment, you will finally obtain the death certificate of your relative.

Death Certificate Online

If you are unable to go to any of the Civil Registry and Identification offices, you will have the facility to request the certificate online as follows:

  1. You must enter the web portal of the Civil Registry and Identification.
  2. Next, you have to click on «Online Services».
  3. You must click on «Online Certificates».
  4. Then, it should take you to a new window, where all the certificates should appear and you should click on «Deaths».
  5. You have to click on «Death Certificate».
  6. Then, you must enter the number of the Unique National Role (RUN) and send to the car.
  7. You have to put your email and click on «Continue».
  8. Next, select the payment method, then click on «Continue».
  9. You must choose where you are going to formalize the payment.
  10. Follow the instructions on the page.
  11. Finally, you have to wait for the Death Certificate to be sent to you by email. This will arrive in a PDF document.
At the time of having the certificate, you will have a period of sixty (60) days so that you can validate it in «Certificate Verification», and this is legal in Chile.

By phone

This option is only for Chileans who have a family allowance, so they must follow the following steps:

  1. You must call 6003702000 from any phone, this can be mobile or landline.
  2. You have to wait for the operator to indicate the various options.
  3. You must select the option «Free Death Certificate».
  4. Next, your call must be transferred with a telephone executive.
  5. Then, you must indicate the Unique National Role (RUN) of the deceased person, so you must have it on hand when making the call.
  6. Finally, you have to indicate your email and wait for the Death Certificate to be sent to you. This will arrive in a PDF document.

Types of Death Certificate

At the time of requesting the Death certificateYou should be aware that there are three (3) types of certificates in Chile. Next, we will mention them to you:

For all procedures

This type of certificate is the most common that Chileans request, since with it you can do any procedure regarding the death of a relative. In addition, it includes the Unique Tax Number (RUT), date of birth, sex and date of death of the deceased.

For family allowance

This is similar to the previous certificate, the only thing that changes is the name, since it is known as “Death Certificate for family allowance”.

Although both certificates are similar, they exist to keep track of the applications of Chileans and thus be able to have a data of the «Family Allowances» in the country.

Because of death

This type of certificate includes the reason for the death of the person. It also includes your data, such as the Unique Tax Number (RUT), date of birth, sex, date of death and the reason for death.

What is the Death Certificate for?

The Death certificate, mainly serves when they need to collect their inheritance or in case of any paperwork regarding life insurance. In addition, it is essential to acquire government bonds, of which must correspond to the spouse (wife or husband) of the deceased or deceased.

Who delivers it?

This document must be delivered only by the Civil Registry and Identification of Chile, so below we will inform you what are the necessary documents to make your application in person, following the steps mentioned above.

In addition, as we know, human beings can die at any time in our lives for any cause, therefore, the requirements to request a Death Certificate will depend on how the person died.

Death due to illness

  • You need to bring one (1) copy of the «Medical Death Certificate» of the deceased person.
  • You must present an original and one (1) copy of your identity document to proceed with the request.

Death in the presence of third parties and you do not know the cause

  • You have to present an original and one (1) copy of your identity document, and one (1) copy of the identity document of the deceased person to proceed with the request
  • You must bring one (1) of the identity document of two (2) witnesses.
  • You need to bring one (1) copy of the «Medical Certificate» by a health entity, where it is mentioned why a «Medical Certificate of Death» could not be granted.

Violent death

  • You must bring one (1) copy of the «Medical Death Certificate», which must be accredited by the Thanatology Section of the Legal Medical Service.

Presumed death

  • You must bring one (1) copy that is authorized by the Executed Judicial Judgment, which is in charge of declaring the presumed death.

Autopsy protocol

  • In case you work and are part of the Medical Service of the case, you have to present the original and one (1) copy of your identity document.

Death Certificate Costs

If you have concerns about how much is the cost of the Death Certificate, to comply with the aforementioned steps. We inform you that it is a free procedure if you make the request online or by phone.

In case you need to do it in person at the Civil Registry and Identification offices, because you wish or have problems online, these are the costs of the certificates:

  • The Death Certificate for all procedures has a cost of 710 Chilean pesos.
  • For the Death Certificate for family allowance, you must pay 290 Chilean pesos.
  • The Death Certificate due to death has a cost of 710 Chilean pesos.

What is it?

The Death Certificate is a documentation which certifies the death of a citizen in a country. In it, the Unique National Role (RUN), date of birth, sex, date of death appears.

In addition, the data of the parents of the deceased person, the cause of death, among other things. This information must be indicated by the applicant in charge of carrying out the processing.

Death Registration

The death registration must be done in the office that is close to the place where the person died. All this to obtain the Certificate of «Death Urns».

In addition, the processing can be done by anyone who is close to the deceased person, as long as they have witnessed the death. It may be done within a period of three (3) days after the death of the individual.

Because there are different types of deaths, there are inscriptions for each one. Next, we will mention them:

Enrollment by Certificate Death Doctor

This type of registration can be made by any family member or neighbor of the deceased person. When the person dies in a Chilean Health Center, they must request the «Medical Death Certificate» from the head of said center.

Witness Enrollment

This registration is made when the person dies in a rural area of ​​Chile, which did not receive medical attention. It can even be done for cases in which the cause of death is unknown.

Registration for Violent Cause

This type of registration can be made for cases of deaths due to an accident, homicide or others that are not due to natural causes.

If this is the case, the forensic doctor has to make the certificate at the place or address where the autopsy of the deceased person was performed.

Registration for Presumed Death

At the time of registration, you must bring one (1) copy of the statement where the sentence of the presumed death of the deceased or deceased must appear. In addition, the circumscription of the Chilean Court is necessary, where it accredits the presumed death.

Finally, if you need to obtain the Death Certificate of a relative, do not forget to have the requirements at hand and follow the steps to quickly obtain the procedure.


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